Sunday, November 22, 2009

Saroja 2

After arguing about which administration to booty at a crossroad, Ajay convinces the others to drive the car into a forest, accepting instructions from Venkat Prabhu in a adornment appearance. As they advance further, an afflicted man (played by Bose Venkat) aback avalanche on their car from above. Wanting to save the dying man, Jagapathi Babu asks Ganesh and Ram Babu to ask for advice in a adjacent building. Ajay, abashed by the afflicted man's ammo wounds, is alike added abashed back the dying man urges Jagapathi and Ajay to escape. Jagapathi, however, attempts to save the man, who again requests them to leave the abode quickly. A few men access in a auto and alpha to shoot at them from a distance. Ajay rushes to the driver's bench and attempts to abscond from the area. Their van gets hit by the added agent and is overturned, throwing the afflicted man outside. Shiva and Jagapathi abide central the chaotic van. Sampath, the baton of the assemblage in the atramentous jeep, accomplish out of his agent and shoots the dying man afterwards a abbreviate conversation. Sampath again discovers that two men (Jagapathi and Ajay) had attempted to save the afflicted man, and he orders his henchmen to annihilate them. Upon audition Sampath's adjustment to annihilate them, Ajay and Jagapathi run for their lives.

Meanwhile, Ganesh and Ram Babu accept entered the alone branch in chase of help. Finding the abode empty, they airing out and aberrate about for some time. They anon ability the abode breadth the van had chaotic and apprehend that their accompany are missing. At the aforementioned time, Ajay and Jagapathi are trapped central a allowance aural abutting ambit of one of the hitmen and escape narrowly. Ganesh and Ram abide to chase the breadth for their accompany and eventually acquisition them afterwards angry with a few hitmen. Realizing that they are bent in a alarming situation, all four run abroad from the branch appear the abroad complete of a train. They almost administer to lath the train's aftermost car. Jagapathi does not lath the train, however; he sees that his abridged has been torn, and he deduces that his purse had collapsed about central the factory. Ajay and Ram aimlessly attack to argue Jagapathi to lath the train. Jagapathi fears that the assassins ability account problems for his wife and adolescent at his abode in the future, back his purse (containing his identity) is now in the easily of the gangsters. Thus, all four accompany acknowledgment to the branch to balance the absent purse.

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