Sunday, November 22, 2009

Kadhalil Vizhunthen

The song Nakka Mukka, a kuthu (folk) song and Thozhiyai.., a accordant adventurous song were actual acknowledged hits composed by adolescent music administrator Vijay Antony and was one of the capital affidavit as to why the blur admiring the public. Vijay Antony affected the music of Rihanna's Unfaithful in the song "Unnaku Enna Naan".

These amazing music array by Vijay Antony additionally fabricated him accepted and furthered his career as now he is basic the music for accessible films such as Vettaikaaran.

The news focuses on the activity of Nakul. He is the football crazy son of a drunkard, and lives in the slums. However, he lives a adequate activity and plays football with his mates as he completes his academy career. He meets Sunaina afterwards an blow mainly acquired by Sunaina and afterwards develops a affection for her. He boring starts to adulation her but is abashed to accurate his adulation aback she is affluent and would acknowledge hastily. However, he afterwards does affirm his adulation to her and she accepts. When Nakul leaves for a football bout with his college, he promises that he will adduce to her as anon as he gets back. Nakul allotment from his bout to alone acquisition out that Sunaina has died. Nakul is abashed and he block into a certifiable depression, travelling about with Sunaina's asleep body, still assertive she is alive. To accomplish affairs alike worse, the badge are additionally afterwards him. What happens afterwards forms the body of the story.

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