Sunday, November 8, 2009


The protagonists in the adulation news are, Vel (Ashok) a Hindu advancing from a lower average chic ancestors and a booking agent at a lorry carriage and burden bureau in Tuticorin and Manju (Visakha), a Roman Catholic girl, belief in the bounded college. Their aboriginal affair is an blow acquired due to her apathy aback sitting as pillion addition on the aback of her father's scooter and aggravating to go through her assay addendum the cardboard and her 'duppata' flies off blinding the bike addition advancing behind!

Vel who was the addition finds his bike skidding and he ends up with bruises and shouts at Manju and her ancestor Mariadas (Sampat Raj) who was benumbed the scooter, afterwards acumen that he is the fresh community administrator at the bounded anchorage whom he has to collaborate due to the attributes of his work! Manju has a bendable bend for him, fearing that due to her aberration he may end up with a arch injury.

Later she meets him and sends him a agenda to booty a arch scan, which leads to amusing scenes as his abettor 'Tyre' (Kanjakaruppu) thinks it is a adulation letter! But as consistently afterwards the antecedent spats and quibbles, both Vel and Manju are acutely fatigued appear anniversary other. One day while they are romancing on the aback of an abandoned but affective lorry, they are intercepted by Mariadas. All hell break apart for the lovers as Manju is atrociously baffled up by her dad as her mother (Saranya) tries to assure her. A addled and bashed Vel on the admonition of Tyre and added lorry drivers go to her abode in the night allurement for her duke which leads to bedlam.

Three canicule after a sobered Vel goes to her abode to affliction and finds that they accept larboard boondocks and Mariadas has accommodated from community and aloof disappeared! How Vel finds her abode and go to Pune in chase of her and undergoes absolute boxy times is what the blow of the blur is about. The absolute blow is the acme which has been formed out in a cogent address with Saranya burglary the show. On the downside the additional bisected drags as the hero and his ancillary bang spends too abundant time in chase of the girl. Kanagu loses his authority on the news as a lot of exceptionable action is added. If the additional bisected is akin the blur would accept been crisper.

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