Sunday, November 8, 2009


Shanmugham (Jeevan) comes to Chennai with his mother in chase of his ancestor (Raj Kapoor). Back they get to the place, they see him active with addition wife. In a hussle, he kills this old wife and sends this boy alfresco to beg. He comes out with asleep mother and an auto disciplinarian (Chandrasekar) helps with all he has to bake the anatomy and gives some money and asks him to go aback to his own city.

Shanmugham capital to apprehend and become a abundant man. But he gets bent with the base badge guys and was acclimated for their jobs (which complex murder). So back he grows up, he becomes a big disorderly by the name of Thotta (bullet). The awful base badge administrator DCP Murugavel (Sampath Kumar) additionally uses him for a lot of encounters for which he takes acclaim and gets answer to abettor level. In one adventure area he is asked to put acerbic on a babe Nalina's (Priyamani) face, he finds that babe to be the auto driver's babe itself in her house. He helps that family, which is in poverty, with lot of ability and additionally loves her.

Nalina's aim is to become a badge administrator and she tells this to Shanmugham. As he has abettor influence, he promises to get her the job. For this he kills a abbot who is a big battling of the arch abbot (Livingston) at the instance of Murugavel. But back Nalina goes to Murugavel for the job, the closing insists that she accept sex with him. Back Shanmugham finds out what happened, he and Murugavel allotment ways.

Shanmugham has a acquaintance Giri, who is additionally a rowdy, but gets him affiliated to a nice babe Gauri (Mallika). She wants to abstracted him from this disorderly accumulation and get settled, for which she tries not to accelerate him for their encounters. Afterwards abundant thought, Shanmugham lets them go separately. But Murugavel kills Giri in an encounter.

Prabhakar (Saranraj), a CBI officer, wants to get Shanmugham alive, admitting Murugavel wants him killed, contrarily he would be in abysmal agitation as he was the one who fabricated Shanmugham a disorderly afterwards all. How Shanmugham overpowers this duo and whether Nalina becomes a badge administrator forms the acme of the story.

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