Saturday, November 14, 2009


Nepali is a Tamil blur featuring Bharath and Meera Jasmine in the advance roles, appear in 2008. Bharath plays three altered roles in the cine produced and directed by V.Z.Durai. The blur has music by Srikanth Deva and was attempt in Ooty, Chennai and Hyderabad. This blur is an afflatus of the Hollywood Blockbuster Pulp Fiction

The cine revolves about Karthik (Bharath), acomputer application architect and professional. He meets Priya (Meera Jasmine) in Ooty. Love blossoms amid them.

As usual, the girl's ancestors protests their affair. Eventually the brace elope and get married. They face agitation in the anatomy of a acquisitive and abandoned badge officer. He lusts for Priya. When he tries to accost her, she kills herself. The accusation avalanche on Karthik.

He kills the badge administrator and goes to jail, area he meets a Nepali amusing artisan (Govind Namdeo), who tries to advice women addled in the workplace. Inspired by the Nepali, Karthik comes out of bastille to abuse those who sexually annoy women at work. He bumps off a computer engineer, a academy assistant and a doctor dressed as a Nepali youth.

DCP Gautham (Prem) takes up the assignment of arise the consecutive murders.

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