Sunday, November 15, 2009


Finding that Koccha is based in Malaysia, Vetrivel and Ops fly to Malaysia, as 'Kuruvi' (courier), the barter abracadabra for low-level banned carriers. He accomplish into the accumulation at a time back centralized animosity and problems are surfacing in Koccha's family. Koccha's angel sister Devi (Trisha Krishnan) has banned to ally her cousin, the boy accustomed by her ancestors members. Irritated and preoccupied, cipher wants to allot any time or absorption to boldness Vetrivel's problem. Vetrivel is abused, harassed, suffers added ache and is befuddled out of Koccha's abode afterwards any advice rendered. These apathetic accomplishments enrage the adolescent man. Totally enraged, with a do-or-die attitude, chief to get his assignment done no amount who gets hurt, Vetri becomes a actual suicide apparatus and launches into a agitating affray with the alarming gang. Determined to acknowledgment alone afterwards the affair is apparent to his satisfaction, motivated by an appetite to acknowledge the truth, Vetrivel conceals himself in Koccha's palace-like residence.

The blow of the blur is how Kuruvi goes to Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh and discovers a bondservant affected run by Kocha and his accessory Konda Reddy (Ashish Vidyarthi), at the collieries and additionally finds his continued absent father. Kuruvi distinct handedly takes on the mining mafia and assuredly annihilates them.

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