Sunday, November 8, 2009

Indiralohathil Na Azhagappan

Azhagappan (Vadivelu) is a affiliate of a theatre group. One accomplished day an absurd company from the blast stumbles aloft him and about avalanche for him. The admirable leash of the heaven – Ramba, Thilothama, and Urvashi – comes to the apple to get pleasure its “beauty”. While the others get aback to area they accord to at the appropriate time, Ramba (plays by Suja) loses her clue and gets into trouble. Vadivelu accidentally helps her to go aback to the heaven. She gets him to the heaven during the night and sends him aback to the apple aboriginal in the morning.

Frequenting to the heaven and the hell gives Azhagappan an abstraction of what is accident in the added world. He is not austere about his attenuate befalling to see the Devendran (king of all deities – played by Vadivelu) and the deities but the afterlife of a adjoining adolescent changes everything. He takes affair actively and wants to advise a assignment to the celestial of afterlife (Yama Dharma Raja – played by Vadivelu again).

Vexed with the afterlife and the means animal beings are advised with in the hell, Azhagappan decides to alter with the action of activity and death. He wants to alter with the laws of the gods. The gods get affronted and Azhagappan pays the price. Comedy turns into tragedy, as he is adapted into a 90 year old whom alike his mother (Sumithra) cannot admit and Rambha is accursed to become a amorphous soul. Naradha (Nasser), as usual, makes apology to accompany up the climax. Devendran seeks Brihaspathi's admonition and a way to abate both Azhagappan and Rambha from their blame is born. How this happens alike admitting Yama tries his best to stop it from accident forms the blow of the climax.

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