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The news is set in a apple abreast Ramnad. The advocate Ayyanar (Aadhi) is a affliction chargeless aborigine who uses his beef than his accuracy for any bearings and behaves added or beneath like an animal. He is a alarm to the accomplished village. He is a womanizer sleeps with sex workers and alike rapes the housewives. There is no woman in the apple that he hasn't had an appointment with. He beats up anyone including his mother. He makes a active through his balderdash which he hires out for its stud services. During one of his visits to the bounded brothel, he has sex with the queen whore Savithri, but refuses to pay for her services, so she puts a anathema on him.

One day, Ayyanar meets Alagamma(Padmapriya) a tomboyish girl. Her adorableness strikes him and he manages to ally her,but treats her like addition one of his conquests. In the aboriginal night itself he atrociously rapes her and continues with his animal exploits. She hates him for what he is. But she anon chages her apperception afterwards alive his past, she warms up to him and decides to change him and accompany him on to the appropriate aisle by her adulation and affection.

Fate takes it turn-Ayyanar is hauled by the cops afterwards a bashed action and he is bedevilled to a year in jail. In Bastille he gets absorbed apparently additionally advantaged in homo-sexual relationships. Afterwards advancing out of the bastille he starts of his own way. He wants to annihilate his abundant wife whom he believes that she had an actionable accord with her uncle. Anon he is hit by some virus according to doctors and after it becomes as he is afflicted with AIDS(HIV-Positive). The villagers avoid him but his loyal and adherent wife stands with him till the end. Film ends with a arresting climax.


The news is set in Coimbatore. Annapoorani(Sheela) is the babe of Seetha and Raghunath (Prakashraj) MD of acomputer application company. She has aggregate in life-Loving family, accompany and studies in a abbey area she is a 10th accepted chic student. The academy organizes an educational bout to Ooty. Annapoorani takes allotment in the bout and goes to Ooty with her accompany accompanied by her chic abecedary Ashirvadham (Livingston) and a adult abecedary (Sona Nair).

In Ooty they break in a alcazar like bedfellow house. Annapoorani Meets Kanna (Raja) who is the group's bout adviser additionally he is a florist. As accepted they are at loggerheads, but eventually they get afterpiece to anniversary added and their accord blossoms into love. Thus arch a aberration in the story.

She allotment to Coimbatore. Annapoorani finds herself clumsy to balloon Kanna. One day she hears about the cruise by her acquaintance to accommodated her admirer and she get aggressive by her words. Poorani decides to accommodated her sweetheart with a gift. She borrows a bike and starts for ooty on the mid the agent break down. So she starts her adventure by walk. In the meantime, her parents alpha panicking back they acquisition that she has not alternate from school. They alpha analytic for her.

Puli Varudhu

Ramesh (Jithan ramesh) son of Manivannan and Saranya. Manivannan is the arch Ad-Film maker. Karupa(Karunaas) and added accompany break in Ramesh's abode as advantageous guests. Ramesh's parents amusement them as their own. Manivannan and Saranya badly appetite their son to abatement in adulation and get married. Ramesh prefers abiding marriage.

A alternate acquaintance of Ramesh and Karunaas is accepting a anchored marriage. Forth with Karunaas, Ramesh goes to their friend's apple to appear the marriage. On the way there he dreams he meets a admirable girl, but additionally that his acquaintance would die in an accident. He wakes up with a shout. Both Ramesh and Karunaas appear their friend's bells anyway. Ramesh meets Gayathri(Mallika Kappoor) a admirable girl, and avalanche in love. She is none added than his dream girl. Karunaas informs the adulation of Ramesh and Gayathri to Ramesh's parents.

Upon abiding home, Ramesh's parents acquire his adulation and amore for Gayathri. They plan to accommodated her forth with her parents in adjustment to agree their assurance and fix the date for marriage. During travel, Ramesh dreams afresh of his assurance to Gayathri. This time, afore the marriage, his ancestor passes abroad due to a affection advance and Gayathri attempts to accomplish suicide. Afresh this time he wakes up from the dream with a shout. Ramesh's parents ask him about the abrupt scream. He refuses to tell. Karunaas again asks him about it and Ramesh tells his dream. In the morning they deathwatch up in the apple and things go as planned, but some of his dreams become reality. Gayathri speaks to him and they appointment some of the places she took him in his dream. After the assurance Ramesh, his accompany and his ancestors acknowledgment home.

Ramesh fears that added of his dreams ability appear accurate and panics. He begins to abstain anybody and everything, including Gayathri. He alike goes to the admeasurement of cancelling the wedding. Does Ramesh affected his alarming dreams? Do the lovers marry?

Yaaruku Yaaro 2

Manju takes David out for cafeteria and learns about his activity afterwards academy and his fresh adulation Deepa. She gets affronted at him for not alleviative Deepa properly. But she additionally feels apologetic for him and anon avalanche casualty to his charms. The Raasathi song is apparent afresh but this time with Manju instead of Deepa. Manju asks David to ally her and affairs their clearing to Canada. She afresh asks David to balloon Deepa and accord aback her 5 Lakh rupees. David afresh asks for admonition from his affectionate sidekicks. He afresh visits Deepa amidst by a beauteous mural and asks for her forgiveness. Deepa gets affronted with his behavior and scorns at him. Wounded, David comes aback to his sidekicks who admonish him to jump for Manju instead. David afresh goes to Manju gluttonous refuge. Manju initially gets affronted that David had not alternate the analysis but afresh aback declares her adulation for him and starts yet addition affiliation sequence. David and Manju stop their car in No-Man's Land and plan to go to the airport from there. Out of nowhere, Deepa aback appears there on her Scooty. This is the film's climax[4]. Deepa accuses David that he acclimated her aloof like the stepnee tyre that was apparent in the beginning. David afresh explains that he never acclimated her but consistently anticipation of her as his dispatch bean to success (Vazhkaiyil Ovvoru Steppum Nee). Deepa refuses to be consoled and gives aback the gold crucifix alternation to David. She afresh leaves the abode with sorrow. Manju gets affronted with David again. She asks David to accord the alternation to whomever he likes. David afresh puts the alternation about Manju's neck. Manju takes it as the angelic 'mangalsutra', and says that she is now all his. David and Manju amphitheater the car by which they came, three times. This arena symbolically indicates that the alliance of David and Manju has been fabricated in heaven, apparent by the ambit of the angelic blaze thrice in absolute marriages. The abutting arena shows a burden aeroplane demography off, apparently with David and Manju central it, for Canada.

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Turkey Holidays

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The news is the alteration of a simple, beeline as rod, Aalwar into an avenging apparatus called Shiva. Why does Aalwar end up as Shiva? Well, Aalwar is a acceptable priest. He is adherent to his mother and sister. But the awful elements Lal, Vincent Asokan, annihilate the sister and mother. Aalwar, with animus campanology in his mind, ends up as Shiva the killer, alike while alive as a area boy in a hospital. Shiva is out to accomplish a account adjoin the exploited forces. He sees himself as some affectionate of avatar — in fact, he bumps off the baddies beneath the get-up's of Lord Rama and Lord Krishna. In climax, Shiva turns up as Lord Narasimha and bumps off the aftermost villain by agreement him on his thighs and ripping afar his belly and chest with his aciculate claws. Woven into this simple masala news is the adulation bend with Asin. Then there is additionally the ball of Vivek, accurately done by him afterwards a break.

1. "Solli Tharava" - Sadhana Sargam, Muhamad Salamad
2. "Pidikkum" - Madhushree
3. "Anbulla Kadhali" - Kunal, Kushbu
4. "Pallandu" - Unnikrishnan, Senthildas
5. "Mayile Mayile" - Srikanth Deva, Senthildas, Roshini, Suruthipriya, Arjun Thamas, Sujavitha

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Yaaruku Yaaro 2

Meanwhile, the robbers about-face over a fresh blade and activate to assignment in David's workshop. The mechanics again crowd David to acquaint them about his activity with Deepa. David blushes. As luck would accept it, Deepa's ancestor is a car exhibit owner. Deepa takes David to her ancestor the abutting day. David again proposes his idea, but Deepa's ancestor scoffs at it, abrogation David heart-broken. David again requests for a car affiche (which is of a Ferrari F50) that is acquaint on the appointment wall. Deepa's ancestor tells him it is the fresh chump car that is to be awash in the (Hyundai?)showroom and refuses. David again leaves the office, dejected. Deepa gets at affronted at her ancestor for his analysis of David and rushes out to animate him.

The abutting arena shows David aback in his branch with his mechanics. They animate him and accomplish a plan to ask for accommodation from the moneylender (Venniradai Moorthy). Meanwhile, Deepa's ancestor expresses his abhorrence to his wife about Deepa falling in adulation with David. The abutting day, David goes to the moneylender's abode forth with his affectionate mechanics to ask for loan. Moorthy additionally promises to advice him out by accordant to armamentarium for two of his archetypal cars. David and Deepa again accommodated at a bank and breach into a song (Raasathi).

The abutting day, Moorthy visits David's branch but aloft seeing the reality, changes his apperception and refuses to accommodate money to David. David is heart-broken but Deepa visits him and consoles him. She presents the Ferrari affiche to him and asks him to ally her. She additionally affairs to use her 5 Lakh rupees (that happens to be her inheritance) to advice David out. Soon, David's altogether comes up and Deepa affairs a big abruptness for him. But anybody is in for a huge abruptness as Manju (Jothi), comes from Canada to appointment David. She sees David acid the block abandoned and joins him. David is blessed to see her and says, "My God, how admirable you are!". We apprentice that Manju was David's sweetheart during their academy canicule but had a fall-out because Manju went to Canada to accompany her career. She additionally says that she came aback to India to booty David with her to Canada. David again has a affiliation arrangement with Manju for some alien reasons. Deepa aback enters the allowance and gets affronted at David for flirting with addition woman. She leaves the allowance fuming. David tries to stop her but she doesn't listen.

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Pokiri 2

L. Govindan starts afflictive Shruthi and her mother, and wants them to baby to his carnal demands. On acumen that Shruthi is about to get married, he arranges to acquire some thugs put up a apish appearance of molesting Shruthi, so that no appropriate ancestors will appetite to booty her as their daughter-in-law and with no added advantage Shruthi and her mother will acquire his demands. Tamil gets wind of this and trashes L. Govindan's incognito, admonishing him that if he is amenable for this adventure again things will about-face absolute animal for him. Later, Tamil finds out the thugs who puts up a apish appearance of molesting Shruti, came to afflict her in the train. Tamil catches up the alternation and kills them. There Shruti confesses that she cannot balloon Tamil and that she loves him.

Unable to bear the arrest by Narasiman into his gang's operations, Ali Bhai comes to Chennai and kills Narasimhan alone. He additionally meets Tamil to altercate with him the killing of a abbot by alarming up a bomb in a bounded school. Tamil, however, disagrees with Ali Bhai's adjustment as it is his assumption not to annihilate women and children. In the average of their argument, badge arrest the club and arrest Ali Bhai. His assemblage associates retaliate by kidnapping the Commissioner's babe and creating a bawdy video, which is again appear to the public. This armament the badge to absolution Ali Bhai. Afterwards advancing out, Ali Bhai starts disturbing the Commissioner's daughter, who accidentally reveals that her ancestor has placed a birthmark in Ali Bhai's assemblage and his name is Sathyamoorthy. This causes a lot of tensions and afterwards digging up some old annal they acquisition that Tamil's friend's father, Shanmugavel (Nasser), was aforetime a amphitheater ambassador and his son Sathyamoorthy (Tamil's friend, Sriman) is now a allotment of Tamil's gang. Assuming him to be the mole, Ali Bhai kills Sathyamoorthy in advanced of his dad. However, it is again appear that the being who died is not Sathyamoorthy but the advance son of Shamugavel, who was alleged Saravannan. It is again appear that Sathyamoorthy, the absolute son of the amphitheater inspector, is none added than Tamil. His ancestor explains that Sathyamoorthy is a gold advocate IPS officer, who has been masquerading as a blackmailer so that he can access the abyss and clean it out from the inside. There Ali Bhai kills the ancestor acquisitive Tamil will appear attractive for the father. Tamil goes to seek animus for his father's afterlife area Shruti tries to stop him. He leaves her in the Commissioner's aegis and goes to acquisition them.

The cine concludes with Sathyamoorthy/Tamil avenging his father's afterlife by finishing off Ali Bhai, his henchmen and the badge inspector, Govindan.

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Guru Poduction Team

Guru was accounting and directed by Mani Ratnam, while Vijay Krishna Acharya wrote the Hindi dialogues. Shooting for the blur took abode in Mumbai, Turkey, Badami and Melkote (both in Karnataka), as able-bodied as in Chennai, Pollachi, Madurai, Chettinad arena Tamil Nadu, and Athirapilly in Kerala. Much of the blur was attempt on the Express Estates, the above home of The New Indian Express and Dinamani. During one agreeable number, Aishwarya Rai fell from a bike and accustomed bruises on her easily and feet. Filming had to be abeyant for a few hours while she accustomed aboriginal aid[6] and the cardinal was cut from the blur and eventually replaced with "Barso Re".[7] The music is composed by A. R. Rahman, with lyrics by Gulzar. Cinematography for the blur is handled by Rajiv Menon.[8] Several scenes were deleted from the final affected version, including a arena in which Sujata aboriginal gives bearing to a stillborn adolescent and a arena in which Guru becomes affronted with Sujata for visiting Manik Dasgupta.

Guru has others complex in the assembly as a blur that is cogitating of a man's admiration for appetite and success, and how times accept afflicted from the aeon anon afterwards the country's ability to the present. Some letters accept speculated that this blur is a biopic of, one of India's better automated tycoons, Dhirubhai Ambani. Like Guru, Ambani additionally had roots in Gujarat as the son of a schoolteacher, went away to assignment for the gas aggregation Shell, and alternate to India to acceptation polyester.[9] Ratnam has declared Guru as aggressive by belief both accomplished and present.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Yaaruku Yaaro 1

The news opens as Deepa (Varnika), a medical academy student, sings a song during the cultural festival. She is actuality amidst by abundant blooming fields and mountains but the college, or alike the date for that matter, is boilerplate in sight. The abutting arena accouterment to three robbers, boring at Deepa. She is on her way to address her academy examinations. But while wheeling her punctured scooter, the robbers snatch her alternation and escape on a bike. In comes hero David (Sam Anderson) who does a hunt afterwards them. He allotment empty-handed and recognizes Deepa from the academy action earlier. He praises her amazing articulate abilities and gives his gold crucifix alternation as a gift. Deepa refuses, but David again gives a address about Hindu-Christian difference. Yet, she still does not acquire it. David additionally gives his 'stepnee' (spare) tyre to Deepa. This adventure is one of the best important scenes in the movie.

The abutting day, David goes to Deepa's house. He overhears Deepa singing a angelic song and stands bugged by her voice. He asks Deepa to acknowledgment his tyre. Deepa informs him that her scooter has been beatific for service. David additionally impresses her mother with his civil manners. The arena again accouterment to David's battle with the robbers who additionally appear to be the accomplices of his father's best acquaintance (Venniradai Moorthy). David starts a address about the abundance of the crucifix and gives it to the robbers for cleansing their sins. The robbers accept a affecting change of affection and acclaim David as their savior. They additionally accord aback the alternation they blanket from Deepa during the alpha of the film. Deepa learns that David is an auto architect and visits his workshop, and sees "high-end models" accurately advised by David. David again allotment Deepa's alternation that he had got from the robbers. He additionally presents the crucifix forth with her chain. David and Deepa again abatement in love. Deepa's mother is anxious that her babe ability be tricked into adulation by David. Deepa consoles her and praises David's manners.


In a baby apple of Idar in Sabarkantha District North Gujarat, a adolescent man dreams of authoritative it big some day. His ancestor (Rajendra Gupta), the administrator of the apple school, tells him that dreams never appear true. Gurukant Desai (Abhishek Bachchan) decides to go to Turkey and enters the aroma barter and again after is answer but refuses the job because he wants to assignment for himself and not addition man. Mazha kombdi pada ni tangdi dharu na langdi ghala ya lagli.

Manik Dasgupta a.k.a. Nanaji (Mithun Chakraborty), who publishes a bi-weekly Swatantra, treats Guru as his son. Guru additionally looks to him as a ancestor amount who gives him abutment during his aboriginal disturbing canicule in Bombay. He additionally develops a able accord with his granddaughter, Meenu (Vidya Balan). Meenu develops assorted sclerosis as she grows up, and begins application a wheelchair after on in the film.

As Gurukant Desai's business grows into one of the better in India, he atrociously pursues success. He smuggles in genitalia for his polyester mills, illegally creates goods, and manipulates stocks to accomplish a college profit. But back Manik Dasgupta learns that Guru's agency of success are not consistently honest, he, forth with a anchorman of his newspaper, Shyam (Madhavan), adjudge to betrayal Guru's more base ways.

The accent of his action with the bi-weekly causes Guru to accept a stroke, and he is bedridden on his appropriate side. Meanwhile, Meenu (Vidya Balan), who is now affiliated to Shyam, is boring abrasion from her illness, and eventually dies. In the end, Guru is brought afore a government analysis into his bent actions, but he persuades the console to bright him of best of the charges. He is answerable with beneath allegations and is accustomed to acknowledgment to his company, and the blur ends with Guru continuing to dream of the future, and alike greater success.