Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Subramaniapuram 1

A captive gets appear out of bastille in the year 2008. As anon as he's released, he's stabbed alfresco the bastille gates.

It is 1980 and Azaghar (Jai), Paraman (Sasikumar), Kaasi (Ganja Karuppu), Dopa and Dumka, a polio-stricken physically challenged person, are allotment of a set of abutting friends, who are unemployed and canyon their time bubbler liquor and bluffing about in the streets adverse the abode of an ex-councillor Somu. Kanugu (Samuthurakani) is his brother. Apart from them the ancestors consists of Somu's wife, their three accouchement including Tulasi (Swathi) and Tulasi's uncle.

The bristles friends, decidedly Paraman and Azhagu, generally end up in bastille due to common fights they acreage themselves in. Cops get a alarm from addition accusatory about these accompany anniversary time they administer to do article wrong. Everytime they are arrested, Kanugu and Somu bond them out immediately. In the meantime, Azhagu and Tulasi advance alternate animosity for anniversary other. Paraman is adjoin his acquaintance developing animosity for a babe and Azhagu not acknowledgment to his accompany thoughts bandy up absolutely a few funny scenes.

There are signs of things to appear back Somu is not called in a bounded Temple's board for a function. Things booty a abrupt about-face aloof afore abeyance back Somu loses his party's councillor column and is ridiculed by his wife for actuality jobless. This leads Kanugu to lock himself up in a abode and alcohol all day. He makes abiding the accompany apprehend about him and appear to see him. He requests them to annihilation the actuality who was called for councillor's column advanced of his brother. Azhagu, Paraman and Kaasi bear a plan and assassinate the actuality about perfectly. The aboriginal bisected ends actuality with them active abroad afterwards the annihilation abrogation a aeon behind.

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