Sunday, November 8, 2009


Vazhthugal revolves about Kathiravan, a acknowledged administrator who manages acomputer application company. Kathiravan is an affectionate son and socially amenable too. His aggregation is complex in assorted amusing activities.
When his abutting friend's parents are affected by their daughter-in-law to leave home, Kathrivan decides to ally a babe who will accumulate his parents happy. While watching a television programme he is afflicted by Kayal, a academy apprentice from Coimbatore actuality interviewed on a show.
To a catechism by the interviewer, 'where do you see yourself in addition bristles years?' Kayal abnormal from the accepted clichéd answers replies, "As an ideal wife, mother and daughter-in-law." And during the advance of her talk, she attributes her success to her ample and admiring ancestors consisting of her parents, affectionate grandfather, aunts, uncles and cousins. Kathiravan is afflicted with her attitude and feels that she is the appropriate activity accompaniment for him.
He goes to Coimbatore to woo her. But affair her in her academy does not help. So he takes it as an befalling back he learns that Kayal's grandfathering is on the attending out for an autogenous artist to clean their acceptable home. Posing as an autogenous designer, he undertakes the job acceptable the hearts of Kayal and her ancestors members.
When the ancestors comes to apperceive that the two are in love, abnormally Kayal's grandfathering who believes that all adulation marriages are a failure. However, Kathiravan does not appetite to ally Kayal after her family's acceptance. How he wins their adulation is what Vazhthugal is all about.

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