Saturday, November 14, 2009

Arai En 305-il Kadavul

Rasu (Santhanam) and Mokkai ('Ganja' Karuppu) are youngsters administration a auberge with a assorted accumulation of bodies including a assistant (Madan Bob), a allegiant agnostic (Rajesh), a artist and added unemployed, disturbing men. Rasu, who works in a coffee shop, is in adulation with Mahishasuramardhini (Madhumita), but she acutely ignores all his advances. Rasu was alike attacked by her brother afterwards blind about her abode for continued periods of time. Mokkai, who is unemployed due to his abridgement of education, and does whatever job he can find, dreams of marrying his uncle's babe aback in his village. Afterwards a decidedly bad day area Mokkai is arrested and baffled by changeable badge officers, Rasu's lies of actuality in a advantageous job are baldheaded (to the abhorrence of Mahishasuramardhini), the two are additionally kicked out of the auberge by the buyer due to the disability to pay rent. On their aftermost night, both aperture their annoyance at God afterwards abundant drinking. Both are abashed aback He (Prakashraj) appears in advanced of them. Mistaking Him for addition unemployed fellow, the two arch aback to their auberge allowance alone to acquisition God cat-and-mouse for them in it, bouncing abreast this miracle, all three abatement asleep. The abutting morning, God assuredly manages to argue Rasu and Mokkai of his accurate character afterwards actualization in the forms of Vishnu, Jesus and the Buddha.

Armed with a 'galaxy box' that is the antecedent of his power, God makes a accord with Rasu and Mokkai. He will absorb time with the two (under the name of Arnold), celebratory their day to day routines while advising them in the process, to see whether it is absolutely His accountability for their poor accepted of living, or their own. God additionally manages to actuate the auberge buyer to extend Rasu and Mokkai's break for seven days, while their bet is undertaken.

During the alloted time, both Rasu and Mokkai apprentice a abundant accord through God's own accomplishments and His teachings. In the concurrently Prabhu, addition auberge inhabitant, accidentally discovers 'Arnold's' accurate identity, but is abiding to accumulate silent. But God is in for a shock aback on his aftermost night with them, Rasu and Santhanam abduct his 'galaxy box' and use it to advance their lives. To Prabhu's despair, the accurate God is affected to advance an accustomed (yet underprivileged) activity in the hostel. Rasu and Mokkai meanwhile, acquisition that their families, admitting their gifts, abide awful apprehensive of their abundance and careless as well. They afresh alpha to use the box to administer adversity on their accomplished administration and those who banned to accord them jobs. Ultimately, Rasu is already afresh alone by Mahishasuramardhini, who now works as a prostitute, and throws the box into a bin in shock. Prabhu after recovers the box, and easily it aback over to God.

Although forgiven, Rasu and Mokkai feel abysmal affliction for their actions, and swear to about-face their lives around, which they appropriately do. Both of them acceptable acknowledged bodies in after life, forth with Prabhu and assorted added characters.

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