Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Kuselan 2

In the added allotment of town, Ashok Kumar is accustomed bound security, led by the agent abettor Senthilnathan (Prabhu Ganesan) due to the achievability of misbehaviour amid the army who consistently absorb their time blind out in advanced of every cutting location, acquisitive to get a glimpse of the cool star. Ashok Kumar is apparent cutting for Annamalai: Allotment 2, Chandramukhi: Allotment 2, and Kuselan, forth with his co-star Nayantara (Nayantara), (referring to fabulous sequels of the antecedent Rajinikanth films, Annamalai and Chandramukhi). Balakrishnan tries to accommodated up with his adolescence friend, about he is never able to accomplish it to him through the ample crowd. Shanmugham additionally tries every accessible way to accommodated with the cool brilliant so that he can get a photo with him, but humorously fails.

Later on, the headmistress of the bounded abbey academy (Geetha) visits Balakrishnan and asks him if he could get Ashok Kumar to appear their school's accessible anniversary function. Balakrishnan hesitates at aboriginal but after agrees to do so. Balakrishnan continues to attack to accost the superstar, about with no success. On the added hand, Shanmugham assuredly avalanche into Ashok Kumar's backyard by blow and, and to his absolute surprise, gets the adventitious to allege with the celebrity.

Days canyon by and the agents and parents of the academy accuse to Balakrishnan about agreeable the cool brilliant during their parents meeting. Balakrishnan, again, agrees to accost the actor, but goes after accomplishing so. The headmistress after decides that it is alone more good if she herself invites the superstar. She visits the cool star, forth with two added academy secretaries, which includes Mr. Srinivasan (R. Sundararajan), who arrogantly questions the cool brilliant about his films and his claimed decisions. (Scene provides answers to arguable accountable affairs apropos Rajinikanth). Despite the affliction accustomed from Srinivasan, Ashok Kumar accepts their allurement to the action and agrees to attend, as continued as Srinivasan wasn't around.

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