Thursday, November 5, 2009

Siva Manasula Sakthi

The cine starts with Siva active and communicable a alternation in which he meets Sakthi casually. Siva claims himself to be an Indian army Officer while Shakti claims herself to be an air hostess. They altercate about their professions for the blow of the adventure and go about their corresponding means afterwards disembarking from the train.
Siva goes beeline to his abode and tells his mother, sister Viji and her acceptance about his appointment with this actual admirable babe in train. The ancestors forth Siva's acquaintance Vivek go to the airlines appointment to accommodated Sakthi. They are in for a abruptness as Shakila walks out claimimg to be Sakthi. Siva's ancestors and Vivek beam their ass off at this. The agent at the airlines appointment who happens to be Sakthi's acquaintance informs Sakthi of the army admiral visit.
Siva in absoluteness works as a commitment boy for Professional couriers while Sakthi works as a Radio Jockey for Hello FM. They accommodated up in Hello FM's appointment aback Siva gets a bagman to bear her. They are abashed to apprentice that the added one has aria and vow to hit aback soon. Siva and Vivek alarm up as Sakthi as she hosts a appearance for accouchement and aggravate her. Siva after calls up Sakthi and in a fit of rage, she challenges Siva to anon accost her face to face instead of calling up. Siva finds her abode and delivers a bindle absolute booze bottles and tells her ancestor that it was beatific to her by her friend. This gets Sakthi in agitation with her father. In return, Sakthi visits Siva's home and tattles on him about his bubbler habits to his mother. She afresh joins his mother and sister in affliction him.
Siva tries to booty Sakthi out to a cine but she uses him as a disciplinarian and goes to the cine with addition colleague. Siva coincidently meets Vivek with whom Siva wathces the movie, sitting abaft Sakthi and her colleague.
A few canicule later, Siva learns that Sakthi is about to get affiliated in a registrar's office. He goes there alone to acquisition her brother accepting married. The bride's cousins who argue this alliance appear there to stop the wedding. But Siva stops and beats them all for analytical Asin, Nayantara, Trisha and Namitha (the top Kollywood heroines). The charlatan gets afflicted and avalanche for the hero's angry skills.
She afresh visits our heroes abode and befriends Siva's mom and sister Viji. She stays brief and proposes to Siva with a cake. Siva had beforehand told her his altogether during the antecedent alternation adventure which turns out to be a lie. Siva's ancestors makes fun of her alive this. Sakthi leaves the abode anon out of anguish. Siva tries to explain things to her,but she behaves indifferently.
Siva goes beeline to his home. Viji pulls his leg as usual. Our hero, in fit of acerbity starts affliction her. He accuses his mom of actuality a chatterbox who dead his dad by ceaseless talking and leaves home. He comes aback home and pleads accusable for his accomplishments in the morning. He manages to get himself forgiven.

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