Sunday, November 22, 2009


Dr. Sandhya (Sangeetha) is kidnapped from her home by a assemblage and taken to addition location, area she is questioned about her husband's whereabouts. Though the buzz in her allowance is burst by the gang's baton (Anandraj), she manages to put calm abundant burst pieces to accomplish accidental calls. One of her calls alcove Shakti (Ramana), who has his own set of problems back he is on the run afterwards eloping with his uncle's babe Divya. Initially reluctant, he agrees to advice Sandhya and drops the buzz off at a badge station. The cop Guru (Riteesh) talks to her but is absent by addition botheration and so Sandhya has to coffer on Shakti again.

This is the accommodate of the blur "Cellular" which came out in 2004

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