Sunday, November 22, 2009

Kanchivaram 1

The blur begins with an crumbling man called Vengadam (Prakash Raj) actuality appear from bastille in 1948. He is alone actuality escorted for two canicule (the acumen not revealed) aback to his hometown of Kanchipuram, accepted at that time as Canjeevaram afterwards British rule. He is actuality transported beneath the aegis of two policemen on a bus from Coimbatore to Kanchipuram. As the adventure takes place, Vengadam recalls his accomplished symbolically as several contest that action in the bus (such as sounds) admonish him of his past.

Vengadam is a cottony weaver in the boondocks of Kanchivaram, and has aloof afresh got affiliated (with Shreya Reddy). He had vowed already that he will alone wed a woman cutting a cottony saree, but had to achieve for course as he clumsy to accumulate abundant accumulation to shop for one. It is again appear through his activity affairs that cottony weavers are alone paid a actual low sum 7 rupees for anniversary cottony saree woven. This agency that admitting actuality weavers, they can't afford, nor alike see the cottony saree actuality beat by added people. Vengadam is apparent as a accomplished weaver and best of the lot. Few years bottomward the road, his wife gives bearing to a babyish girl, and according to tradition, the ancestor has to accord the babe a swear by whispering into her ears. He shockingly promises that he will ally her off with a cottony saree, which is met with skepticism by villagers and alike his wife. He after reveals to his wife that he had adored a lot of money over his life, but couldn't save abundant to ally her with a cottony saree, but will be able to garber abundant by the time their babe grows to adulthood age.

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