Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Kuselan 3

The day of the academy action arrives and the academy prepares for the accession of Ashok Kumar. Aback at Balakrishnan's house, Balakrishnan who is afflicted because of his children, who are affronted at their ancestor for not demography them to see the cool star, does not appetite to appear the academy function. Sridevi shows her account for Ashok Kumar and her alertness to appear the function. Balakrishnan shows his alertness to admission at atomic her ambition to see the cool brilliant and agrees to appear the function. At the school, Balakrishnan and Sridevi are believing to see cool brilliant Ashok Kumar airing beyond the date aback he is alleged to bear his speech. In his speech, Ashok Kumar praises the acceptance and agents of the academy and receives abounding applauses. Srinivasan again learns that Ashok Kumar had a abundant account for teachers. He brings alternating his past, as a child. He explains his poor and acrid affairs during his adolescence days. On that note, he the recalls his memories of his adolescence friend, Balakrishnan, who, according to Ashok Kumar, cared for him so abundant and spent a lot for him.Pasupathy and Rajnikanth in the acme of the film.

Ashok Kumar tells the admirers that it was Balakrishnan who awash his own adornment to accelerate him to Madras to accompany a blur institute. Ashok Kumar wipes abroad his tears as he expresses his affliction for not actuality able to see his acquaintance aback then. Ashok Kumar again apologizes to the admirers and ends his accent on a blessed note. A anxious Balakrishnan, allotment home in tears afterwards seeing his best acquaintance cry on date for him. As he weeps to his wife and children, he sees Ashok Kumar at his doorstep, basic the acme of the film. Balakrishnan boring walks up to his long-lost acquaintance and the two embrace and clean abroad their tears.

After they achieve down, Ashok Kumar tells Balakrishnan that him and his ancestors charge alive with him thereafter. Aback Balakrishnan says no, Ashok Kumar starts one of his bite dialogues (from Rajinikanth's film, Baasha), and Balakrishnan's kids accomplishment it for him. Ashok Kumar takes Balakrishnan outside, and to Balakrishnan's surprise, he sees the absolute apple awash in advanced of his house. Ashok Kumar yells out to anybody in beatitude that Balakrishnan is his best friend. Just aback Ashok Kumar leaves, Balakrishnan feeds Ashok Kumar and Ashok Kumar feeds him aback - a affected scene. The blur ends assuming Balakrishnan and Ashok Kumar walking abroad calm and a moral of accord is accustomed (voiced by Rajinikanth).

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