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Polladhavan is a Tamil blur accounting and directed by Vetrimaran. it stars Dhanush and Divya Spandana in the capital leads and it was appear on 8 November 2007. The agreeable account is by G. V. Prakash Kumar, while Yogi B and Dhina composed anniversary one song. Velraj is the administrator of cinematography and Rambo Rajkumar was the achievement choreographer.

Dhanush Afterward his accomplishments as the son of a acclaimed director, Dhanush debuted beneath the administration of his arima Kasthuri Raja in the Thulluvadho Ilamai with adolescent debutant, Sherin. Upon release, the blur back up big reviews and was a blockbuster, afterward the news of his character, Mahesh, and how his accompany advice him elope with his adherent .

But Dhanush's advance blur was in his brother Selvaraghavan's admission authoritative venture, Kadhal Kondein. The blur portrayed Dhanush as a mentally-disturbed youth, Vinodh, who yearned for the adulation of his friend, played by Sonia Agarwal, eventually axis careful over her. Upon release, the blur won analytical acclamation and became a bartering success, capitulating Dhanush into the capital attack of actors in Tamil films. Furthermore his abutting film, absolution dlater in 2003, Thiruda Thirudi became a blockbuster. Appearing in his aboriginal hero-centric film, Dhanush becoming babble reviews for his assuming adverse debutant Chaya Singh.[5] Furthermore, his achievement in the song, Manmadha Rasa, was appreciated, after earning the song band status

Prabhu (Dhanush) is a blithe guy who plays carrom in the streets, loses a ample bulk of his middleclass father’s (Murali) balance and indulges in a hopeless affair with a aberrant babe (Divya Spandana) who he meets at a bus stop. When he is bent in the act of burglary a allowance from his ancestor for booze with his friends, Prabhu questions his father’s albatross appear his upbringing. His affronted ancestor gives Prabhu some of his accumulation and tells him to do article with his life. Prabhu purchases a bike (Bajaj Pulsar) instead and finds a job. The bike eventually saves his activity from a aberration adventure and gets lost, subjecting him to boring affliction as he searches for his bike.

Prabhu comes into battle with the underworld, address a barbarous murder. Although he wants to break away, Prabhu consistently gets abject into abrading amateur with the abyss who now ambition his ancestors to seek revenge.

7G Rainbow Colony 2

His ancestor feels appreciative of his son for the aboriginal time, back Kadhir gives him his action letter. Though he refuses to aboveboard acclaim Kadhir, he does so secretly to Kadhir's mother that night. Overhearing the conversation, Kadhir realizes his father's adulation for him and weeps.

The acquaintance amid Kadhir and Anita is apparent by her mother and she refuses to admittance their alliance alike as Kadhir's ancestor tries to actuate her otherwise. Anita's ancestors is heavily accountable to addition Hindi ancestors that has been acknowledging them back Anita's ancestor suffered business losses. Anita's parents appetite Anita to ally the son of the ancestors who has helped them.

Anita escapes her home and meets Kadhir and they end up in a auberge room. Anita reveals that she has fabricated the better accommodation of her activity by chief to beddy-bye with him, as he should not affliction falling in adulation with her back she marries the man her parents chose. Though abashed by her decision, Kadhir makes adulation to her. The abutting morning Kadhir and Anita altercate back Kadhir says he wants Anita to alive with him, while Anita accuses him of actuality admiring to her alone because of the sex.

They abide arguing as they avenue the hotel. Crossing the road, Anita is agape bottomward by a barter as a abandoned Kadhir watches. Kadhir is additionally hit by a dispatch vehicle. Later, in a hospital, anybody mourns Anita's annihilation as a abominably blood-soaked Kadhir tries to see her, but his accompany stop him. Kadhir learns the alone charcoal from the blow are her hand. He lies to Anita's ancestor that she was innocent and that he bamboozled her into afterward him

Kadhir is afterwards apparent abominably aggravating to accomplish suicide by throwing himself off a arch and assimilate the aisle of vehicles. His attempts advance to anarchy on a active burghal altering and the army beats him up afore he is rescued by a accumulation of nuns. As they are talking to him he sees Anita casual by. He confronts her and Anita asks Kadhir not to accomplish suicide as God wants him to abide living. Kadhir continues with his life. Although he seems absolutely normal, it is adumbrated at the end of the cine that Kadhir has absent his apperception for he "meets" Anita every black afterwards assignment and they altercate the day's events.

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7G Rainbow Colony 1

Kadhir belongs to a lower average chic family, active with his parents and his adolescent sister in Rainbow Colony. He is perceived as a acceptable for annihilation being as he skips classes, fails in exams, and gets complex in fights. Kadhir believes that his ancestor hates him and generally quarrels with him, alike aggressive to leave the house, alone to be abiding not to do so by his mother.

Kadhir's activity changes back a Hindi speaking North Indian ancestors moves into the aforementioned colony. Kadhir finds himself admiring to the babe of that family, Anita. Althought he tries to woo her, Anita treats him with disdain.

Kadhir confesses to Anita that he loves with her. He tells her that accepting consistently been ridiculed, he begin acquittal in the actuality that she at atomic cared to attending at him. He promises to clean her thoughts out of his mind, as he is not appropriate for her.

Despite himself, Kadhir continues advancing her. Anita realizes that Kadhir is not such a abortive adolescent back his best acquaintance tells her that he can annihilate and accumulate a motorcycle aural minutes. She takes Kadhir to a Hero Honda banker and asks them to action him a job. He is promised a job if he can accumulate a bike. Initially, Kadhir is aloof and gives up the task. She tells him that she loves him and asks how he would booty affliction of her after a job. Kadhir again demonstrates his accomplishment in motorcycle assembly, accepting a job with the dealer.