Monday, April 12, 2010

Puli Varudhu

Ramesh (Jithan ramesh) son of Manivannan and Saranya. Manivannan is the arch Ad-Film maker. Karupa(Karunaas) and added accompany break in Ramesh's abode as advantageous guests. Ramesh's parents amusement them as their own. Manivannan and Saranya badly appetite their son to abatement in adulation and get married. Ramesh prefers abiding marriage.

A alternate acquaintance of Ramesh and Karunaas is accepting a anchored marriage. Forth with Karunaas, Ramesh goes to their friend's apple to appear the marriage. On the way there he dreams he meets a admirable girl, but additionally that his acquaintance would die in an accident. He wakes up with a shout. Both Ramesh and Karunaas appear their friend's bells anyway. Ramesh meets Gayathri(Mallika Kappoor) a admirable girl, and avalanche in love. She is none added than his dream girl. Karunaas informs the adulation of Ramesh and Gayathri to Ramesh's parents.

Upon abiding home, Ramesh's parents acquire his adulation and amore for Gayathri. They plan to accommodated her forth with her parents in adjustment to agree their assurance and fix the date for marriage. During travel, Ramesh dreams afresh of his assurance to Gayathri. This time, afore the marriage, his ancestor passes abroad due to a affection advance and Gayathri attempts to accomplish suicide. Afresh this time he wakes up from the dream with a shout. Ramesh's parents ask him about the abrupt scream. He refuses to tell. Karunaas again asks him about it and Ramesh tells his dream. In the morning they deathwatch up in the apple and things go as planned, but some of his dreams become reality. Gayathri speaks to him and they appointment some of the places she took him in his dream. After the assurance Ramesh, his accompany and his ancestors acknowledgment home.

Ramesh fears that added of his dreams ability appear accurate and panics. He begins to abstain anybody and everything, including Gayathri. He alike goes to the admeasurement of cancelling the wedding. Does Ramesh affected his alarming dreams? Do the lovers marry?

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