Sunday, November 22, 2009

Dhaam Dhoom 2

Soon after, Gautham discovers Anna and takes the anticipation to acknowledgment her coat. The two get calm able-bodied and allotment the ways. Meanwhile, Gautham medical appointment takes abode auspiciously and in adjustment to bless its success the accomplished aggregation arch to a club. Gautham bumps into Anna in the night club and they two accept an agreeable time in the club. Anna, due to abundant burning of Liquor, intoxicates and Gautham has no added best than to accompany her to her room. Back the two ability Anna’s accommodation in they achieve bottomward and sleep. Gautham is atrociously abject assimilate the attic by a Russian badge administrator the abutting day morning and the acumen is that Anna is murdered on her sofa.

Consequently, Gautham's bearings changes. He gets abused, accused and is confined by the Russian police. The language, bodies and the ambience are absolutely fresh and ambagious to the hero. Aarthi Chinnappa (Lakshmi Rai) is appointed as a actor advocate to the culprit Gautham. The Indian admiral sends Raghavan Nambiar (Jayaram) to Gautham's rescue. Aarthi avalanche in adulation with Gautham, but suppresses her animosity back she learns about Shenba. Gautham escapes from the badge and is active about St. Petersburg with Aarthi, aggravating to amount out who murdered Anna and why he was bent up in the scandal. Whilst, beat from the police, Gautham gets attempt by the mafia and manages to escape narrowly. Afterwards demography affliction of his wounds, Aarthi and Gautham adjudge to seek bottomward those who accept mislead them. With the closing awful amount actuality appear as Raghavan.

Before a shoot off, Raghavan reveals that Anna was a biologic baron from Chennai to Russia, and by bottomward her coat, consisting of drugs, off at the airport manages to balk actuality caught. Soon afterwards Anna had afflicted her means and was accessible to acquaint the badge about Raghavan's biologic dealing, but afore that happened Raghavan forth with the mafia had dead her off. In the final scene, Raghavan is dead by the badge and Gautham is set chargeless to accumulate with Shenba for their wedding.

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