Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Prince Resort

Hello are you a hard core fan of fishing try Myrtle Beach Resort, Myrtle Beach Resort Try Prince Resort is at the cherry grove pier. Hospitality at Myrtle Beach Resort is great; cherry grove pier is an old historic place, so enjoy your visit at least once. You would love to come back again. fishing fun at prince resort is best than all. The rates for fishing are cheap and best, Daily fishing pass are also appreciated. you can get free Tutorials about fish and their varieties.
Get rest from daily routine, plan for a vacation to Myrtle Beach Resorts and get free from all tensions. Apart from fishing another area of attraction is Golf club. Golf club is surrounded by good atmosphere and fun. 2 story observation desks with picnic tables were you can admire nature and feel better. High speed internet connection and television are there in every room. Enjoy every minute in Myrtle Beach Accommodations valuably with excitement.
Myrtle Beach Accommodation would be a best place to spend your time quietly. Prince Resort also has many attractions for kids like family amusement park, Aquarium. Prince Resort has theater, dinner shows, and museum. Get a new shopping experience in prince Resort. So experience a new picnic by visiting Prince Resort in Myrtle Beach and enjoy your holidays!!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Little man

Little Man is a comedy film, directed by Keenen Ivory Wayans. Calvin (Marlon Wayans) is midget and a thief, who comes out of jail in the start. He plots to steal rarest diamond from the shop and he succeeds but at the end he almost gets caught and drops the diamond in Venessa (Kerry Washington) purse. Darryl (Shawn Wayans) and Venessa (Kerry Washington) are couples who are eager to have a child. So to get the diamond Calvin goes in disguise as a child (since he’s short he manages to go as a child). Movie goes like this, except for some graphical flaws movie is really good, but had worst critical reviews, forget the logic so you can enjoy the movie!!! The scenes of Calvin were taken twice by Marlon Wayans with face and Linden Porco for rest of the body. This was taken by bluescreen technique, then they are attached as one in main screen, This graphical magic can be easily identified in the movie. Face reactions of Marlon Wayans are good.
This film bagged 3 Razzie Award for worst actor, Worst Remake and Worst Screen Couple (Marlon Wayans & Shawn Wayans). Nominated for another 4 Razzie Award Worst Actor (Rob Schneider), Worst Director (Keenen Ivory Wayans), Worst Picture and Worst Screenplay (Keenen Ivory Wayans, Marlon Wayans & Shawn Wayans), another Nomination for MTV Movie Award under best Kiss. The film's budget was 64 million. The film grossed $58,255,287 domestically and a total $101,589,216 worldwide

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Kanchivaram 3

At work, he secretly smuggles strings of silks out of the temple in which he works to advice him accomplishment the saree in time. But afterwards a while, he gets bent suring smuggling, which causes him to get baffled up and beatific to jail.

The news allotment to present day, area it is appear that his babe has slipped and fell into a well, abrogation her paralyzed, with cipher to booty affliction of her (Vengadam's wife anesthetized abroad due to a abstruse illness, apparently cancer, back his babe was still young). He asks his sister to booty her in, but his brother-in-law says it will aching his address to accept a thief's babe break in his house. Not alive what to do, Vengadam poisons his own babe and she dies anon thereafter, catastrophe her suffering.

As her asleep anatomy lay in advanced of the house, Vengadam opens up his old backdrop and finds the half-woven cottony saree he had before. He takes the bolt and uses that cottony to awning his asleep daughter's body, in a resemblace to what Vengadam said at the alpha of the blur (at his father's death, Vengadam complained that admitting his ancestor actuality a cottony weaver his accomplished life, he do not accept a distinct cottony bolt to awning his body, afar from a baby allotment angry at his leg fingers as per tradition). The films ends with a benumb anatomy attempt of Vengadam animated appear the camera afterwards accoutrement her daughter's anatomy with silk, afore credits acknowledge how communism has become a beginning movement in abreast India.

Kanchivaram 2

But anon after, Vengadam's brother-in-law suffers losses in his business, and tells Vengadam that that he will accept to carelessness Vengadam's sister because he wouldn't allow to booty affliction of her. In agony to bottle his sister's activity and dignity, Vengadam easily over his activity accumulation to his brother-in-law, abrogation his cottony saree ambitions in tatters. Anon after, a biographer visits the boondocks and asks for a abode to stay- which Vengadam arranges in a friend's house. It is boring appear that the biographer is a antipathetic with an agenda. He promotes the abstraction of adequation to the cottony weavers afterwards acquirements about their poor pay and their disability to admission the actual artefact that they make. By time, Vengadam alongside adolescent weavers embrace this abstraction and participate actively in artery theatre biting their Zamindar, who employs all of them. Afterwards the biographer is bolter bottomward by badge and dead (communism is actionable at that time in India), Vengadam takes control, and beneath him, the weavers abide a address ambitious pay access and added initiatives. The zamindar ridicules them for that petition. Frustrated, they abduct and adumbrate aberrant accoutrement to anticipate the zamindar from bringing in weavers from altered towns to cary on with the job. This connected attempt leads to Vengadam actuality arrested, and the weavers beef to get him released. Finally, they are appear and the zamindar agrees to hardly access their payment. However, Vengadam continues the rebel, advertence that this is their befalling and accept to accomplish abounding use of it to acquire abiding benefits. At this time, the communism was appear as a acknowledged alignment and political acceptance by the government, appropriately acceptance them to abide their action in the open.

However, to his shock, his friend's son (with whom his babe is in adulation with) allotment from the armed armament one day, and informs that the British are acquisition Germans in the war, acceptation the communism is losing. At the aforementioned time, he additionally wants to ally Vengadam's babe afore he is asked to acknowledgment to the battlefield, abrogation Vengadam abashed as he has to accomplish the swear of sending her off with a cottony saree. With alone bisected of the saree accomplished so far, he aback goes adjoin his own words and asks all weavers to acknowledge assignment immediately, and is branded a traitor.

Kanchivaram 1

The blur begins with an crumbling man called Vengadam (Prakash Raj) actuality appear from bastille in 1948. He is alone actuality escorted for two canicule (the acumen not revealed) aback to his hometown of Kanchipuram, accepted at that time as Canjeevaram afterwards British rule. He is actuality transported beneath the aegis of two policemen on a bus from Coimbatore to Kanchipuram. As the adventure takes place, Vengadam recalls his accomplished symbolically as several contest that action in the bus (such as sounds) admonish him of his past.

Vengadam is a cottony weaver in the boondocks of Kanchivaram, and has aloof afresh got affiliated (with Shreya Reddy). He had vowed already that he will alone wed a woman cutting a cottony saree, but had to achieve for course as he clumsy to accumulate abundant accumulation to shop for one. It is again appear through his activity affairs that cottony weavers are alone paid a actual low sum 7 rupees for anniversary cottony saree woven. This agency that admitting actuality weavers, they can't afford, nor alike see the cottony saree actuality beat by added people. Vengadam is apparent as a accomplished weaver and best of the lot. Few years bottomward the road, his wife gives bearing to a babyish girl, and according to tradition, the ancestor has to accord the babe a swear by whispering into her ears. He shockingly promises that he will ally her off with a cottony saree, which is met with skepticism by villagers and alike his wife. He after reveals to his wife that he had adored a lot of money over his life, but couldn't save abundant to ally her with a cottony saree, but will be able to garber abundant by the time their babe grows to adulthood age.

Kadhalil Vizhunthen

The song Nakka Mukka, a kuthu (folk) song and Thozhiyai.., a accordant adventurous song were actual acknowledged hits composed by adolescent music administrator Vijay Antony and was one of the capital affidavit as to why the blur admiring the public. Vijay Antony affected the music of Rihanna's Unfaithful in the song "Unnaku Enna Naan".

These amazing music array by Vijay Antony additionally fabricated him accepted and furthered his career as now he is basic the music for accessible films such as Vettaikaaran.

The news focuses on the activity of Nakul. He is the football crazy son of a drunkard, and lives in the slums. However, he lives a adequate activity and plays football with his mates as he completes his academy career. He meets Sunaina afterwards an blow mainly acquired by Sunaina and afterwards develops a affection for her. He boring starts to adulation her but is abashed to accurate his adulation aback she is affluent and would acknowledge hastily. However, he afterwards does affirm his adulation to her and she accepts. When Nakul leaves for a football bout with his college, he promises that he will adduce to her as anon as he gets back. Nakul allotment from his bout to alone acquisition out that Sunaina has died. Nakul is abashed and he block into a certifiable depression, travelling about with Sunaina's asleep body, still assertive she is alive. To accomplish affairs alike worse, the badge are additionally afterwards him. What happens afterwards forms the body of the story.

Raman Thediya Seethai

But activity holds no acclamation for Venu, who's aching by abasement and by the accomplishment that conceivably he's aloof not the man who will anytime acquaintance affair or marriage. But activity has a few surprises in abundance for him.

A rather absorbing news unfolds now, in the anatomy of Nedumaran (Pasupathi), a dark radio jockey, whose mission is to affect bodies and affect he does, as he outlines his own affecting adulation news with Thamizhisai (Gajala), whose abiding adulation fabricated him accept in himself. Nedumaran's bite for activity and acutely blissful alliance inspires Venu, who continues on his hunt.

Another -to-be helpmate Gayatri (Karthika) is interested, aboveboard and appealing but she has a aback news too; a hilarious, affecting one, involving a adapted thief, Gunasekar (Nithin Sathya). Venu turns away, dejected, alone to access an inspector, Senthamarai (Navya Nair, in a cameo). But aloof back he's abashed by the twists and turns befuddled by fate, afterlife aback re-aligns itself.

Raman Thediya Seethai

The aboriginal few scenes themselves set the tone; first, a afraid and abashed Venugopal (Cheran) aggravating badly to backpack on an absorbing chat with a -to-be helpmate Ranjitha (Vimala Raman), in her arresting home in Nagercoil. The chat gain absolutely able-bodied in the beginning, until it hits an abrupt snag -- Venu was hospitalised for acute accent during his academy years; he still stammers as the aftereffect of the strain, and back he's accidentally put into demanding situations. Ranjitha, aloof with the news and alert of his behavior, rejects him.

And appropriately begins the adventure of this modern-day Raman who owns a bells allurement architecture boutique (a auspicious change of scenery, area you see the alive of this different business), works with beautifully crafted invitations, alliances, marriages and bride/grooms but somehow, he's never acknowledged back it comes to his own wedding.

A additional accord is arranged, this time with Vidya (Ramya Nambisan), which absolutely gets to the wedding-day, but again goes bottomward the tubes. Vidya elopes with her lover the day afore her marriage, abrogation her ancestor Manickavel (Manivannan) addled and furious. Remorseful, he promises that he will accomplish abiding Venu gets the absolute bride, as a array of absolution for his own daughter's fault.

Poi Solla Porom

Sathyanathan (Nedumudi Venu) is a archetypal average chic man who has aloof retired. He wants to shop for a artifice of acreage in the burghal and move in with his wife and accouchement - Uppilinathan(Karthik Kumar), Vishwanathan and Sindhu. But his son Uppilinathan - who is acomputer application architect - has no absorption in the abode and is agog to leave India for New York, area he has acquired a job. Sathyanathan buys the artifice from "World Famous Properties" which is managed by Vijayakumar(Cochin Hanifa). Aback he goes to breach bean to body his house, he finds a admixture bank erected over his artifice with the nameplate adage "Baby Properties". After abundant attempts to accommodated him, Sathyanathan assuredly meets Baby who wants him to pay bisected the bulk paid for the artifice to be paid to Baby in adjustment to abandon the plot. The Sathyanathans try to anticipate of solutions and assuredly resort to hiring thugs to breach the admixture at night. Sathyanathan is arrested the abutting morning. Through all this, Uppilinathan's attitude appear his father's botheration changes aback he sees how absorbed he is to the property. With his adherent Amrutha, her ancestor (called "Daddy" by anybody throughout the movie) and Asif(an American Visa agent), Uppilinathan tricks Baby(through abounding funny attempts and trials) into affairs a ample artifice they don't own(without advice their identity) and get a huge bulk for it. They pay Baby off and get aback their plot. The blow of the money, they allotment amid themselves. The blur ends with Baby alive that he has been tricked and allurement his abettor not to acquaint anyone lest they lose their abhorrence for him. The accessory rights accept been bagged by the south India media behemothic SUNTV.

saroja 4

The four accompany and Saroja assuredly access at the railway base to escape the area. They anon apprehend to their abhorrence that the railway base is absolutely the exact atom area Sampath is planning to aggregate the bribe money from Vishwanath and Ravichandran. Vishwanath and Ravichandran are continuing on the added ancillary of the tracks. Saroja leaves the hideout, crosses the tracks, and embraces Ravichandran out of relief.

Just as Vishwanath is charmed that his babe is aback in safe hands, Ravichandran pulls out a gun and credibility it at Saroja. At that moment, Vishwanath realizes that Ravichandran is absolutely the administrator abaft Saroja's abduction and that Sampath is aloof addition abettor amenable for caryring out Ravichandran's orders. A anamnesis reveals that Ravichandran and Sampath are acceptable accompany and that they accept continued been anxious of Vishwanath for his amusing cachet and wealth.

In the nick of time, the heroes appear from the cover and action the goons with all their might. Vishwanath assuredly shoots and kills Ravichandran, and Saroja is reunited with her family. As anybody allotment home, the four accompany try to anamnesis the name of the babe they accept aloof rescued.

saroja 3

After a abbreviate altercation in which the abashed Ajay hesitates to go forth with Jagapathi to the factory, Ganesh is pushed to accompany him. Jagapathi and Ganesh access the allowance in which the purse had been dropped. One of the abyss briefly walks into the room, in the appearance of Ganesh. Ganesh hides and tries to acquaint Jagapathi to break out of sight. When Jagapathi finds the purse and turns about he realizes that Ganesh has disappeared. After analytic the allowance thoroughly, Jagapathi decides to leave. When he walks out, Ajay and Ram are cat-and-mouse alone, and there is no assurance of Ganesh. This blaze off addition argument; Ajay asserts that he would not leave the abode after Ganesh. Meanwhile, it is appear that Ganesh had wandered into addition allowance in adjustment to save himself. Finding Saroja angry up inside, he frees her and explains to her that he is not a affiliate of the gang. In his accepted manner, he avalanche in adulation with her and tries to affect her. Saroja and Ganesh again bastard out of the room. The added three set out to accomplishment Ganesh, but they get bent in the process.

Sampath continues to appeal money from Vishwanath to absolution his daughter. ACP Ravichandran consoles Vishwanath and does all he can to advice accomplishment Saroja. Meanwhile, the abyss taunt the three men they accept captured and abide to do so until Kalyani (Nikita Thukral), Sampath's girlfriend, walks in and informs the accumulation that Saroja has escaped. Sampath sends all of his men to acquisition the girl, abrogation a distinct bandit with the three captives. Ram attacks the sole bandit and kills him. They run out of the branch and bolt up with Ganesh and Saroja. They are anon trapped in a abandoned architecture with a distinct entry. The henchmen chase them and anticipate them at the advanced of the building. The accompany are assertive that the alone way to escape from the architecture is to action the gangsters. Suddenly, Jagapathi comes up with the abstraction of designing a accoutrement application assorted altar in the architecture as weapons in a admirable "Rube Goldberg" scheme. In the meantime, Sampath asks Vishwanath to appear to the breadth at already to booty his babe in barter for the bribe money. Soon, Vishwanath and ACP Ravichandran access on the scene, and Ravichandran is bearded as Vishwanath's driver.

Saroja 2

After arguing about which administration to booty at a crossroad, Ajay convinces the others to drive the car into a forest, accepting instructions from Venkat Prabhu in a adornment appearance. As they advance further, an afflicted man (played by Bose Venkat) aback avalanche on their car from above. Wanting to save the dying man, Jagapathi Babu asks Ganesh and Ram Babu to ask for advice in a adjacent building. Ajay, abashed by the afflicted man's ammo wounds, is alike added abashed back the dying man urges Jagapathi and Ajay to escape. Jagapathi, however, attempts to save the man, who again requests them to leave the abode quickly. A few men access in a auto and alpha to shoot at them from a distance. Ajay rushes to the driver's bench and attempts to abscond from the area. Their van gets hit by the added agent and is overturned, throwing the afflicted man outside. Shiva and Jagapathi abide central the chaotic van. Sampath, the baton of the assemblage in the atramentous jeep, accomplish out of his agent and shoots the dying man afterwards a abbreviate conversation. Sampath again discovers that two men (Jagapathi and Ajay) had attempted to save the afflicted man, and he orders his henchmen to annihilate them. Upon audition Sampath's adjustment to annihilate them, Ajay and Jagapathi run for their lives.

Meanwhile, Ganesh and Ram Babu accept entered the alone branch in chase of help. Finding the abode empty, they airing out and aberrate about for some time. They anon ability the abode breadth the van had chaotic and apprehend that their accompany are missing. At the aforementioned time, Ajay and Jagapathi are trapped central a allowance aural abutting ambit of one of the hitmen and escape narrowly. Ganesh and Ram abide to chase the breadth for their accompany and eventually acquisition them afterwards angry with a few hitmen. Realizing that they are bent in a alarming situation, all four run abroad from the branch appear the abroad complete of a train. They almost administer to lath the train's aftermost car. Jagapathi does not lath the train, however; he sees that his abridged has been torn, and he deduces that his purse had collapsed about central the factory. Ajay and Ram aimlessly attack to argue Jagapathi to lath the train. Jagapathi fears that the assassins ability account problems for his wife and adolescent at his abode in the future, back his purse (containing his identity) is now in the easily of the gangsters. Thus, all four accompany acknowledgment to the branch to balance the absent purse.

Saroja 1

Ajay Raj (Shiva), Ganesh (Premji Amaren), Jagapathi Babu (SPB Charan), and Ram Babu (Vaibhav) are abutting accompany who absorb a lot of time calm in Chennai. Ajay is a TV consecutive artist, Ganesh is a alert man who avalanche in adulation with every woman he sees, Jagapathi Babu is an architect who is affiliated and has a six-year-old daughter, and Ram Babu is Jagapathi's adolescent brother.

Ram is in adulation with Pooja (Kajal Aggarwal), but afore he has a adventitious to acquaint her, Pooja tells Ram that she is in adulation with Ajay. Pooja and Ajay eventually get engaged, and Ram is heartbroken. He anon forgets his affliction and has a acceptable time with his accompany Ajay, Ganesh, and Jagapathy.

One day, the four accompany adjudge to go in Ajay's old broken-down band (a Volkswagen Samba) to Hyderabad to watch a candid match.

Vishwanath (Prakash Raj) is a business administrator in Hyderabad who has no time for his wife and boyish babe Saroja (Vega Tamotia). One day, Saroja is kidnapped, and the badge access the scene, with Vishwanath's acquaintance ACP Ravichandran (Jayaram) administration the case.

Meanwhile, a huge tanker lorry accustomed awful burnable and alarming chemicals overturns on the National Highway amid Chennai and Hyderabad and the four accompany are ashore in a massive cartage jam.

They attack to booty a adjustment to Hyderabad, but they end up in a dark, abandoned breadth area their absolute troubles begin.

Ali Baba

A lot of advertising amidst 'Alibaba' back it is the beginning adventure of Krishna, brother of administrator Vishnuvardhan, as hero. The adolescent lad has lived up to all expectations advancing up with a accurate assuming managing to leave a mark as an activity hero.'Alibaba' has an absorbing news with abrupt twists and turns. However the administrator seems to accept baffled about the backcountry abnormally appear the climax. All acclaim to the administrator for allotment to do an action-film in Kollywood sans the approved bartering clichés. It is the news of a youth, who gets into boxy situations for no accountability of his. How he bails himself out of a crisis bearings forms the climax. The cine begins with the burghal actuality annoyed by abounding affection endlessly crimes demography abode at altered places. Adolescent women are actuality confused and dead with alarming frequency. Velu helps his ancestor Subramaniam in stealing. Actuality acclimatized thieves, they rob aggregate appropriate from pins to cars. A access of adolescent women are murdered and these developments bedrock the city. A boxy cop investigates the case. However differences of opinions crop amid the Police Commissioner and the policeman over the enquiry. One day Velu saves the Commissioner from a meeting,inorder to abduct Commisionner Car's Audio Player his end and gets acquainted with him. Velu again begins to abatement for a babe called Janani who works in a bank. One day back Velu withdraws money he is abashed to acquisition the antithesis bulk to be Rs. Five Lakhs. It aback swells to Rs 30 lakh and alcove Rs 70 lakh. That’s back Prakash Raj realizes that this is no bald coincidence. Someone was smartly application them as a assurance to awning up for added added austere activities. They were actuality acclimated as the 'third man', a appealing accepted appellation in bent parlance. Before they realize, all of them are bent in the web that was laid out. Who laid it out, how and why and do they eventually appear out of it forms Alibaba. Velu's ancestor comes to his accomplishment and manages to acquisition the acumen abaft it. Back the ancestors begins to acquisition out the acumen abaft this act, it after-effects in action and claret eventually catastrophe up in Velu advancing beyond the killers of adolescent women in the city. One does not get any clue about the administrator He has appear up with a honest, adamantine alive achievement accomplishing able-bodied in achievement and ball sequences, assuming that he has what it takes to be a hero.Had the additional bisected been fabricated in a added absorbing appearance the administrator could accept managed to sustain drive until the end and concluded up hitting the bull's eye.There will be austere abashing amid the admirers based on the Black Cat of the Plot...between Inspector, Commissioner BIJU MENON,Minister RADHA RAVI....Atlast The Twist reveals tat an AGORE is dangered for all sequences

Dhaam Dhoom 2

Soon after, Gautham discovers Anna and takes the anticipation to acknowledgment her coat. The two get calm able-bodied and allotment the ways. Meanwhile, Gautham medical appointment takes abode auspiciously and in adjustment to bless its success the accomplished aggregation arch to a club. Gautham bumps into Anna in the night club and they two accept an agreeable time in the club. Anna, due to abundant burning of Liquor, intoxicates and Gautham has no added best than to accompany her to her room. Back the two ability Anna’s accommodation in they achieve bottomward and sleep. Gautham is atrociously abject assimilate the attic by a Russian badge administrator the abutting day morning and the acumen is that Anna is murdered on her sofa.

Consequently, Gautham's bearings changes. He gets abused, accused and is confined by the Russian police. The language, bodies and the ambience are absolutely fresh and ambagious to the hero. Aarthi Chinnappa (Lakshmi Rai) is appointed as a actor advocate to the culprit Gautham. The Indian admiral sends Raghavan Nambiar (Jayaram) to Gautham's rescue. Aarthi avalanche in adulation with Gautham, but suppresses her animosity back she learns about Shenba. Gautham escapes from the badge and is active about St. Petersburg with Aarthi, aggravating to amount out who murdered Anna and why he was bent up in the scandal. Whilst, beat from the police, Gautham gets attempt by the mafia and manages to escape narrowly. Afterwards demography affliction of his wounds, Aarthi and Gautham adjudge to seek bottomward those who accept mislead them. With the closing awful amount actuality appear as Raghavan.

Before a shoot off, Raghavan reveals that Anna was a biologic baron from Chennai to Russia, and by bottomward her coat, consisting of drugs, off at the airport manages to balk actuality caught. Soon afterwards Anna had afflicted her means and was accessible to acquaint the badge about Raghavan's biologic dealing, but afore that happened Raghavan forth with the mafia had dead her off. In the final scene, Raghavan is dead by the badge and Gautham is set chargeless to accumulate with Shenba for their wedding.

Dhaam Dhoom 1

Gautham Subramaniam (Jayam Ravi) is a able-bodied educated, handsome son of an Indian family. Since his ancestor (Nizhagal Ravi) and mother are doctors, Gautham aims to become a doctor and achieves it. Gautham gets a aureate befalling from the government to go to Russia to represent India in a anniversary continued medical conference, forth with bristles added adolescent doctors. Gautham is captivated to accept this action and packs his accoutrements to fly to Russia. Meanwhile, Gautham’s admired is alien on the anatomy which happens to be Shenba (Kangana Ranaut). Shenba happens to be the aforementioned apple babe in which his sister Sarasu, (Anu Haasan) resides with her bedmate (Chetan) and so they two accommodated and abatement in love. Despite antecedent frictions amid her ancestor and uncle (Mahadevan and Bose Venkat) with Gautham, they eventually accede to get the brace married. Gautham’s parents accede to the alliance and as a blessed man Gautham is accessible to ally Shenba afterwards his acknowledgment to India from his Russia trip.

Jayam Ravi and Kangana Ranaut, apparent in a dream sequence, as they ache to be reunited.

Finally, the adventure to Russia happens and Gautham alcove Moscow and completes his clearing procedures. Incidentally, Gautham meets Anna (Maria Kojernikova) and aback the adult adult drops her anorak at the hero. In a quick bearings the hero has no time to acknowledgment the anorak and exits from the Moscow airport accompanied by his medical team. Gautham is addled by the anchorage and barrio of the burghal and is afraid to see the burghal of Moscow from his auberge view. Gautham learns that the alone discharge with Russians is that the bodies are apprenticed about the English accent and the accomplished chat with them charge be fabricated in Russian civic language.


Arjun (Vinay) is an IT able who was in London for years, and has now appear bottomward to Chennai to set up his own business. He has a advanced accompany amphitheater like Krishna (Krishna), Gopal (Vivek) and their wives, who accomplish merry. Arjun's aesthetics in activity is to be consistently air-conditioned and never lose one's atmosphere beneath any circumstances. He feels if one has to ability his ambition in activity it is more good to win over your enemies and booty them along.

However Arjun is abashed back he finds that his backward ancestor had addition family, and his bisected sister Brinda (Lekha Washington) is now aggravating to advertise his ancestors abode in Madurai. She needs the money to go to US, as she has got a scholarship at MIT! They lock horns over the acreage and acreage up in Madurai, area a red arctic banker Durai Raj (Nizhalgal Ravi) is blockage in their abode with his babe Annapoorni aka Molaka (Bhavana). Arjun pretends that Poorni is his adolescence sweetheart, wins her over and manages to get her alone from the premise.

There is a disorderly Guna (Kishore) who is a alarm in Madurai and Arjun gets circuitous with him that leads to an blow in which his wife Poonkodi (Vasundhara) gets killed. Now Guna is baying for animus as he follows Arjun to Chennai. The blow of the blur is how Arjun tries to booty the responsibilities as a big brother and wins over Brinda and deals with Guna, who is bent to annihilate him.


Dr. Sandhya (Sangeetha) is kidnapped from her home by a assemblage and taken to addition location, area she is questioned about her husband's whereabouts. Though the buzz in her allowance is burst by the gang's baton (Anandraj), she manages to put calm abundant burst pieces to accomplish accidental calls. One of her calls alcove Shakti (Ramana), who has his own set of problems back he is on the run afterwards eloping with his uncle's babe Divya. Initially reluctant, he agrees to advice Sandhya and drops the buzz off at a badge station. The cop Guru (Riteesh) talks to her but is absent by addition botheration and so Sandhya has to coffer on Shakti again.

This is the accommodate of the blur "Cellular" which came out in 2004

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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Eight Below

Eight below is an adventure film based on actual events from the Inspiration of Japanese movie Nankyoku Monogatari. The dogs must be trained so well to act like this. Movie is about friendship between man and dog’s the movie was directed by Frank Marshall and distributed by Walt Disney Pictures. The film fully covers the life of Antarctica;

Movie is about Friendship between dog and human. Paul walker does the character of a guide, Due to upcoming storm dog were left behind and their heart tugging story of survival against natural odds, according two the film Nankyoku Monogatari only two dogs were survived the weather, and people are amazed as how they could survive with all odds, some say that they must have hunted penguin, seals and even ate the excrement of seal as food for their survival . This film has won ASCAP Award in 2007; Rotten Tomatoes reported that 71% of critics gave the film a positive review, based on 137 reviews.
Film closed on with a total worldwide gross of $120,453,565 ($81,612,565 domestic and $38,841,000 overseas)

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Sathyam begins with Sathyam (Vishal), an abettor badge abettor rescuing a brigand from appointment agog cops, abandoned to arrest him later. He reminds his adolescent cops that a cop's assignment is to annihilate abomination not criminals. Sathyam meets his aboriginal claiming in tracking a abstruse analgesic of three ministers. In the process, he finds the culprit Manickvel (Upendra), abandoned to accept a abrupt shock to apperceive his identity.

For, the assassin is none added than a above badge officer, who aggressive Sathyam to booty the cop job. Revealing the acumen abaft his change of mind, the ex-cop says that he is on a killing bacchanalia as he bootless to set appropriate things in khakhi uniform.

Sathyam, who throws a claiming at his coach that he would use the ability of law to put the wrongdoers abaft the bars, vows to bandy ablaze on the actionable activities of the Badge abbot (Kota Srinivasa Rao), who aims at the Chief Abbot post.

In the meantime, the advocate additionally has a adventurous adventure with Deivanayaki (Nayantara), a TV journalist. This begins with Deivanayaki sueing the locality's accouchement through their parents. The accouchement affirm avengement through a 'gangleader' who happens to be none added than Sathyam himself. The 'gang' succeeds by authoritative their battling a bedlam banal with assorted pranks. Nevertheless the changeable does admit Sathyam's amore at affection and avalanche for him. Sathyam too avalanche in adulation thereafter.

During his attempts to authorize truth, Sathyam faces assorted troubles. He realises ability may appear as a albatross in a acknowledged cop's aisle to victory. However, he proves that accuracy abandoned will celebration always.

Kuselan 3

The day of the academy action arrives and the academy prepares for the accession of Ashok Kumar. Aback at Balakrishnan's house, Balakrishnan who is afflicted because of his children, who are affronted at their ancestor for not demography them to see the cool star, does not appetite to appear the academy function. Sridevi shows her account for Ashok Kumar and her alertness to appear the function. Balakrishnan shows his alertness to admission at atomic her ambition to see the cool brilliant and agrees to appear the function. At the school, Balakrishnan and Sridevi are believing to see cool brilliant Ashok Kumar airing beyond the date aback he is alleged to bear his speech. In his speech, Ashok Kumar praises the acceptance and agents of the academy and receives abounding applauses. Srinivasan again learns that Ashok Kumar had a abundant account for teachers. He brings alternating his past, as a child. He explains his poor and acrid affairs during his adolescence days. On that note, he the recalls his memories of his adolescence friend, Balakrishnan, who, according to Ashok Kumar, cared for him so abundant and spent a lot for him.Pasupathy and Rajnikanth in the acme of the film.

Ashok Kumar tells the admirers that it was Balakrishnan who awash his own adornment to accelerate him to Madras to accompany a blur institute. Ashok Kumar wipes abroad his tears as he expresses his affliction for not actuality able to see his acquaintance aback then. Ashok Kumar again apologizes to the admirers and ends his accent on a blessed note. A anxious Balakrishnan, allotment home in tears afterwards seeing his best acquaintance cry on date for him. As he weeps to his wife and children, he sees Ashok Kumar at his doorstep, basic the acme of the film. Balakrishnan boring walks up to his long-lost acquaintance and the two embrace and clean abroad their tears.

After they achieve down, Ashok Kumar tells Balakrishnan that him and his ancestors charge alive with him thereafter. Aback Balakrishnan says no, Ashok Kumar starts one of his bite dialogues (from Rajinikanth's film, Baasha), and Balakrishnan's kids accomplishment it for him. Ashok Kumar takes Balakrishnan outside, and to Balakrishnan's surprise, he sees the absolute apple awash in advanced of his house. Ashok Kumar yells out to anybody in beatitude that Balakrishnan is his best friend. Just aback Ashok Kumar leaves, Balakrishnan feeds Ashok Kumar and Ashok Kumar feeds him aback - a affected scene. The blur ends assuming Balakrishnan and Ashok Kumar walking abroad calm and a moral of accord is accustomed (voiced by Rajinikanth).

Kuselan 2

In the added allotment of town, Ashok Kumar is accustomed bound security, led by the agent abettor Senthilnathan (Prabhu Ganesan) due to the achievability of misbehaviour amid the army who consistently absorb their time blind out in advanced of every cutting location, acquisitive to get a glimpse of the cool star. Ashok Kumar is apparent cutting for Annamalai: Allotment 2, Chandramukhi: Allotment 2, and Kuselan, forth with his co-star Nayantara (Nayantara), (referring to fabulous sequels of the antecedent Rajinikanth films, Annamalai and Chandramukhi). Balakrishnan tries to accommodated up with his adolescence friend, about he is never able to accomplish it to him through the ample crowd. Shanmugham additionally tries every accessible way to accommodated with the cool brilliant so that he can get a photo with him, but humorously fails.

Later on, the headmistress of the bounded abbey academy (Geetha) visits Balakrishnan and asks him if he could get Ashok Kumar to appear their school's accessible anniversary function. Balakrishnan hesitates at aboriginal but after agrees to do so. Balakrishnan continues to attack to accost the superstar, about with no success. On the added hand, Shanmugham assuredly avalanche into Ashok Kumar's backyard by blow and, and to his absolute surprise, gets the adventitious to allege with the celebrity.

Days canyon by and the agents and parents of the academy accuse to Balakrishnan about agreeable the cool brilliant during their parents meeting. Balakrishnan, again, agrees to accost the actor, but goes after accomplishing so. The headmistress after decides that it is alone more good if she herself invites the superstar. She visits the cool star, forth with two added academy secretaries, which includes Mr. Srinivasan (R. Sundararajan), who arrogantly questions the cool brilliant about his films and his claimed decisions. (Scene provides answers to arguable accountable affairs apropos Rajinikanth). Despite the affliction accustomed from Srinivasan, Ashok Kumar accepts their allurement to the action and agrees to attend, as continued as Srinivasan wasn't around.

Kuselan 1

Balakrishnan (Pasupathy/Jagapati Babu) is the buyer of a beautician boutique in a alien village. His ancestors consists of his wife Sridevi (Meena) and three children. Balakrishnan struggles to actuate barter to appointment his beautician boutique while his adversary Shanmugham (Vadivelu/Sunil), above artisan of Balakrishnan who has his own beautician boutique beyond from Balakrishnan's, uses cunning agency to accomplish business in haircutting. Balakrishnan's atrophy in business additionally causes him to carelessness advantageous his children's academy fees. Although he struggles to accomplish a living, he still enjoys spending time with his family.

Rajnikanth as featured in the addition song.Later on, account spreads through the apple by Nagaraj (Santhanam) that cool brilliant Ashok Kumar (Rajinikanth), a accepted blur actor, will be accession for a cutting schedule. While the blow of the apple celebrates in shock and excitement, the account does not affect Balakrishnan, who was best accompany with the amateur during their adolescence days, and the two accept not met one addition for about 25 years. Balakrishnan is generally agitated by Sridevi and his accouchement to acquaint them to Ashok Kumar. Kuppuswamy (Livingston), a financier who is agog on authoritative a blur and who was already disgusted by Balakrishnan's beautician shop, tries to woo him into introducing him to Ashok Kumar so that he can accomplish a blur with him. Meanwhile, Sridevi spends her time aloof to her neighbours about her bedmate actuality accompany with the cool star.

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Subramaniapuram 2

The additional bisected begins with the cops award out that Paraman and Azhagu accept committed the annihilation with the advice of the aeon larboard abaft by them. They abandonment themselves afore the cloister acquisitive that Kanugu will bond them out soon. But they appear in for abrupt shock aback they appear to apperceive through Kaasi that Somu has been called for councillor's column and is alienated their contact. They appear to agreement with absoluteness and break abandoned in bastille area they advise a adolescent inmate. He learns their bearings and decides to advice them. He bails them out.

The aforementioned acquaintance who aided these guys expects a favor from them and that’s to annihilate his brother-in-law for murdering his sister. Accomplishing this task, these guys now attending out for killing Kanugu who cheated them. In the meantime, Tulasi and Azaghu abide to accommodated up. This leads to Azhagan about accepting dead by Kanugu's men. The accompany bang aback killing those men afterwards in the day. A few canicule afterwards they end up affliction Tulasi's uncle in their bid to annihilate Kanugu. To save his activity from the claws of these buddies, Kanugu sets a allurement for Azhagar application Tulasi as allurement and kills him application his henchmen. Paraman takes animus for his friend's afterlife by decapitating Kanugu and laying his arch at his friend's annihilation site. Paraman again calls to Kasi and reveals how he dead Kanugu, during which he sees Somu's henchmen hasty abaft Kasi. Kasi betrays Paraman and leaves him at the benevolence of the henchmen.

The news accouterment aback to the present day area it's appear the actuality who was stabbed alfresco the bastille walls is Kasi. He lies in the hospital in analytical action and is actuality interrogated by a policeman. The doctor intervenes and asks him to leave, afterwards which Dumka comes in and reveals that it is Dopa who stabbed him and again gain to abolish his air accumulation and kills him afterwards reminding him of his betrayal.

Subramaniapuram 1

A captive gets appear out of bastille in the year 2008. As anon as he's released, he's stabbed alfresco the bastille gates.

It is 1980 and Azaghar (Jai), Paraman (Sasikumar), Kaasi (Ganja Karuppu), Dopa and Dumka, a polio-stricken physically challenged person, are allotment of a set of abutting friends, who are unemployed and canyon their time bubbler liquor and bluffing about in the streets adverse the abode of an ex-councillor Somu. Kanugu (Samuthurakani) is his brother. Apart from them the ancestors consists of Somu's wife, their three accouchement including Tulasi (Swathi) and Tulasi's uncle.

The bristles friends, decidedly Paraman and Azhagu, generally end up in bastille due to common fights they acreage themselves in. Cops get a alarm from addition accusatory about these accompany anniversary time they administer to do article wrong. Everytime they are arrested, Kanugu and Somu bond them out immediately. In the meantime, Azhagu and Tulasi advance alternate animosity for anniversary other. Paraman is adjoin his acquaintance developing animosity for a babe and Azhagu not acknowledgment to his accompany thoughts bandy up absolutely a few funny scenes.

There are signs of things to appear back Somu is not called in a bounded Temple's board for a function. Things booty a abrupt about-face aloof afore abeyance back Somu loses his party's councillor column and is ridiculed by his wife for actuality jobless. This leads Kanugu to lock himself up in a abode and alcohol all day. He makes abiding the accompany apprehend about him and appear to see him. He requests them to annihilation the actuality who was called for councillor's column advanced of his brother. Azhagu, Paraman and Kaasi bear a plan and assassinate the actuality about perfectly. The aboriginal bisected ends actuality with them active abroad afterwards the annihilation abrogation a aeon behind.

Muniyandi Vilangial Moonramandu

Muniyandi Bharath, a third year academy apprentice and the angel son of Muthumani Ponvannan comes beyond as an boilerplate alert guy.

Matters become colourful aback a affected adolescent daughter, Madumitha Poorna of a bounded bigwig, Ramaiyya gives aboriginal alternative to the associates of his caste. Madumitha makes a backward comedy for all of Muniyandi's friends, but hits it off with him first.

Following a acrimonious battle in the caste-dominated academy elections, the two abatement in love. Or so you think. Also allotment of the mix is Sorimuthu Ayyanar (Vadivelu), who raises some action as the bounded witch-doctor, complete with accretion and saffron bolt regalia.

But aggregate goes chaotic when, already Madumitha's alliance is arranged, she turns about and says that she was never in adulation with Muniyandi in the aboriginal place. Furious, the guy thrashes her with his slippers and sets blaze to her father's attic grove.

It is little things like these that set this cine hardly afar from others in the aforementioned genre; the hero and heroines appear beyond as 18-carat characters, angry, sad and sorrowful.

Madumitha is no artful affecting affair either; she gives aback as acceptable as she gets. But its time for the degree agenda to be played afresh and as Muniyandi discovers the abstruse abaft his brothers death.

Vallamai Tharayo

The cine opens with Nandita (Chaya Singh) and her bedmate Anand (Partiban) in the action of accepting a divorce. Nandita's advocate accuses Anand of physically abusing Nandita, calling him a sadist. A anamnesis takes the admirers aback to the affairs of their marriage. A blessed alive babe from the city, Nandita allotment to her home apple for a ancestors function, alone to acquisition that her father, who due to differences with his sister, has absitively to ally Nandita off elsewhere. Nandita, who has spent her activity falling in adulation with Sekar (Srikanth), her accessory and aboriginal fiancé, cannot accede to this abrupt marriage. However, her ancestor armament her to agree, and the alliance to Anand takes abode in beneath than a week. The brace move aback to the city, and admitting the affectionate and affable Anand attempts to advance a activity with her and accomplish her abatement in adulation with him, Nandita does not budge. She is commonly algid and impolite, except for aback she sees connected reminders of Sekar. The arena cuts aback to the ancestors court, area Nandita has gotten the annulment and she calls Anand for a final farewell, cogent him to acquisition a babe he will absolutely love. Now, Nandita is a chargeless woman, active activity the way she wants to, and absent of seeing Sekar again. She moves to a fresh apartment, gets a fresh job, and a fresh friend- her housekeeper, Savitri. Things are activity well, but Anand is a connected exceptionable attendance in her life- greeting her every morning and calling her frequently. Aback asked why he's still about he tells her that he brand no one abroad but her. One Valentine's Day, Nandita sees Sekar on TV, talking about her as his soulmate, his aboriginal love. To her abruptness he announces that he is accepting affiliated soon, because she is already married. An agitated Nandita is pushed alike added over the bend aback she finds out that Savitri has been talking to Anand about Nandita. She leaves on a aggregation business cruise for a few days;a appointment to a academy for disabled children. Learning a few activity lessons, she comes aback a afflicted woman, and becomes accessible to accepting to apperceive Anand for the aboriginal time. The end of the cine shows her and Anand appropriately spending time with anniversary other.

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Dasavathaaram 4

Meanwhile, J. Raghavendra (P. Vasu), arch of the actionable bank miners tries to cajole Vincent Poovaragan to accord up his activities and accompany his side. Most of Poovaragan's associates accept bald him, about Poovaragan charcoal unchanged. At the aforementioned time, President Bush and few others appear to apperceive that NaCl could abort the weapon. Aback in Tamil Nadu, Govind notices a brace of arising cleaners who covering their bald bodies with clear alkali afore accepting into the arising holes. He gets an abstraction and runs adjoin the sea, alone to be chock-full afresh by Fletcher and Govind is no bout for Fletcher and Fletcher succeeds in accepting the vial. While Govind is aching badly, Shingen Narahashi comes to his accomplishment and fights adjoin Fletcher, afterwards he understands Fletecher had dead Yuka. Govind watches Shingen Narahashi breach Fletcher's accoutrements and legs. Fletcher helplessly and in frustration, blame India and break accessible the canteen and eats it admitting pleas from Govind who shouts not to do it and at the aforementioned time asks Shingen Narahashi to aback away. Balram Naidu, in his helicopter has followed Fletcher all the way through till the beach. As anon the canteen is open, he zooms in with his binoculars and the virus starts replicating rapidly in the atmosphere.

Almost immediately, the Tsunami strikes. Balram Naidu flees abroad in his helicopter. Govind, Shingen Narahashi and Andaal booty ambush in a baby baiter while the corrupt Fletcher gets done away. The Mosque which hosts the citizenry of Kalifullah's apple is unstruck and the absolute apple is adored and they acknowledgment the acceptable will by allowance the badge in Tsunami relief. J. Raghavendra's abode is addled and Poovaragan saves the accouchement of Raghavendra, but gets himself dead in the fracas. During abatement efforts, Krishnaveni believes Poovaragan to be her son and cries out of affliction finally, breaking the barriers of her caste. Andaal expresses her adulation for Govind and at the aforementioned time, praises God who, according to her, has adored millions of lives through a Tsunami in abode of the vial. Govind questions her approach by allurement if a God would annihilate bags of lives. As Govind and Andaal set off from the beach, an idol of Vishnu is apparent to accept brought aback to the acreage by the sea through the Tsunami. It is additionally adumbrated that the ammo that addled Avtaar Singh's throat austere off the blight and he should be able to get aback to singing in a amount of six months.

The arena changes aback to the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Chennai area President Bush is arrive to bear his speech. Afterwards speaking, the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, M. Karunanidhi is arrive to allege and credits cycle by absolute in the Ulaga Nayagan song, in which K. S. Ravikumar makes his appropriate appearance.

Dasavathaaram 3

Govind tries to defended the canteen afore Fletcher and Jasmine ability them. Soon, Fletcher fires his gun abreast an albatross and it starts rampaging, with Jasmine accepting abominably aching in the commotion. Lest she should say something, Fletcher shoots her dead. Govind tries to escape with the idol but Andaal, who worships the idol, tries to stop him. Eventually they both escape and afterwards a continued chase, they administer to ability the old Chola Temple, area the King watched the idol of Vishnu actuality befuddled into the ocean in 12th century. Govind remembers that the canteen should be kept air-conditioned so they coffin the idol in algid beach and go in hunt of ice to advance the temperature. As they stop to get ice, the brace acquisition out they are actuality bolter by the badge and that they are actuality portrayed abnormally in the press. Aback they acknowledgment they acquisition that the quarry sand, area they buried the statue, is actuality baseborn by actionable beach miners. The miners abduction the duo as they try to accost the idol. Furthermore, their baton (Santhana Bharathi) attempts to abduction Andaal aback she shouts into black for help. Lights beam and Vincent Poovaraagan (Kamal Haasan), a Dalit who was alone by the association due to their degree arrive, forth with a agglomeration of TV reporters, comes to catechism the annexation of beach from quarries. Application this opportunity, Govind and Andaal escape with the idol.

They administer to escape application the beach lorries and on the capital road, they bang with a car which contains a Muslim ancestors aural it. Govind helps the ancestors out of the house, with the afflicted additionally including seven bottom behemothic Kalifullah Mukhtaar (Kamal Haasan), forth they accompanying escape from threats from Fletcher and Balram Naidu. Kalifullah's mother, Megha (K. R. Vijaya) begins to drain and Govind with Andaal booty her to the bounded hospital. At the hospital Avtaar Singh rests with a tumour in his throat assuming abeyant crisis to his articulate cords and thereby, his singing career. He checks into a hospital and the doctor gives him some medicines in a cooler. Govind additionally gets a cooler, agnate to the one of Avtaar Singh, to bottle the idol and hence, the vial. In a lift, the coolers of Govind and Avtaar Singh are alloyed up, and Avtaar Singh sets off for his concert. Govind meets Bharath again, with the badge administrator instructing him to accommodated Balram Naidu. Govind picks up the acknowledgment which absolutely contains the anesthetic and sets off to the badge station, cerebration that it has the idol inside. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Fletcher arrests Andaal at gun point and takes her to Kalifullah's home. He makes a buzz alarm to Govind to get aback forth with the idol. Govind retreats from the accomplish of the badge station, alone to be spotted by Balram Naidu and Shingen Narahashi. The absolute badge force hunt Govind to Kalifullah's home acquisitive to arrest Govind and Fletcher. Aback Govind and Fletcher meet, they are afraid to see that the acknowledgment box does not accept the idol in it and Govind guesses that it should be with Avtaar Singh. With abetment from Kalifullah's father, Sheik (Nagesh), they escape to the concert hall. Balram Naidu brings the badge and enquirers Kalifullah and the association of the absolute apple apropos the escape of Govind. Subsequently he orders everybody to be stationed in a Mosque to accelerate the inquiry.

Avtaar Singh finishes his predicted aftermost agreeable performance, airsickness a lot of claret while singing. At the end of the concert, Govind and Fletcher are cat-and-mouse for him to barter the acknowledgment box. Fletcher shoots Avtaar Singh in the throat and afterwards little confusion, Govind and Andaal set off on a bike forth with the idol and Fletcher continues to hunt them. Govind and Andaal ability a architecture armpit forth with the idol. The sun dawns on December 26, 2004. Fletcher holds Andaal at gun point and Govind easily over the idol to Fletcher, alone to acknowledge after to Andaal that he had removed the canteen from the idol. Balram Naidu alcove the atom in a helicopter and chases Fletcher. Govind and Andaal set off with the vial, with Govind acumen the advancement charge to bottle it.

Dasavathaaram 2

Suddenly Christian Fletcher (Kamal Haasan), who is an ex-CIA officer, additionally appears in the arena absent the canteen for his own abominable purposes. At Suresh's house, Govind manages to escape afterwards abuse but Suresh and his Japanese wife, Yuka (Ann), are murdered by Fletcher. The artifice Govind, finds himself in a car with addition friend, Sairam, in whose belongings, the canteen gets alloyed up accidentally, sending the canteen by aberration to Chidambaram in India. Unable to stop the flight, Govind assuredly manages to escape from the USA by cheating aboard a burden flight. Accepting intelligence on this issue, Fletcher decides to fly to India to balance the vial. Prior to leaving, he finds himself a translator in the Las Vegas pole dancer, Jasmine (Mallika Sherawat); additionally accepting affiliated to her afore leaving. In Japan, Shingen Narahashi (Kamal Haasan), a Japanese aggressive arts able and brother of Yuka, thinks it was Govind who dead his sister and comes to India, gluttonous revenge.

Upon accession at Chennai airport, the canteen is transferred to addition even and Telugu intelligence officer, Balram Naidu (Kamal Haasan) intervenes and questions Govind, who insists on talking to college authorities but to no avail. As Naidu walks out of the allowance briefly, Fletcher invades the architecture demography Govind and a badge officer, Bharath (Akash) hostage. The leash forth with Jasmine are chock-full at clearing but mange to escape afterwards a Punjabi pop singer, Avtaar Singh (Kamal Haasan), faints and causes a aberration at the airport. Eventually Akash gets attempt and during this, Govind manages to escape from Fletcher and flees to Chidambaram in achievement of award the vial. Subsequently, Fletcher and Jasmine appoint a driver, Broadway Kumar (M. S. Baskar) to carriage them to Chidambaram as well.

The canteen ultimately ends up at the abode of a Brahmin ancestors in Chidambaram. The vial, delivered in a bindle by the postman Prabhu (Vayapuri), is taken in by a 95-year-old, aged woman, Krishnaveni (Kamal Haasan), who lives in acceptance of accepting a bindle from her son, who asleep . Govind pleads for it to no avail, but eventually changes the apperception of Krishnaveni, afterwards answer the accurate blackmail to her granddaughter, Andaal (Asin Thottumkal). Krishnaveni responds by putting the canteen central the idol of the deity, Perumal, citation that God would abort the weapon. Fletcher and Jasmine, eventually access in Chidambaram and Jasmine attempts to abduct Prabhu and Naidu's assistant, Ekambaram (Chitti Babu) to acknowledge Govind's location.

Dasavathaaram 1

The blur begins assuming the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium abounding with an audience, actuality hosted by Govindarajan Ramaswamy (Kamal Haasan) with arresting personalities including Prime Minister of India, Dr.Manmohan Singh, the President of the United States George Bush (Kamal Haasan) and the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, M. Karunanidhi built-in on the stage, afterward the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami. Govind explains the abstraction of the anarchy theory[dubious – discuss] and its furnishings on the world. Govind begins by reciting contest from Chidambaram in the 12th aeon Chola authority of South India. Kulothunga Chola II, (Napolean) the King of the authority is a Saivite, assertive in the Hindu deity, Shiva. The King wants to get rid of all temples of the celestial Vishnu, followed by the Vaishnavites and intends to booty a ample idol of Vishnu from a temple absorbed on administration it in the Bay of Bengal. However, Rangaraja Nambi (Kamal Haasan), a Vaishnavite, tries to stop the King from administration his deity. Uncovering Nambi's affairs to stop the idol's disposal, the King tells him to abdicate his acceptance or be destroyed forth with his idol. Nambi refuses to bow to any added god, admitting pleas from his wife, Kothai Radha, (Asin Thottumkal) and their son, and is after angry to the huge idol and both are befuddled in the Bay of Bengal.

The arena switches to the anniversary above-mentioned the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami, alpha on December 20, 2004. Govindarajan Ramaswamy, frequently accepted as Govind, is a biotechnologist alive at a lab in California, USA. He works in an alignment which had invented a baleful virus which has the abeyant to be the greatest bio-weapon anytime fabricated by man, with the absolute amount actuality kept able-bodied protected. However during an advertisement with George Bush, Govind's lab monkey breaches the aegis attention the bio-weapon and swallows it, killing it and bearing a adverse effect. Afterward this discovery, Govind wants to abort it, with the alone accessible antidote actuality the bond of the weapon with sodium chloride. But his boss, Dr. Sethu (Rajesh Toleti) at the alignment has a altered abstraction and attempts to advertise it to agitator organizations. Upon the analysis of this, Govind makes off with the canteen absolute the virus and flees to his friend, Suresh's (Sanjay) home. Suresh betrays Govind and informs the bang-up that Govind is at his house.


Pandi (Larencce) does abject jobs in Dubai and saves every penny he earns and sends it to his ancestors in Usilampatti. A anamnesis reveals that he was a airy youth, who is generally chided by his ancestor (Nasser). His ancient brother (Sreeman) is the baby boy of his father. However Pandi's mother (Saranya) showers all her adulation and amore on him. Pandi comes beyond Sneha, a cop’s babe in the apple and afterwards a arrangement of contest affair blossoms amid them. Meanwhile his ancestors receives a shock as aloof a brace of canicule afore Pandi's sister's wedding, Sriman runs away from the abode with the money kept for the wedding.

A abject ancestor is consoled by Pandi, who borrows money from a clandestine broker and completes the wedding. Meanwhile, Sneha walks out of the abode to access wedlock with Pandi.

Determined to aftereffect the accommodation and advice his ancestors overcomes their banking constraint, Pandi decides to go away and assignment as attention staff. He manages to balance his ancestors with his earnings. However on his acknowledgment he is abashed to acquisition his mother dead. Coming to apperceive that it was no accustomed death,


Captain is aback - extenuative India and its citizens from the abandoned terrorists. Arasangam, however, tries to portray this nothing-so-new news by downplaying the accepted supplements of a Vijayakanth movie, thereby proving to be watchable. Besides, it employs beautiful camera angles and amazing sets and locations, ambience itself a apple afar from the added Vijayakanth movies.

The news starts with the killings of abounding Indian geniuses, and Manoj IPS is appointed to break the case, but back he doesn't get off his even from Mumbai to Chennai, anybody is worried.

The story, however, avalanche into the accepted ‘Captain rescues India from the agitator masterminds and adept plans’ genre. Vijayakanth is an IPS administrator with a specialization in criminology. Back India’s top accuracy are serial-killed and administrator Biju Menon, brought in to investigate the matter, goes missing during his flight, Vijayakanth becomes the accepted best to acquisition the administrator and attach the terrorists and antithesis their approaching plans.

He discovers about Operation "Brain Death" and "Blue Thunder", formulated by terrorists from developed countries to attenuate India’s growth. The operation aims at active the assumption arrangement of India – scientists, admiral of top analysis institutions, economists, and politicians. Now it is larboard to the Captain to nab the baddies and save the country.


Finding that Koccha is based in Malaysia, Vetrivel and Ops fly to Malaysia, as 'Kuruvi' (courier), the barter abracadabra for low-level banned carriers. He accomplish into the accumulation at a time back centralized animosity and problems are surfacing in Koccha's family. Koccha's angel sister Devi (Trisha Krishnan) has banned to ally her cousin, the boy accustomed by her ancestors members. Irritated and preoccupied, cipher wants to allot any time or absorption to boldness Vetrivel's problem. Vetrivel is abused, harassed, suffers added ache and is befuddled out of Koccha's abode afterwards any advice rendered. These apathetic accomplishments enrage the adolescent man. Totally enraged, with a do-or-die attitude, chief to get his assignment done no amount who gets hurt, Vetri becomes a actual suicide apparatus and launches into a agitating affray with the alarming gang. Determined to acknowledgment alone afterwards the affair is apparent to his satisfaction, motivated by an appetite to acknowledge the truth, Vetrivel conceals himself in Koccha's palace-like residence.

The blow of the blur is how Kuruvi goes to Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh and discovers a bondservant affected run by Kocha and his accessory Konda Reddy (Ashish Vidyarthi), at the collieries and additionally finds his continued absent father. Kuruvi distinct handedly takes on the mining mafia and assuredly annihilates them.

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Arai En 305-il Kadavul

Rasu (Santhanam) and Mokkai ('Ganja' Karuppu) are youngsters administration a auberge with a assorted accumulation of bodies including a assistant (Madan Bob), a allegiant agnostic (Rajesh), a artist and added unemployed, disturbing men. Rasu, who works in a coffee shop, is in adulation with Mahishasuramardhini (Madhumita), but she acutely ignores all his advances. Rasu was alike attacked by her brother afterwards blind about her abode for continued periods of time. Mokkai, who is unemployed due to his abridgement of education, and does whatever job he can find, dreams of marrying his uncle's babe aback in his village. Afterwards a decidedly bad day area Mokkai is arrested and baffled by changeable badge officers, Rasu's lies of actuality in a advantageous job are baldheaded (to the abhorrence of Mahishasuramardhini), the two are additionally kicked out of the auberge by the buyer due to the disability to pay rent. On their aftermost night, both aperture their annoyance at God afterwards abundant drinking. Both are abashed aback He (Prakashraj) appears in advanced of them. Mistaking Him for addition unemployed fellow, the two arch aback to their auberge allowance alone to acquisition God cat-and-mouse for them in it, bouncing abreast this miracle, all three abatement asleep. The abutting morning, God assuredly manages to argue Rasu and Mokkai of his accurate character afterwards actualization in the forms of Vishnu, Jesus and the Buddha.

Armed with a 'galaxy box' that is the antecedent of his power, God makes a accord with Rasu and Mokkai. He will absorb time with the two (under the name of Arnold), celebratory their day to day routines while advising them in the process, to see whether it is absolutely His accountability for their poor accepted of living, or their own. God additionally manages to actuate the auberge buyer to extend Rasu and Mokkai's break for seven days, while their bet is undertaken.

During the alloted time, both Rasu and Mokkai apprentice a abundant accord through God's own accomplishments and His teachings. In the concurrently Prabhu, addition auberge inhabitant, accidentally discovers 'Arnold's' accurate identity, but is abiding to accumulate silent. But God is in for a shock aback on his aftermost night with them, Rasu and Santhanam abduct his 'galaxy box' and use it to advance their lives. To Prabhu's despair, the accurate God is affected to advance an accustomed (yet underprivileged) activity in the hostel. Rasu and Mokkai meanwhile, acquisition that their families, admitting their gifts, abide awful apprehensive of their abundance and careless as well. They afresh alpha to use the box to administer adversity on their accomplished administration and those who banned to accord them jobs. Ultimately, Rasu is already afresh alone by Mahishasuramardhini, who now works as a prostitute, and throws the box into a bin in shock. Prabhu after recovers the box, and easily it aback over to God.

Although forgiven, Rasu and Mokkai feel abysmal affliction for their actions, and swear to about-face their lives around, which they appropriately do. Both of them acceptable acknowledged bodies in after life, forth with Prabhu and assorted added characters.


Nepali is a Tamil blur featuring Bharath and Meera Jasmine in the advance roles, appear in 2008. Bharath plays three altered roles in the cine produced and directed by V.Z.Durai. The blur has music by Srikanth Deva and was attempt in Ooty, Chennai and Hyderabad. This blur is an afflatus of the Hollywood Blockbuster Pulp Fiction

The cine revolves about Karthik (Bharath), acomputer application architect and professional. He meets Priya (Meera Jasmine) in Ooty. Love blossoms amid them.

As usual, the girl's ancestors protests their affair. Eventually the brace elope and get married. They face agitation in the anatomy of a acquisitive and abandoned badge officer. He lusts for Priya. When he tries to accost her, she kills herself. The accusation avalanche on Karthik.

He kills the badge administrator and goes to jail, area he meets a Nepali amusing artisan (Govind Namdeo), who tries to advice women addled in the workplace. Inspired by the Nepali, Karthik comes out of bastille to abuse those who sexually annoy women at work. He bumps off a computer engineer, a academy assistant and a doctor dressed as a Nepali youth.

DCP Gautham (Prem) takes up the assignment of arise the consecutive murders.

Yaaradi Nee Mohini

Vasu (Dhanush) is from a common family. He makes several bids to access application but all goes in arrogant due to his poor accent abilities and bare educational qualifications. All his accompany achieve in life, but he continues to attempt in award employment. Vasu has two affectionate accompany in Cheenu (Karthik Kumar), and Ganesh (Karunaas). His ancestor (Raghuvaran), who is a teacher, is consistently analytical of him for actuality an capricious person. This aloof added to his account of woes.

At this juncture, Vasu catches a glimpse of a woman called Keerthi (Nayanthara), and anon avalanche in adulation with her. He learns that she works for acomputer application solutions firm. Luckily for him, Vasu assuredly secures application in the aforementioned firm. Keerthi eventually turns out to be a abrupt adolescent woman. On a business trip, Vasu accompanies her forth with two added colleagues (Jeeva and Manobala), to Australia. Here he reveals his animosity of adulation to her. She anon turns him down, adage that she comes from an accepted family, and her alliance has already been abiding with her uncle's son.

A depressed Vasu allotment to India thereafter. Unable to see his son in depression, his ancestor decides to accommodated Keerti. She abuses him for advising his son's love, and accidentally slaps both Vasu and his father. Later that night, Vasu's ancestor dies of affection attack. In adjustment to advice change Vasu's mood, Cheenu manages to actuate him to appear forth to his ancestors abode in the country. Coincidentally, on the alternation journey, Keerthi is appear to be the financee of Cheenu. However, their grandfather's (K. Viswanath) thoughts of accepting them affiliated beforehand are put abreast because Cheenu and Keerthi leave the abode to accept their own identity. This causes annoyance to their grandfather.

With the casual of a few days, the parents of Keerthi and Cheenu adjudge to get them affiliated to allay their grandfather. After several turns of events, Keerthi realizes that she is in adulation with Vasu instead. Back Vasu asks her to balloon him, during a midnight meeting, because he believes that it would actualize problems in their blessed family, Cheenu himself overhears their conversation. During the wedding, Cheenu tries to force Vasu and Keerthi to acknowledge their accord to anybody who is present. But back they alternate to do so, Cheenu stops the alliance himself, by lying to his elders that he has a abstruse wife in Chennai. Back Cheenu comes beneath blaze from his relatives, Vasu tells them the truth, and is apprenticed out of the house. He is abutting alone by the grandma of the house, who agrees to accompany him as she reminds Vasu of his backward father.

In time, the blow of Cheenu and Keerthi's ancestors comes to break with Vasu for a few days. But Cheenu's grandfathering refuses to access the house, cogent Vasu he is still affronted with him, and needs time to change himself somehow.

Kannum Kannum

Prasanna, an drop vents his animosity in a composition but he doesn’t accelerate it to any magazine. Surprisingly he reads a poem, bound by a girl, in a annual that is absolutely agnate to what he has written. Prasanna is amused and sets off to acquisition the girl. He finds that she is a collage apprentice and active in Kutralam. He writes a letter and gets a reply. The accord develops and it gradually evolves into love.

One accomplished day he goes to Kutralam to accommodated the babe and stays in his friend’s house. The babe is out of base on a collage tour. Ironically, the she is the sister of his friend. In the additional half, the acquaintance dies in a mishap, which is acquired by Prasanna accidentally. Prasanna, absent to accomplish amends for his fault, takes the albatross of his acquaintance and considers his friend’s sisters as his own sisters. When the babe comes back, she finds a fresh brother, who is declared to be her lover. She was against with Prasanna back she anticipation it was absolutely his accountability until she abstracts out why he has appear to kutralam. Cries, affections takes abode afterwards this adverse thing. What happens to the adulation makes the alluringly conceived and able-bodied accomplished climax. People say it's a appealing accurate blur to watch as a family.


Thangalakshmi (Nadhia) is a affluent business woman active in Bangkok who has planned to ally her babe off to Abhi (Ragini) to addition affluent man's son. But she wishes to conduct the alliance in Kothamangalam, her built-in apple abreast Coimbatore. She wants to booty animus on her ancestors and her brother (Lalu Alex) who she feels was amenable for killing her bedmate a above beneficiary (Nepolean) for not giving permission to run his school.

In her village, some of the gundas try to advance Tahnagalakshmi and her daughter. Help is at duke for her aback Sundar C(Kathir) comes in and saves the day. She anon appoints him to be her daughter's bodyguard, and additionally appoints a claimed abettor Mani (Vivek). The alliance with the Bangkok guy avalanche through due to Kathir and Mani's asinine ideas. In a aberration to the tale, Kathir ties the angelic bond about Abhi's close with the absolution of Thangalakshmi.

After the alliance alone Kathir reveals that he is Kathiresan son of her own brother and she is her murai Maappillai. A bent Thangalakshmi decides to abolish the alliance and go aback to Bangkok with her daughter. She uses Karakattakari Namitha, a glam-shell, to abstracted her babe from Kathir but fails.

At the aforementioned time, Kathiresan challenges her to accelerate Abhi to his abode for 7 days, during which he will argue her of his accurate adulation and win her over. If he fails she can go aback with her mother. The blow of the blur is how Kathiresan wins over Abhi and additionally convinces his mother-in-law.