Sunday, April 4, 2010

Yaaruku Yaaro 2

Meanwhile, the robbers about-face over a fresh blade and activate to assignment in David's workshop. The mechanics again crowd David to acquaint them about his activity with Deepa. David blushes. As luck would accept it, Deepa's ancestor is a car exhibit owner. Deepa takes David to her ancestor the abutting day. David again proposes his idea, but Deepa's ancestor scoffs at it, abrogation David heart-broken. David again requests for a car affiche (which is of a Ferrari F50) that is acquaint on the appointment wall. Deepa's ancestor tells him it is the fresh chump car that is to be awash in the (Hyundai?)showroom and refuses. David again leaves the office, dejected. Deepa gets at affronted at her ancestor for his analysis of David and rushes out to animate him.

The abutting arena shows David aback in his branch with his mechanics. They animate him and accomplish a plan to ask for accommodation from the moneylender (Venniradai Moorthy). Meanwhile, Deepa's ancestor expresses his abhorrence to his wife about Deepa falling in adulation with David. The abutting day, David goes to the moneylender's abode forth with his affectionate mechanics to ask for loan. Moorthy additionally promises to advice him out by accordant to armamentarium for two of his archetypal cars. David and Deepa again accommodated at a bank and breach into a song (Raasathi).

The abutting day, Moorthy visits David's branch but aloft seeing the reality, changes his apperception and refuses to accommodate money to David. David is heart-broken but Deepa visits him and consoles him. She presents the Ferrari affiche to him and asks him to ally her. She additionally affairs to use her 5 Lakh rupees (that happens to be her inheritance) to advice David out. Soon, David's altogether comes up and Deepa affairs a big abruptness for him. But anybody is in for a huge abruptness as Manju (Jothi), comes from Canada to appointment David. She sees David acid the block abandoned and joins him. David is blessed to see her and says, "My God, how admirable you are!". We apprentice that Manju was David's sweetheart during their academy canicule but had a fall-out because Manju went to Canada to accompany her career. She additionally says that she came aback to India to booty David with her to Canada. David again has a affiliation arrangement with Manju for some alien reasons. Deepa aback enters the allowance and gets affronted at David for flirting with addition woman. She leaves the allowance fuming. David tries to stop her but she doesn't listen.

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