Thursday, April 1, 2010

Yaaruku Yaaro 1

The news opens as Deepa (Varnika), a medical academy student, sings a song during the cultural festival. She is actuality amidst by abundant blooming fields and mountains but the college, or alike the date for that matter, is boilerplate in sight. The abutting arena accouterment to three robbers, boring at Deepa. She is on her way to address her academy examinations. But while wheeling her punctured scooter, the robbers snatch her alternation and escape on a bike. In comes hero David (Sam Anderson) who does a hunt afterwards them. He allotment empty-handed and recognizes Deepa from the academy action earlier. He praises her amazing articulate abilities and gives his gold crucifix alternation as a gift. Deepa refuses, but David again gives a address about Hindu-Christian difference. Yet, she still does not acquire it. David additionally gives his 'stepnee' (spare) tyre to Deepa. This adventure is one of the best important scenes in the movie.

The abutting day, David goes to Deepa's house. He overhears Deepa singing a angelic song and stands bugged by her voice. He asks Deepa to acknowledgment his tyre. Deepa informs him that her scooter has been beatific for service. David additionally impresses her mother with his civil manners. The arena again accouterment to David's battle with the robbers who additionally appear to be the accomplices of his father's best acquaintance (Venniradai Moorthy). David starts a address about the abundance of the crucifix and gives it to the robbers for cleansing their sins. The robbers accept a affecting change of affection and acclaim David as their savior. They additionally accord aback the alternation they blanket from Deepa during the alpha of the film. Deepa learns that David is an auto architect and visits his workshop, and sees "high-end models" accurately advised by David. David again allotment Deepa's alternation that he had got from the robbers. He additionally presents the crucifix forth with her chain. David and Deepa again abatement in love. Deepa's mother is anxious that her babe ability be tricked into adulation by David. Deepa consoles her and praises David's manners.

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