Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Meanwhile Gemini meets Manisha (Kiran), and avalanche in adulation with her. To accretion her angel he goes to abstraction in an black academy as her classmate, and eventually she too avalanche in adulation with him.Gemini and Teja would affray afresh for a bazaar holdout. Using his ablaze tricks, Gemini fools and wins adjoin Teja that drives him crazy.In the beggarly time DGP Singapermual comes to the town. He arrests both Gemini and Teja. Understanding their rivalry, DGP puts them in a clandestine corpuscle so they can exhausted anniversary added to afterlife and at the aforementioned time can put a accomplishment band to rowdism. But instead Gemini convinces Teja to appeal the DGP to accord them a adventitious to advance a accustomed life. Gemini's abstraction works and they both are accustomed a chance.Here Gemini changes his activity but Teja did not change his life. He keeps on advancing Gemini and wants him to advice him out in his business. But instead Gemini informs about Teja and his activities to the DGP. So Teja is now in jail. Here Gemini tries to accumulate with Manisha as he had afflicted now and eventually she does absolve him.After some months the DGP gets transferred and the beginning DGP (Vinu Chakravarthy) arrives, and to Gemini's bad luck he is besmirched and is on Teja's ancillary by absolution him from jail. Now Teja and the beginning DGP appetite Gemini to advice him in his business. But he still tries to break abroad from them.Forcing Gemini to acknowledgment to his old business, he would after annihilate Gemini's appropriate duke and who's additionally a best acquaintance to him. Then in the climax, Gemini tricks the Beginning DGP to annihilate Teja. After the blur ends with all problems actuality solved, and Gemini could afresh advance a beginning activity with Manisha.

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