Friday, November 6, 2009

Ninaithale Inikkum

The adolescent college-going Shiva (Prithviraj Sukumaran) is acutely active and enthusiastic. Actuality actual actual abbreviate tempered, he gets calmly affronted by the rich, appreciative Vasu (Karthik Kumar) and his audacious attitude. From glares and snarls to punches and fights, Vasu and Shiva do it all, alike for unreasonable, petty things. It is Shakthi (Shakthi Vasu) who stops their quarrels afore they abuse anniversary added actual badly. As he is friendly, affectionate hearted and air-conditioned headed, Shakthi tries to accompany Shiva and Vasu calm on affable agreement but in vain. Shiva, Shakthi and their affectionate acquaintance Bala break calm through blubbery and attenuate and are consistently accessible to articulation out their angle on account of the hostelites in the college. Shakthi’s ancestor (Bhagyaraj) generally visits his son in the auberge and is like a ancestor to all of Shakthi’s friends. Meera (Priya Mani), the babe of an M.L.A, nurtures a bendable bend for Shiva. She is adventurous abundant to angle up to Shiva and analysis him back he throws accidental tantrums. Shali (Anuja Iyer), Meera’s friend, is a shy aloof Muslim babe from a actual austere ancestors background. She is generally absent with her own thoughts. Karthik (Jeeva) is a absolute show-off who tries to abase Shiva and Shakthi but ends up authoritative a fool of himself.

At the re-union, the accompany are blessed to see anniversary added afterwards eight continued years. But they all assume to be advised bottomward by some adverse incident, Shiva actuality the best black of them all. All goes well, till one of the accompany is begin about deadened to death. If it was suicide, again what fabricated the being booty such a afraid decision? If it was murder, again who is coldblooded abundant to annihilate one’s own friend? These questions are answered by a fast, well-written awning play, which wins the absorption and absorption of the admirers in the absolute two hour active time.

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