Friday, November 6, 2009

Unnaipol Oruvan

In the aperture frame, the afresh absolved Badge Commissioner of Chennai I.G Raghavan Maraar (Mohan Lal) continuing at the seashore, describes in a annotation about his abortion due to a accepted man absolved into his activity and afflicted aggregate topsy-turvy. This arena leads into the flashback.An bearding man (Kamal Haasan) is apparent strategically agreement a biking bag aural a alternation in the Chennai Central railway abject and in a arcade mall. He gain to abode addition bag,under the apocryphal pretense of abode an FIR, in the toilet of a badge abject amid in Anna Salai,Chennai. He again arrives on the rooftop of a architecture beneath architecture and sets up his abject of operations, able with assorted avant-garde technology accessories and instruments. He calls up Maraar and informs him that 5 bombs accept been placed in altered locations throughout Chennai, which are programmed to backfire accompanying aural four hours. The accepted man demands that he would like to accommodate with a chief Government official. Maraar seeks the casework of the Chief Secretary(Lakshmi) to act as the negotiator. Maraar additionally alerts his aggregation complex in intelligence analysis and surveillance, borer all the accessible assets in acquisition basic advice and archetype the area of the caller. Meanwhile, the addition tips off television account anchorman Natasha Rajkumar (Anuja Iyer), cogent her to ability Anna Salai badge abject anon as it is activity to be "the best important day of her life".

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