Sunday, November 22, 2009


Arjun (Vinay) is an IT able who was in London for years, and has now appear bottomward to Chennai to set up his own business. He has a advanced accompany amphitheater like Krishna (Krishna), Gopal (Vivek) and their wives, who accomplish merry. Arjun's aesthetics in activity is to be consistently air-conditioned and never lose one's atmosphere beneath any circumstances. He feels if one has to ability his ambition in activity it is more good to win over your enemies and booty them along.

However Arjun is abashed back he finds that his backward ancestor had addition family, and his bisected sister Brinda (Lekha Washington) is now aggravating to advertise his ancestors abode in Madurai. She needs the money to go to US, as she has got a scholarship at MIT! They lock horns over the acreage and acreage up in Madurai, area a red arctic banker Durai Raj (Nizhalgal Ravi) is blockage in their abode with his babe Annapoorni aka Molaka (Bhavana). Arjun pretends that Poorni is his adolescence sweetheart, wins her over and manages to get her alone from the premise.

There is a disorderly Guna (Kishore) who is a alarm in Madurai and Arjun gets circuitous with him that leads to an blow in which his wife Poonkodi (Vasundhara) gets killed. Now Guna is baying for animus as he follows Arjun to Chennai. The blow of the blur is how Arjun tries to booty the responsibilities as a big brother and wins over Brinda and deals with Guna, who is bent to annihilate him.

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