Sunday, April 4, 2010

Pokiri 2

L. Govindan starts afflictive Shruthi and her mother, and wants them to baby to his carnal demands. On acumen that Shruthi is about to get married, he arranges to acquire some thugs put up a apish appearance of molesting Shruthi, so that no appropriate ancestors will appetite to booty her as their daughter-in-law and with no added advantage Shruthi and her mother will acquire his demands. Tamil gets wind of this and trashes L. Govindan's incognito, admonishing him that if he is amenable for this adventure again things will about-face absolute animal for him. Later, Tamil finds out the thugs who puts up a apish appearance of molesting Shruti, came to afflict her in the train. Tamil catches up the alternation and kills them. There Shruti confesses that she cannot balloon Tamil and that she loves him.

Unable to bear the arrest by Narasiman into his gang's operations, Ali Bhai comes to Chennai and kills Narasimhan alone. He additionally meets Tamil to altercate with him the killing of a abbot by alarming up a bomb in a bounded school. Tamil, however, disagrees with Ali Bhai's adjustment as it is his assumption not to annihilate women and children. In the average of their argument, badge arrest the club and arrest Ali Bhai. His assemblage associates retaliate by kidnapping the Commissioner's babe and creating a bawdy video, which is again appear to the public. This armament the badge to absolution Ali Bhai. Afterwards advancing out, Ali Bhai starts disturbing the Commissioner's daughter, who accidentally reveals that her ancestor has placed a birthmark in Ali Bhai's assemblage and his name is Sathyamoorthy. This causes a lot of tensions and afterwards digging up some old annal they acquisition that Tamil's friend's father, Shanmugavel (Nasser), was aforetime a amphitheater ambassador and his son Sathyamoorthy (Tamil's friend, Sriman) is now a allotment of Tamil's gang. Assuming him to be the mole, Ali Bhai kills Sathyamoorthy in advanced of his dad. However, it is again appear that the being who died is not Sathyamoorthy but the advance son of Shamugavel, who was alleged Saravannan. It is again appear that Sathyamoorthy, the absolute son of the amphitheater inspector, is none added than Tamil. His ancestor explains that Sathyamoorthy is a gold advocate IPS officer, who has been masquerading as a blackmailer so that he can access the abyss and clean it out from the inside. There Ali Bhai kills the ancestor acquisitive Tamil will appear attractive for the father. Tamil goes to seek animus for his father's afterlife area Shruti tries to stop him. He leaves her in the Commissioner's aegis and goes to acquisition them.

The cine concludes with Sathyamoorthy/Tamil avenging his father's afterlife by finishing off Ali Bhai, his henchmen and the badge inspector, Govindan.

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