Monday, April 12, 2010


The news is set in Coimbatore. Annapoorani(Sheela) is the babe of Seetha and Raghunath (Prakashraj) MD of acomputer application company. She has aggregate in life-Loving family, accompany and studies in a abbey area she is a 10th accepted chic student. The academy organizes an educational bout to Ooty. Annapoorani takes allotment in the bout and goes to Ooty with her accompany accompanied by her chic abecedary Ashirvadham (Livingston) and a adult abecedary (Sona Nair).

In Ooty they break in a alcazar like bedfellow house. Annapoorani Meets Kanna (Raja) who is the group's bout adviser additionally he is a florist. As accepted they are at loggerheads, but eventually they get afterpiece to anniversary added and their accord blossoms into love. Thus arch a aberration in the story.

She allotment to Coimbatore. Annapoorani finds herself clumsy to balloon Kanna. One day she hears about the cruise by her acquaintance to accommodated her admirer and she get aggressive by her words. Poorani decides to accommodated her sweetheart with a gift. She borrows a bike and starts for ooty on the mid the agent break down. So she starts her adventure by walk. In the meantime, her parents alpha panicking back they acquisition that she has not alternate from school. They alpha analytic for her.

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