Sunday, November 15, 2009


Captain is aback - extenuative India and its citizens from the abandoned terrorists. Arasangam, however, tries to portray this nothing-so-new news by downplaying the accepted supplements of a Vijayakanth movie, thereby proving to be watchable. Besides, it employs beautiful camera angles and amazing sets and locations, ambience itself a apple afar from the added Vijayakanth movies.

The news starts with the killings of abounding Indian geniuses, and Manoj IPS is appointed to break the case, but back he doesn't get off his even from Mumbai to Chennai, anybody is worried.

The story, however, avalanche into the accepted ‘Captain rescues India from the agitator masterminds and adept plans’ genre. Vijayakanth is an IPS administrator with a specialization in criminology. Back India’s top accuracy are serial-killed and administrator Biju Menon, brought in to investigate the matter, goes missing during his flight, Vijayakanth becomes the accepted best to acquisition the administrator and attach the terrorists and antithesis their approaching plans.

He discovers about Operation "Brain Death" and "Blue Thunder", formulated by terrorists from developed countries to attenuate India’s growth. The operation aims at active the assumption arrangement of India – scientists, admiral of top analysis institutions, economists, and politicians. Now it is larboard to the Captain to nab the baddies and save the country.

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