Monday, April 12, 2010

Yaaruku Yaaro 2

Manju takes David out for cafeteria and learns about his activity afterwards academy and his fresh adulation Deepa. She gets affronted at him for not alleviative Deepa properly. But she additionally feels apologetic for him and anon avalanche casualty to his charms. The Raasathi song is apparent afresh but this time with Manju instead of Deepa. Manju asks David to ally her and affairs their clearing to Canada. She afresh asks David to balloon Deepa and accord aback her 5 Lakh rupees. David afresh asks for admonition from his affectionate sidekicks. He afresh visits Deepa amidst by a beauteous mural and asks for her forgiveness. Deepa gets affronted with his behavior and scorns at him. Wounded, David comes aback to his sidekicks who admonish him to jump for Manju instead. David afresh goes to Manju gluttonous refuge. Manju initially gets affronted that David had not alternate the analysis but afresh aback declares her adulation for him and starts yet addition affiliation sequence. David and Manju stop their car in No-Man's Land and plan to go to the airport from there. Out of nowhere, Deepa aback appears there on her Scooty. This is the film's climax[4]. Deepa accuses David that he acclimated her aloof like the stepnee tyre that was apparent in the beginning. David afresh explains that he never acclimated her but consistently anticipation of her as his dispatch bean to success (Vazhkaiyil Ovvoru Steppum Nee). Deepa refuses to be consoled and gives aback the gold crucifix alternation to David. She afresh leaves the abode with sorrow. Manju gets affronted with David again. She asks David to accord the alternation to whomever he likes. David afresh puts the alternation about Manju's neck. Manju takes it as the angelic 'mangalsutra', and says that she is now all his. David and Manju amphitheater the car by which they came, three times. This arena symbolically indicates that the alliance of David and Manju has been fabricated in heaven, apparent by the ambit of the angelic blaze thrice in absolute marriages. The abutting arena shows a burden aeroplane demography off, apparently with David and Manju central it, for Canada.

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