Friday, November 6, 2009


Thara is now apprehensive but Murugan informs her in abstruse that he is in actuality the judge's delinquent son Madhavan who ran abroad from home aback he was alone ten years old. Thara anon informs all the associates of the domiciliary except the adjudicator that Murugan is Madhavan, although in clandestine Muruguan tells Bannerjee that he was alone badinage and that he is not Madhavan.
However on Thara's birthday, Aadhavan shows that he is absolutely Madhavan, aback in a anamnesis it is apparent that a adolescent Madhavan agitated a allowance for Thara area a bomb had been buried by Madhavan's friend's mother as an act of revenge. Madhavan's ancestor had put her bedmate in jail. Though Thara survives, her mother (Anu Hassan) opens the box and gets dead forth with her bedmate in the bomb explosion. Madhavan runs abroad from home afterwards burglary a gun from the police, accidentally cutting his ancestor and killing his friend's mother who buried the bomb in the toy.
Meanwhile, Abdul Kulkarny is fed up with the attempts of Aadhavan and Ibrahim Rowther and decides to comedy his cards in addition way. He persuades Ibrahim and his assemblage to abandonment to the badge and accomplish a acknowledgment apropos Aadhavan. Aback Badge ACP (Riaz Khan) confronts Aadhavan and is about to accept him hauled off, Aadhavan takes the adjudicator and Thara hostage. He again asks Thara to accompany the laptop and the anamnesis stick area the absolute advice about the culprits complex in the adolescent kidnappings and annihilation case are stored. Meanwhile, the badge abettor arrives to acknowledge a added artifice twist: Aadhavan is absolutely absolutely Madhavan, the judge's delinquent son. The badge had bent him aback he was authoritative his escape afterwards his attack to annihilate the adjudicator had failed. It was again that he fabricated his acknowledgment of actuality the judge's son. The badge asked him to go aback to the abode to assure his ancestor over a twenty four hour aeon everyday.
This advice is relayed to the adjudicator who is tearfully beholden to his son. Meanwhile, Abdul Kulkarny attacks the agent in which the Judge, his son and Thara are traveling and a action ensues area Kulkarny is ultimately killed.

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