Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Muniyandi Vilangial Moonramandu

Muniyandi Bharath, a third year academy apprentice and the angel son of Muthumani Ponvannan comes beyond as an boilerplate alert guy.

Matters become colourful aback a affected adolescent daughter, Madumitha Poorna of a bounded bigwig, Ramaiyya gives aboriginal alternative to the associates of his caste. Madumitha makes a backward comedy for all of Muniyandi's friends, but hits it off with him first.

Following a acrimonious battle in the caste-dominated academy elections, the two abatement in love. Or so you think. Also allotment of the mix is Sorimuthu Ayyanar (Vadivelu), who raises some action as the bounded witch-doctor, complete with accretion and saffron bolt regalia.

But aggregate goes chaotic when, already Madumitha's alliance is arranged, she turns about and says that she was never in adulation with Muniyandi in the aboriginal place. Furious, the guy thrashes her with his slippers and sets blaze to her father's attic grove.

It is little things like these that set this cine hardly afar from others in the aforementioned genre; the hero and heroines appear beyond as 18-carat characters, angry, sad and sorrowful.

Madumitha is no artful affecting affair either; she gives aback as acceptable as she gets. But its time for the degree agenda to be played afresh and as Muniyandi discovers the abstruse abaft his brothers death.

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