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Plastic surgery for all

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Friday, February 26, 2010


This blur won the Tamil Nadu State Govt accolade for the Best Ancestors Feature blur accolade for the year 2007. The cine is about a nice guy Karthi (Adhitya), who hails from an flush family. He is an autogenous artist by profession. He forth with his accompany leads a blessed activity in Chennai.

He comes beyond Anu (Nethra) in Puducherry. She is brought by her NRI ancestor (Bhanuchander), an extrovert. Karthi avalanche in adulation with Anu. Dejected at his adulation alone by Anu, Karthi decides to booty the acute step. Eventually he is adored by his friends.Anu comes to apperceive of this and resumes her accord with him. The arena changes and she avalanche in adulation with him. But the blur doesn't end here. It all boils bottomward to a bad-tempered climax.

After alive that Anu loves him,Karthi decides to blemish her activity by spending a night with her and ditching her for life.Anu overhears his chat with his friends,and yet,continues to go as per Karthi's plan.One of his accompany Abdullah(Suraj) advices him,but no use.She spends a night with him in Pondicherry,and after she reveals her acquaintance of his intentions.

Anu marries addition being Sree(Sreeman) and vows never to see Karthi again,ever in her life

Plastic Surgery

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Online Portal

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Accessories for you

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Murugaa is a Tamil cine starring Ashok, Shruthi Sharma and Samiksha. The story, cine and dialogues are by R.T.Nesan, who has formed as abettor to the brand of Udayashankar and Vincent Selva. Ram Senthil’s Cocktail Dream Productions broadcast the movie. Padmesh handled the camera and the music is by Kartik Raja.

Murugan ( Ashok) avalanche in adulation with his acquaintance Amudha (Shruti Sharma), a affluent girl. Amudha doesn't alternate his love, she aboveboard denies it in public. The account of Murugan's adulation spreads and alcove her ancestors members. Amudha's uncle Selvam (Riyaz Khan) tries to annihilate him and Murugan escapes from his village. Murugan goes to Chennai and gets a commitment boys job in a bagman company. He anticipation that he would never met Amutha in his activity again, but in Chennai he meets her afresh in a medical college. Forgetting what happened in the village, the hero and charlatan become acceptable friends. The accord turns into love. Amudha completes her studies and allotment to the village. When she gets there, she sees that bells affairs are on to get her affiliated with Selvam. But assuredly Murugan and Amudha accomplish in accepting affiliated with Amudha's fathers blessings.


Mozhi (Tamil: மொழி English: Language) is a Tamil language feature film produced by Prakash Raj and directed by Radha Mohan. The movie, which has a critically acclaimed storyline, stars Malayalam actor Prithwiraj, Jyothika, Prakash Raj and Swarnamalya in pivotal roles. The theme of this movie is similar to the Hollywood movie Children of a Lesser God. Although The film deals with many serious issues of life, it moves at a fast pace and is in general funny, with Prakash Raj providing most of the hilarious moments. Vidyasagar has scored the music for the film whilst Mu.Kasivishwanathan handled the editing & K.V.Guhan is the Director of Photography. Shooting sessions for the film were held at several locations including India and Mauritius. The film was released on 23 February 2007 and has become a super hit upon release despite facing Paruthiveeran at the box-office. The film is Jyothika Saravanan's last film released as she claimed that she will retire from acting after marriage. This is her last project she signed up for. The movie was greatly noticed for its dialogues, written by Viji. Prasanna, who got a good break with Duet Movies and director Radha Mohan's Azhagiya Theeye, refused to play the role of Viji, which was later taken up by Prakash Raj himself.

Mozhi is the first Tamil film which gets the fastest launch in the home video market. The producers are tying up with optical disc maker Moser Baer for the release. Director Radha Mohan has an offer to remake the film in Hindi, the rights of which have been acquired by Boney Kapoor Karthik (Prithviraj) and Viji (Prakash Raj) are close buddies, who are keyboard players in music director Vidyasagar’s team. They are brilliant in their work of re-recording and background score. They are fun loving, witty and share a great rapport. They come to live in an apartment complex where they meet a handful of interesting people. Their neighbour and flat secretary Ananthakrishnan (Brahmanandam) is not too happy about Karthik occupying the flat and asks him to vacate as bachelors are not allowed to live there. And Preethi (Neelima), a girl from one of those apartments is behind Karthik.

One day, Karthik sees a girl (Jyothika) on the road and he is quite impressed by her attitude and guts. Later he understands that she is Archana, a deaf and mute girl who lives in the same complex. Karthik falls in love with her and the friends try to find out more about her from Archana’s best friend Sheila (Swarnamalya). Karthik learns sign language and decides to make Archana his life partner, though she considers him as a good friend. She gets angry at him because she thinks when she has a baby, it will be deaf and mute like her. She avoids Karthik, and so Karthik is left in pain. In the meantime, Viji falls in love with Sheila who is a widow. At the end when it is Sheila's and Viji's wedding, Archana confesses to Karthik that she does love him. In the end, Viji and Sheila get married and Archana and Karthik admit their love for each other.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Nenjai Thodu

The cine starts off with the Nasser accident his wife at the bearing of his additional son. He starts to abhorrence his son and alike leaves home with his aboriginal child. The adolescent grows up into Siva(Gemini) and he lives his grandparents who adulation him so much.

Siva's brother's Krishna(M Thoufeeq) alliance gets anchored up. At this time, Siva meets his ancestor again. His ancestor still hates him and almost talks to him. This absolutely hurts Siva. He tries to not accumulate it in his apperception and aloof goes along. At this point he meets Aishwarya(Lakshmi Rai), who is his brother's sister-in-law. These two lock horns with anniversary added appropriate in their aboriginal meeting.

As time goes by, Siva and Aishwarya advance activity appear anniversary other. At the aforementioned point, his ancestor additionally starts to like him. Unfortunately, Siva's alliance gets anchored up with addition girl, called by his father. Now, Siva is afraid to acquaint his father, that he loves Aishwarya, because he doesn't appetite to breach his father's assurance in him. Siva's grandfathering Nagesh knows about the adulation amid Siva and Aishwarya and alike tries to argue his son to get them both married, but Nasser refuses. Now, Siva is ashore amid his ancestor and his love. But fate has some added amateur to play.

Vyapari and Koodal Nagar


Suryaprakas (S J Suryah) is a business man who wants to become richer than Bill Gates and in the process, he loses out on ancestors and amusing life. So he tells a scientist to accomplish a carbon of him so that he can accumulate apperception on business and the carbon can booty his abode at home. Tamanna is academy babe called Savitri who does a analysis activity on Suryaprakash and begins to adulation him. Suryaprakash is not absorbed in Savitri but, he marries her to accomplish use of her affable aptitude in adjustment to widen his business. Suryaprakash afterwards singing and dancing with both models Namitha and Malavika and base his brother-in-law Vadivelu, assuredly accept the amount of ancestors afterwards his mother (Seetha) dies.

Koodal Nagar

The news is set in a suburb of Madurai. Suryan (Bharath) and Chandran (Bharath) are twins. Suryan, the ancient of the two is bendable announced guy who works at a bounded lending library and he avalanche in adulation with Manimekala (Bhavana), babe of Namasivayam (Mahadevan) the bounded politician-don and MLA. Chandran, the adolescent one, works as a mortuary abettor in the bounded government hospital and he's one amid Namasivayam’s bad guys who are in allegation of his acclamation campaign. Chandran is romantically affiliated to a bounded girl,Tamizhselvi (Sandhya). Namasivayam comes to apperceive about his daughter’s adulation activity with Suryan and he orders to some killers to annihilate Suryan. But accidentally they advance Chandran who succeeds in artifice from them.

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Womens Vans Shoes

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Anbu Thozhi

The blur opens with a blockhead from a baby apple in Tamil Nadu absent to become a artist in the Tamil blur industry. The role played by debutant Prabhu (Prabhu) goes to Chennai in chase of his dream career area he meets Pandya (Mayil Samy). Pandya helps Prabhu into the big burghal activity and they become acceptable friends. Prabhu meets Yazhini (Preethi Verma) who helps him accommodated a acclaimed Director, who gives Prabhu a adventitious to prove his music skills.

On acceptable a acknowledged man, Prabhu finds adulation in Yazhini who helped him accomplish his dream. Back Prabhu decides to acknowledge his animosity for Yazhini, she break the account about Karuppu (Thirumavalavan) who helped her abounding years ago back she was alone as a adolescent during the war and additionally helped her ability India. Yazhini requests Prabhu to go acquisition and allocution to Karuppu about her adulation for Karuppu. Prabhu hides his adulation and sets off to acquisition Karuppu. On affair Karuppu, Prabhu realizes that he is a man for the country which he is angry for and that he has no allowance in his affection for any alone animal soul. His country was his life.

Prabhu allotment home a abashed man and tells Yazhini that Karuppu additionally was in adulation with her and that he will anon appear to ally her. Confusions abound as Prabhu's mother comes to Chennai to accommodated her approaching babe in law. Pandya reveals the accuracy about Karuppu to everybody and Yazhini realizes that by cat-and-mouse for Karuppu (who will never come) she is not giving activity its accurate meaning.

M3p search

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Business Management

Management would be the secret of success for any people, who have achieved their goals. Management is human activity it’s a art of winning all the obstacles with a good plan and execution technique. Business management plays an important role in Business. As without a proper business management technique you can not clear all obstacles to win your business.
There are different forms of management like Interim Management, Project Management, Facility Management, Facility Management, Investment Management, Contract Management, Perfecting Management, Mobility Management, Record Management and many more. These management techniques help to achieve your goals in health as well as business.Business management is a technique of managing and systematizing the available resources so that they can for use in need without any wastage of time as well as resources. Plan and execute these management techniques to be a successful person in business as well as in life.
The basic idea of this Business management technique is to use multiple resources like time, manpower, energy and many wisely, so you can avoid or limit its wastage. These Business management techniques are prepared by well experienced professionals, so try this new business management technique and implement it in your business and the difference. Management is a secret of success

Compare and buy

Do not waste your money for any useless good in shopping; here is a way to save your money as well as to buy quality items. Try this new online shopping method were you can compare and buy your items from other competitors. As in compare your shopping method you can easily identify the worth of the items by comparing.
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Tvs are very important source of entertainment they vary in price from different sellers. Even tvs manufactured from the one company they vary in rate as they sold from different sellers. With compare and buy technique you can compare the rates of tvs from more than 15 sellers. Sellers vary depends on the tvs.
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Sivaji 2

Adiseshan mocks Sivaji and gives him a one-rupee coin, arduous him to try and survive with aloof that. In an acrid artifice aberration application the actual coin, Sivaji sets out to about-face about his fortunes and ultimately exact his animus on Adiseshan. Through aloof one buzz call, paid for with the coin. He estimates that there is about two thousand actor INR of illegal, untaxed money aural the nation. He again uncovers capacity about bodies who accept abundant quantities of actionable money and again blackmails anniversary of them, accepting bisected of their actionable wealth. Upon appointment the money to coffer accounts (owned by accompany and contacts) about the world, Sivaji informs the Income Tax Vigilance Department about the capacity of the actionable money captivated by the tax evaders (including Adiseshan). Sivaji's assembly drop the money beatific beyond the apple as donations to the Sivaji Foundation authoritative the money accepted and accessible by the foundation. Sivaji begins to apprehend his dream of accouterment free, acceptable affection education, casework and application to bodies in every commune of Tamil Nadu. His adversaries seek to acquisition out how he adapted their actionable money to a accessible anatomy by aggressive Tamizhselvi with crisis to Sivaji's life. Fearing for him, she turns over his anthology PC with all the advice apropos the assorted money affairs to the authorities. With presentable evidence, Sivaji is arrested and the arena allotment to the alpha of the cine with Sivaji in axial prison.Adiseshan loses ascendancy back Sivaji refuses to accessible his laptop and assaults him in aegis with a metal rod. In the action it seems Sivaji has died from the abiding injuries. To awning this up, Adiseshan organizes for thugs to shoot up the badge van that will backpack Sivaji's asleep body. Authoritative it attending like annihilation by a third party. Sivaji about was abandoned appearance his death, he was abreast of the affairs to annihilate him by a affectionate badge administrator above-mentioned to the interrogation. Left abandoned in the room, he electricutes himself. Dr. Chezhian (Raghuvaran) and Tamizhselvi ambush the badge van (informed by Sivaji afterwards he got the badge man's own warning) and administer to barrow abroad Sivaji's 'dead' anatomy beneath the awning of a drillmaster afore the thugs could accessible fire. In Sivaji's account they bulb a dummy. While anybody believes that Sivaji is dead, Dr. Chezhian revives him application a defibrillator. Afterwards a few canicule back anybody wonders about the approaching of Sivaji Foundation, the active Sivaji allotment to booty ascendancy over the foundation in a beard of a friend, M.G. Ravichandran. Though Adhiseshan realizes that it is Sivaji himself, he is clumsy to prove this to the badge due to the actual affirmation of Sivaji's death. Ravichandran promises to avenge Sivaji's afterlife and eventually manages to bend Adhiseshan and claiming him. Afterwards their fight, Adiseshan is dead in a stampede. As a conclusion, the admirers are abreast of the foundation's success and accomplishment of Sivaji's dreams.

Sivaji 1

The film begins with a masked being brought to the Central Jail in Chennai, India. When asked by a fellow-inmate for the affidavit abaft his imprisonment, the masked being replies that he is confined for attempting to do acceptable for the people. The apparent being is appear to be Sivaji (Rajinikanth). The news again apprehension into a anamnesis that shows him abiding from the Affiliated States as acomputer application systems artist to Chennai. He brings with him balance of up to 200 crore rupees, with an ambition to activate a alms alignment alleged the Sivaji Foundation. This alignment has the aim of architecture hospitals and educational institutions to serve the poor after any charge. However, he faces the obstacles of authority and base officials. Affected to set abreast his principles, Sivaji bribes his way through the system. Admitting at one stage, clumsy to accord with ambagious costs, he alike mortgages his deluxe abode and claimed acreage in the process. Adiseshan (Suman), a awful affecting businessman, sees Sivaji Foundation as antagonism to his own business empire. Application his political strings, he repeals the permits issued to the foundation by the government. Sivaji approaches a lawyer, application his own car to pay the lawyer's fee. However in cloister he is affected to accept he bribed abundant officials. This undermines his case and the adjudicator reiterates the break adjustment on architecture by the Sivaji Foundation.

Meanwhile, Sivaji avalanche in adulation with a babe called Tamizhselvi (Shriya). Her ancestors is initially afraid and angered by the ascendant attributes of Sivaji's family, admitting they eventually accept to Sivaji's appeal for Tamizhselvi's duke in marriage. However aloft allurement for his horoscope; the astrologer predicts adverse doom arch up to Sivaji's afterlife if the two are united. When Tamizhselvi refuses the angle due to her affair for Sivaji, he calms her fears and manages to argue her to ally him.

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Safety first

Safety comes when comparing anything we do. For your safety you must select your own tools. As with safety tools you can avoid the accident rate or reduce accident rate. There are many safety instruments like safety goggles for your precious eye protection, Work gloves is useful mainly while working in extreme heat condition as they can resist the heat little but valuable.
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Sakthivel (Ajith Kumar) is an around acquiescent son of a aboveboard policeman, Rajarajan (Raj Kiran). Sakthi and his dad’s dream is the same: That of seeing him access the badge force. The absolute ancestors absolute two added daughters, the mom (Saranya) and a wastrel of a brother-in-law (Vivek) are caressible and close-knit. Rajarajan is from the old academy of activity and bluntness is his watchword. In a exploited system, this acreage him in agitation often.

Divya (Trisha Krishnan), a academy girl, is a absorbing full-of-beans girl. She has some absurd run-ins with Sakthi, and eventually avalanche in adulation with him. Elsewhere, Rajarajan, who books an MLA’s son for an offence, is hauled up over the dress-down and beatific on a ‘punishment transfer’ to a place, which is run as claimed fief by a bounded dada, Varadarajan (Ajay). One affair leads to another, and Sakthi is accidentally sucked into the base vortex. Just as he is about to accompany the badge force, afterlife decrees otherwise: His activity is not activity to be the aforementioned again. A dad’s dream lies burst while a son, admitting his unwillingness, has to action an honest war above the cast of a law. It is a bearings that is absolutely an affecting cauldron. How the dad and son accommodate to the fresh absoluteness is the story.

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Enjoy your vacation at the world’s tallest residential tower

Hello are you are you planning for a vacation in this summer, here is a chance to make your summer interesting and useful. Enjoy your vacation in the world’s tallest tower, The Q1 resort named after Queensland. Hospitality at Q1 resort is great; so enjoy your visit at least once your lifetime. You would love to come back again and again. Q1 resort is one of the few buildings with an amazing architecture. Q1 resort has many luxurious entertainments within easy reach. Get rest from daily routine, plan for a vacation to Q1 resort and set yourself free from all stress and tensions.
This place is considered as surfers paradise, as there are more than 50 activities available for people who loves thrill and excitement. Here activities include Nikon SuperGP, Warner Brothers Movie World, Whitewater World, Whale Watching and there are many. This would be surprise and good treat to surfers. Enjoy every minute in Q1 resort valuably with excitement.
Q1 resort would be a best place to spend your time quiet and enjoyable. Q1 resort has many attractions for all ages like Beach Club Cafe, Swimming Lagoon, Day Spa and many. Get a new exiting experience in Lagoon Terrace. So experience a new vacation by visiting Q1 resort and enjoy your holidays!!!


Naanayam is a 2010 Indian Tamil thriller film written and directed by Shakti S. Rajan. Produced by S. P. B. Charan's Capital Film Works, the film stars Prasanna , Sibiraj, Ramya Raj, Yasmin Khan and Charan's father, singer S. P. Balasubrahmanyam. Music was scored by James Vasanthan.The film was released in Jan- 14 2010.Story of movie revolve around bank robbery, Prasanna as Ravi Bhaskar decides to improve bank’s advertisement by advertising Bank as “The world safest bank”, were as he comes in a situation to rob his own designed safest bank.
He plans to avoid the situation but he fails as a result of love for Ramya Raj as Easwari .The film has many twist and turns except for some logic less scenes the movie is really awesome. The stunt done by Ramya Raj remains about a British film The bank job. Prasana done an amazing job as a professional thirsty for a business identification.
Yet another landmark in Prasana’s career. Sibi Raj as Fareed also done a good job but he remains about his father’s anti role. Sibi Raj abstracted some of his father’s style and idea’s to play a anti role. Ramya Raj as Easwari is also an important person to be noted with style and stunt. Overall movie is a good entertainer for all audience. The film which grossed Rs. 7,99,274 in the opening weekend in Chennai

Vin Diesal

Vin Diesel is an American actor, writer, director and producer man with multiple talents, he is widely known in Fast and furious,XXX and The Pacifier. in Diesel was born in New York City, He made his stage debut at age seven when he appeared in the children's play Dinosaur Door, written by Barbara Garson. The play was produced at Theater for the New City in New York's
Greenwich Village. Vin Diesel worked as a Bouncer in a New York night club named tunnel, Vin Diesal starred in Steven Spielberg's 1998 Oscar-winning film Saving Private Ryan, in which he won OFCS Award for Best Ensemble Cast Performance. He shared it with many

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Unnale Unnale

The film opens with two bodies – a man (Aravind Akash) and a woman – interviewing civilians' thoughts on adulation and the adverse sex. Afterwards a admixture of answers, they cease their questions and the credits roll. The credits end as a boy, afterwards actuality alone by his girlfriend, commits suicide by jumping assimilate a casual car. Karthik (Vinay Rai) walks off abashed to his adherent Jhansi's (Sadha) office. There, he is criticized by her for his antics with added women and his abridgement of affection for their love. She walks off, catastrophe their relationship.

Karthik is again apparent as a civilian architect in Chennai, still antic and fun-loving. Accepting a appeal from his administrator to go on a business cruise to Melbourne, he bids adieu to his accompany (Raju Sundaram and Satish). On the plane, he encounters a playful, amorous girl, Deepika (Tanisha Mukherjee), whom he sits abutting to during the flight. Afterwards spending hours together, they become acceptable accompany and barter details. However, by coincidence, Deepika is travelling to Melbourne to assignment in the aforementioned aggregation as Jhansi, who is acclimatized there. Calm they assume to calmly bang into Karthik at every corner, bidding an blackballed alliance for Jhansi and Karthik.

While Deepika takes a affection to Karthik, Jhansi still ignores him, alike admitting Karthik has ambitions of accepting aback together. At a restaurant, Karthik bumps into a adolescent Tamilian (Srinath) and explains his adulation for Jhansi. The news again moves two years aback for a anamnesis of events. Karthik had met Jhansi at a anniversary at a temple, area she played a antic on Karthik and his friends. Taking a affection to her, Karthik begins to chase Jhansi intentionally, acquisitive for her to abatement in adulation with him. Soon afterwards this happens, she becomes added and added apprehensive of Karthik. This comes to a arch back Karthik acts as the admirer of his friend's (Raju Sundaram) girlfriend, Pooja, (Paloma Rao), alone for Jhansi to get abashed and aberration him. His acceptability as a dupe admirer takes addition about-face for the worse, back at a wedding, the helpmate (Lekha Washington) gives him a kiss afterwards he improvises a song.

As the brace accept a love-hate relationship, the alienation beckons back Jhansi sends her acquaintance (Vasundra) clandestine to go coquette with Karthik, however, he lies claiming he was at home ill, bidding Jhansi to end their relationship. At the end of the flashback, Srinath suggests to Karthik, that its added important to move on than anticipate regretfully and Karthik gets over his accord with Jhansi. However, award out about Deepika's adulation appear Karthik, Jhansi becomes anxious and reinstates her adulation for Karthik. However, award out that Karthik is no best absorbed in her she flees anonymously to Sydney.

At the end of the film, the macho accuser who appeared at the alpha questions Sadha on her accommodation to leave anonymously, about she refuses to answer. She again confirms that she met up with Deepika recently, and had begin that she is affiliated to Karthik and has a child. She again walks away, claiming her approaching lies in her own hands.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Thottal Poo Malarum

Thottal Poo Malarum (English: The annual will bloom, back touched) is a 2007 Tamil affair blur accounting and directed by P. Vasu, starring his son Sakthi Vasu and Gowri Munjal, two newcomers, in advance roles, whilst Rajkiran, Suganya, Nassar, Vadivelu and Santhanam essayed acknowledging roles. Music is composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja. The blur appear on 3 August 2007, declining to allure the admirers and catastrophe up as a box appointment bomb.

Ravi (Sakthi), is a happy-go—lucky-youngster, who avalanche in burning adulation with Anjali (Gauri Munjal), his academy mate. Anjali's mother Mangamma (Sukanya), a affluent and an aloof entrepreneur, tries to comedy spoilsport in their romance. She arranges for her daughter's bells with son of a alarming bandit Varadharaja Vandaiyar (Raj Kiran) in Mumbai. Sakthi sets on a mission to Mumbai. He hides his accurate character and manages to accretion an access into Vandiyar's family. Having won the aplomb of Vandaiyar's family, Sakthi sets himself on a mission to wedlock Anjali. Does he accomplish in his attack forms the rest.

Thee Nagar

Yamaha Murugan (Karan) is a do-gooder, who commands account from student’s association for his acceptable accomplishment as acceptance administrator in a burghal college. Unable to acquisition a advantageous job, he sets up a tea boutique in advanced of the academy from actuality he anesthetized out. Activity goes bland for Murugan until he comes beyond a base cop FIR Murthy (Shanmugarajan). Murugan is targeted for no accountability of his by FIR Murthy. Nadhiya (Udhayathara), a babe abutting aperture avalanche for Murugan's acceptable conduct. Both advance romance. However a blood-soaked bound amid Murugan and Murthy brings a change in the former's life. The blow is the action amid the two to advance their supremacy over one added that ends with a arresting climax.

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Photo Blankets

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Nandu 2

Soon clues lead up to Malli but he is dead. Meanwhile in Barslapudi, after the marriage of the daughter's was over, the CBI come because they find out that Nandu is not Pardhu and suspect that Nandu is the killer. Nandu learns of the situation and flees. After the CBI leave, Nandu returns to explain everything: who is he and how the real Pardhu got killed. At first the family shows no interest in helping Nandu to find the real assassin as they are all shocked but the grandfather (Nassar) helps Nandu by giving him a gun.

Nandu calls Baji Reddy and demands who killed Shiva Reddy. At first, Baji Reddy refuses but after Nandu tells him that he recorded their first conservation on the phone, Bajji Reddy reveals everything. It was Malli who killed Shiva Reddy for 2 crores. He faked his death by sending a drunkard in the car at the time of the accident. Nandu records that conversation and immediately leaves for the old church, where Malli is. Nandu and Malli meet and Nandu has the gun loaded before Malli. But the same policemen who killed Pardhu barged in. Nandu manages to kill all of them and also kills Malli at the same time. Nandu hands over the recorded cassette to the CBI officer. The CBI go directly to Bajji Reddy's office and tells him that he will hand him over to the police. Baji Reddy tells him that he has no concrete evidence,Prakash Raj tells him that the tape is evidence enough for Siva Reddy's hot headed son,who has vowed vengeance for his father's death.Trapped without any recourse,Baji Reddy commits suicide. In the last scene, Nandu immerses Pardhu's ashes and the CBI officer lets him go to Pardhu's real family, where he plans to stay forever.

Athadu Dubbed in to polish Language In Poland as a Poszukiwany.Its became decent hit in Poland it was First Telugu film relased in Poland.

Nandu 1

Nanda Gopal / Nandu(Mahesh Babu) is a able apache who ally up with Malli (Sonu Sood). He accuse about 1-2 crores for a murder. A affair baton Shiva Reddy (Sayaji Shinde) wants addition to attack an assassination on him so that he could get added votes through sympathy. So Shiva Reddy's aide Baji Reddy hooks him up with Nandu for a deal. On the day of the annihilation attempt, afore Nandu gets to shoot Shiva Reddy, addition abroad fatally shoots Shiva Reddy. Nandu did not cull the activate so he knows it was not him. Within minutes, badge beleaguer the building. Just afore the avenue of the building, a big car blow occurs on the artery with Nandu's car. Nandu assumes that Malli got trapped and died in the accident. So Nandu goes to the top of the skyscraper. With the badge abaft him and in advanced of him, he is helpless. Suddenly a alternation comes and Nandu uses a braiding to jump from the building to the train. There, Nandu meets Pardhu (Rajiv Kanakala), a articulate guy. Pardhu reveals that he ran abroad from his village, Basarlapudi, back he was adolescent because he anticipation he was amenable for a boy's afterlife in the graveyard. Pardhu explains that he is assuredly abiding to his village. Later that aforementioned evening, badge while advancing Nandu accidentally shoot Pardhu. Nandu escapes and not alive what to do next, he remembers Pardhu's background. So Nandu goes to Basarlapudi in the character of Pardhu and Pardhu's ancestors accepts him. Meanwhile, A CBI administrator Anjaneya Prasad (Prakash Raj) investigating the annihilation of Shiva Reddy comes beyond Nandu alias Pardhu. He suspects Nandu of Shiva Reddy's murder.He tries takin nandu's fingerprints unconventionally but nandu outsmarts him

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Deepika (Bhavana) is an aloof affluent air-conditioned girl. A medical academy student, she dictates agreement at the college. Sister of bounded don Kasi (Prakash Raj), she is feared by students, advisers and alike the Dean of the College. Enter Aarya (Madhavan), a final year apprentice who comes to Chennai Medical Academy from Coimbatore. A affable Aarya runs into Deepika. They advance algid shoulders. In a fit of rage, she kidnaps Aarya's sister. But Aarya faces her challenges daringly. However, she anon avalanche in adulation with him. But he is not accessible to ally the sister of a ruffian. The actual news tells us how the brother and sister put burden on Aarya to become a disorderly so that Aarya's cachet is according abundant as Kasi's cachet so that Aarya can ally Kasi's sister Deepika.

Meanwhile, "Snake" Babu (Vadivelu) is adopted the breadth councillor, and has a few encounters with Dr. Aarya, and one with Deepika. He is the capital antecedent of banana abatement for the film.


Vetrivel, a son of a potter, is the best able of the lot and loves Kokila who is the babe of a affluent Jamindar who owns the academy land. And their accepted accompany are Muthu and Kumaraswami. Kumaraswami, actual bad at studies, avoids school; however, his ancestor makes all efforts to accelerate him aback to academy and succeeds in accomplishing so.

A adolescent and admirable Doctor, Jhansi (Shreya) arrives at the apple and befriends the foursome. Jhansi boring becomes the asperse amount to all the four. And back Muthu loses his ancestor and becomes an orphan, Jhansi takes him into his custody. Vetrivel and Kokila’s adulation is fabricated accessible and the villagers accusation Jhansi. They bandy her out of the apple and Muthu accompanies her.

What follows is the accomplishment of the artifice on the plight of Jhansi, Muthu, Kumaraswami, Vetrivel, and Kokila. Eventually the blow of the news and the acme additionally break whether the academy escapes the acrimony of the landowner.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Simbu's Silambattam 2

Becoming bent at the afterimage of the power-play, Vichu gets into the altercate and saves the victim. But, as the man takes a adamantine attending at his savior face, he is stunned! What is the clandestineness in Vichu's past? How does it alarm the stranger?

Cut to a flashback, there is a huge affray amid the two apple groups headed by Muthuvel (Prabhu) and Veeraiyan (Ponvannan). Reason? Veeriayan claims aback every bit of acreage he has donated to the landless and poor villagers admitting Muthuvel and his brother Tamizh ( Silambarasan ) argue his order. In the agitated power-struggle, too abounding bodies die. It includes the animated activist Tamizh, his baby wife Gayathri ( Sneha ) and Veeraiyan himself. Only Veeraiyan's aftermost son Duraisingham (Kishore of Polladhavan fame) and Muthuvel are absolved in the tragedy. The afire acuteness of the blow stays animate in Duraisingham's affection and Muthuvel is addition attestant to the past. What happens next? What is the affiliation amid Vichu and Tamizh? What allotment does Vichu comedy in clearing the abiding dispute? How does he explain the baffling bearings to his grandfathering who has anxiously acclimatized him all these years? Silambattam has a arresting account to tell!

Simbu's Silambattam

The news of Silambattam happens in two audible periods; the account switches over amid the two periods. The aperture arena shows Vichu (Silambarasan) as a quiet youngster brought up by the apple priest (Nedumudi Venu), additionally his affectionate grandfathering and guardian. Owing to specific reasons, the caring ancient has agilely bass bottomward (Simbu uses his eyes to back the close accord of Vichu) the adolescent boy's affecting caliber and has accomplished him a appropriate art of living. As a result, Vichu is soft-spoken, acquiescent and is clean-cut to abide all sorts of awful misdemeanors aimed at him. Vichu assists his grandfathering in accustomed out the religious rituals as able-bodied as actuality the care-taker of the temple. Vichu's alone alleviation comes in the aggregation of his sweetheart Janu (Sana Khan). Janu's kiddish jokes and affliction animadversion accomplish up for all the adored and active moments he has absent in his growing-up years. The blur has anti-brahmin capacity and follows abounding films of its chic in bulging the brahmin girls and aunts in the abominable yet in a funny way.
Though Simbu abides by the aged person's advices, an adventure that happens in the temple bounds reveals his absolute persona. On the accurate day, Vichu assemblage a big bandage of ruffians bashing a acutely acquiescent individual.

Abhiyum Naanum

During a airing to the esplanade Raghuraman (Prakash Raj) meets Sudhakar (Prithviraj Sukumaran) and tells him about his abounding adventures with his babe Abhi (Trisha Krishnan). Raghuram is the admiring bedmate of Anu (Aishwarya) and the awkward as able-bodied as caring ancestor of his alone babe Abhi. Together they all alive a calm and agreeable activity in Ooty. Raghuram and Abhi become best friends. Over the years as Abhi grows up, Raghuraman has the joy of actuality a allotment of her accustomed life. Back Abhi gets accustomed in a celebrated academy in New Delhi, Raghuram is shocked. Although the anticipation of actuality afar from his babe for two accomplished years is affecting to him, Raghuram wearily accepts. As anon as Abhi allotment from college, she tells her parents that she has collapsed in adulation with a adolescent man in Delhi. Her mother Anu is altogether alright with the idea, but Raghuram is affronted and scared. Anu after informs Raghuram that their approaching son-in-law will be accession by even and blockage with them for a while. As anon as Raghuraman meets his approaching son-in-law, Joginder Singh (Ganesh Venkatraman) he is taken aback, because Joginder is a Sardar! After abounding conflicts with Abhi and Anu, Raghuram assuredly realizes that Joginder is absolutely accomplished and self-sacrificing, added so back on one break the Prime Minister calls him for advice. Abhi and Joginder get affiliated and leave for Delhi. Anu and Abhi get teary-eyed, but Raghuram stays calm. This is actual surprising, because he was the man that had already cried on his daughter's aboriginal day to school. Raghuram tells Sudhakar that he still stays in blow with his babe and generally gets to see her. Sudhakar understands how Raghuram feels, because he has a babyish babe himself. The cine ends with a buzz alarm from Abhi.

Prakash Raj portrays the activity adventure of a ancestor actual effectively.

Madurai Veeran

Shiva (Githan Ramesh) is the alone son of a affluent agent (Avinash). He grows up amidst by money and he is not cared for by his parents, due to his mother dying back he was a adolescent boy and his ancestor is business-minded and alone cares about his money. Shiva and his accompany are a antic bunch, they do not abstraction and they mainly do lots of sport. Priya (Saloni), who additionally goes to the academy (the academy was created and run by Shiva's family) that Shiva goes to, is the babe of a cow bouncer and a bandit Mayandi (Lal). Priya keeps her ambit from Shiva, but as the blur progresses it is assured that they become friends. Their accord again develops into romance, but this adulation is against by both their parents. Both their parents try to abstracted them, they try to get them affiliated of to altered people. They eventually run abroad together, and a hit man is afterwards Priya's activity (hired by Shiva's father). In a battle with the hit-man Shiva gets blood-soaked and defeats the hit-man, he again storms into his father's appointment and throws the hit-man at him. He again informs his ancestor of his bells in advanced of the commune court. His ancestor turns up with a ample army of badge officers, while Shiva turns up with a abundant ample cardinal of students. The blur ends with their bells auspiciously happening, and Mayandi gives his blessings.

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The news opens with a car blow in which Rupa (Nargis) parents are dead due to carelessness of a bashed driver. She becomes an drop but accompany and neighbours abutment her and she gets a acceptable job. She avalanche in adulation with Rahul, her colleague, and she accepts to ally him. On the added ancillary there's Anand (Suchin),an US alternate guy who is affected to appear a ancestors friend’s wedding. On the bells day he meets the helpmate Rupa and its adulation at aboriginal afterimage for him. But anon the bells is alleged off because of some arguments amid Rupa and her approaching mother in law. Anand is actual blessed because the alliance gets cancelled. Anand talks to Rupa and he admires her for her boldness. He absolutely avalanche in adulation with her. To win her love, he does lots of things like alive his abode nearer to hers, gradually developing accord with her and assuredly entering into her heart. But back she starts to adulation him, she comes to apperceive that Anand's ancestor was the assassin of her parents. The blow of the news is about if the lovers will be united.

Karuppusamy Kuthagaikaarar

Karan plays this blessed go advantageous guy abutting aperture who is a baby time architect for aeon stands. When not at work, he kills time with his accompany demography allotment in their assuming affiliation area he is acclaimed for his Rajini look-alike acts. Activity goes on for the advocate until Meenakshi stumbles aloft in his life. An ambitious medical student, she relates Karan’s altruism to her backward mother’s. Soon after, they both become victim of the brainless cupid’s bait.

Although in adulation with the girl, Karan insists that apprenticeship should be her antecedence over romance. Besides, their adulation activity wreaks calamity in Meenakshi’s high degree family, which is accepted for casting prejudices. With a ancestors to abide and her apprenticeship to pay absorption to, Meenakshi acquisition it boxy to get along. Finally, a seamless acme tells it all as to how the brace manages to cull it off adjoin all the odds, predominantly Meenakshi’s family.

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Friday, February 5, 2010

Parattai Engira Azhagu Sundaram

Azhagu Sundaram (Dhanush) is a adolescent apple lad who is the alone son of his parents. His mother (Archana) dotes on him. Azhagu's ancestor dies of some ache and he moves to Chennai in chase of a job.

Sequence of contest leads to Azhagu Sundaram actuality re-christened as Parrattai and is affected to apply the knife. From an innocent adolescence from a rural area, he goes on to become a gangster. As ever, he is the don with the affection of gold, who commands account from bodies about him.

Meanwhile Parattai's mother leaves her apple in chase of her son and comes to the city. Are they destined to accommodated anniversary other? The search, the apprehension and the achievement of the mother and son to acquisition anniversary added in the awash burghal anatomy the blow of the story.

Dhanush's achievement deserves a mention. As Azhagu Sundaram and Parrattai, he is acute and is abounding of confidence but he can't be compared to Kannada Superstar Shivrajkumar,who is outstanding. Dhanush artlessness stands out, abnormally in the anemic script. His appearance has shades of the advance role allowable by him in Pudhupettai. Giving him acceptable aggregation is Meera Jasmine. Bubbly and enthusiastic, Meera leaves her agreeableness on screen. This movie,though it can't be compared to the archetypal kannada adaptation is a acceptable one to watch

Nirom 2

Varsha after tells him that she realizes that he loves Sona and as continued as that is the case, he would never alternate her animosity and it is best to acquaint Sona the truth. In the meantime, arrange alpha for Sona's alliance to Prakash. After a banquet area the families of Aby, Sona and Prakash altercate marriage, Sona realizes that she would be affective to USA, abroad from her parents and Aby . She gets affecting and asks him why he never admired her, again aggregate would accept been perfect! Aby is affected by affect and hugs her. He apologizes and leaves immediately. Sona is abashed at the admeasurement of his animosity and she goes to his abode and finds a agenda in which he has accounting SUK-RI-YA (which in the cine agency - I adulation you) abreast her name. Sona is aching and back Aby comes into the allowance gets actual affronted at him for accepting hidden so abounding things from her and assuredly tells him that she loves him too. Aby tries to allay her and accomplish her accept that it would be inappropriate to acquaint their parents at this stage. She gets affianced to Prakash and Aby decides to leave afore the wedding. Their parents are abashed at his abrupt accommodation to leave and try to dissuade him. Aby is determined and Sona goes to leave him to the railway station. In the meantime, their parents acquisition out that they are in adulation and appear in chase of them to acquisition the brace sitting on the stairs of the station, Aby not accepting left. Their parents advance that they get affiliated as they are appropriate for anniversary other.


Aby (Kunchacko Boban) and Sona (Shalini) are neighbors and ancestors friends. They were brought up calm and accept been calm back childhood. They allotment a appropriate anatomy of accord and affair was boilerplate in their plan. They are brace of pranksters, alert and consistently up to some tricks. Their families acquisition their accord special, their accompany alarm them siamese twins (having never apparent them abroad from anniversary other). The news booty a turn, back Sona goes to Bangalore to participate in a adolescence festival, Aby misses her so abundant that he realizes that what he feels for Sona is added than friendship. He is all set to acquaint her his adulation back he realizes that he doesn't apperceive how she feels about him, additionally he feels he should not booty disproportionate advantage of the abandon their parents accept accustomed them. Back Sona returns, she tells Aby about Prakash Mathew (Boban Alummodan), who proposed to her back they were in Bangalore. Sona, who is abashed about her animosity for Prakash, confides in Aby who encourages her to acknowledge her animosity to Prakash. Sona and Prakash become a brace but this brings abrupt ache into Aby's and Sona's friendship. Prakash's reactions to Aby's accurateness to Sona makes Aby apprehend things will never be the aforementioned again. Aby acumen that Sona is aching by Prakash's accomplishments appear him starts assuming absorption appear Varsha(Jomol) who has consistently been in adulation with Aby. Aby starts alienated Sona and starts spending added time with Varsha. This infuriates Sona. Meanwhile, Prakash and Sona's alliance is fixed. Varsha asks Aby to accommodated her Dad, but he does not about-face up for the affair giving excuses.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Naan Avanillai 1

Naan Avanillai (English: I'm not him) (2007) is a Tamil blur directed by Selva. It is a accommodate of K. Balachander's archetypal of the aforementioned appellation starring matinee idol Gemini Ganesan which was a accommodate of Marathi comedy 'To Mi Navhech' (English: It's not me) accounting by Pralhad K. Atre and actuality acted by Prabhakar Panashikar. The abstruseness cine has Jeevan in the advance role and Sneha, Namitha, Malavika, Jyorthirmayi and Keerti Chawla as his bristles heroines. This cine is creating abundant expectations in the industry because the blur was a hit back it was originally fabricated in 1974. Film's cutting began in December 2006 and appear in April 2007. The blur became a success aloft release.

The blur opens with a arena with assorted bodies giving badge complaints of the aforementioned fraud. Badge advertisement the account of the doubtable on TV. Elsewhere, Annamalai (Jeevan) is arrested by the badge in a hospital afterwards actuality afflicted in a bus accident, beneath the accuse of cheating and marrying four women with apocryphal identities. The four victims additionally affirm afterwards seeing Annamalai that he was the one who cheated them.

Annamalai is produced in the cloister area the adjudicator (Lakshmi) offers him a chargeless advocate attributable to his disability to pay for a lawyer, but he prefers to altercate his own case. Proceedings alpha as Rekha (Malavika) is produced as the aboriginal witness. She explains how she came into acquaintance with a affluent man from London alleged Vignesh and how he charms her. A acquaintance of Vignesh alleged Napolean informs Rekha that Afterwards Vignesh's parents appetite him to appear to London in 2 canicule to accomplish him ally a affluent London girl. Rekha suggests that they both ally abutting day after abundant formalities, so as to anticipate alliance with the London girl. Afterwards marrying her, Vignesh additionally cheats Rekha's brother Tyagu, a architecture aggregation owner, of Rs.25 lakhs advised as allurement for a government abbot by acting as a middle-man amid Tyagu and the abbot in accepting licence for a architecture tender

Chennai 600028

Chennai 600028 is a 2007 Indian Tamil sports ball affection blur accounting and directed by Venkat Prabhu, authoritative his authoritative debut. The blur stars 11 actors, namely Shiva, Premji Amaran, Aravind Akash, Jai, Nithin Sathya and newcomers Ajay Raj, Ranjith, Vijay Vasanth, Prasanna, Karthik and Arun in advance roles forth with Vijayalakshmi, babe of National Blur Award-winning administrator Agathiyan, and Christine Zedek, arena the changeable advance artists, authoritative their acting admission as well. The blur was produced by Venkat Prabhu's best acquaintance and son of singing fable S. P. Balasubramanyam, S. P. B. Charan forth with J. K. Saravana, a Singapore-based award-winning producer. The film's account and soundtrack were composed by Premji Amaran and Yuvan Shankar Raja, respectively.

The film, based on artery candid played in India and focussing on assorted capacity as friendship, adulation and animosity in a burghal area, appear on 27 April 2007 and went on to become one of the better blockbusters of the year. The film's appellation is acquired from the pin cipher of "Mandaveli", a suburb of Chennai, area the news plays. The success of the blur acquired the almost alien advance actors as Shiva, Premji Amaren, Jai and Nithin Sathya and additionally newcomers Vijayalakshmi, Vijay Vasanth and the administrator Venkat Prabhu himself fame, authoritative them actual accepted and a domiciliary name in Kollywood. Upon release, the blur was dubbed into Telugu and appear as Kodithe Kottalira.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Naan Avanillai 4

Rani (Keerthi Chawla) and her mother Chandra Bai arise as the the abutting victims of the fraud. Chandra Bai, who is a allegiant addict of Lord Krishna had done a accessible adoration for a admired saint, Harihara Das to appear to her ashram. A few canicule later, Harihara Das arrives at the ashram and states that Rani is the apotheosis of Radha. They are additionally fabricated to acquire that Harihara Das is the apotheosis of Lord Krishna, who has appear to ally Rani, who is Radha's incarnation. Chandra Bai receives a buzz alarm from Napoleon allurement the Harihara Das to appointment his place. Short of time, Rani and Harihara Das marry. Then Harihara Das fools anybody into cerebration that he abolished and went to heaven, while artifice with the jewels of the ashram.

Annamalai says that this is aloof apparent absurdity and abandonment on the allotment of Chandra Bai and Rani and says the cloister cannot acquire assemblage who are fools. He afresh states he is not the one who cheated them as Harihara Das.

The aftermost victim is articular as Monika (Namitha) who is the Managing Director of Videocon. However, clashing added witnesses, she says she admired Annamalai who alien himself to her with the name Shyam Prasad. Shyam had afflicted her absolutely with his compassion, adulation and faithfulness. She asks the cloister to absolutely absolve him of all accuse as she knows that Shyam is not such a person.

Annamalai feels flattered by Monika's credibility but still states that he is not Shyam Prasad.

During a badge raid, Ammu Kutty's jewels were recovered. When the buyer was questioned, he said addition alleged Napoleon awash him all these and gives him the buzz number. Using this the badge captures Napoleon.

Naan Avanillai 3

Meanwhile, Anjali, the babe of the Judge who was watching the case from the alpha recalls how the bent cheated her. Anjali met Zakir Hussain at an art arcade and they started to adulation anniversary other. Anjali capital to shop for one of his paintings. Zakir agreed to accompany the covered painting to her abode which costs Rs.1 lakh. Zakir entices Anjali by proposing to her and abrogation for Hyderabad on work. Later, back Anjali opens the painting, it is appear to be a bare area of frame. Anjali again goes to the art arcade area she meets the absolute artisan Zakir Hussain who says that there was a man whose name was additionally Zakir Hussain and was a fan of his art. After this incident, Anjali develops an affection appear Annamalai, still assertive him to be the man who cheated her cleverly.

The badge again accomplish a narco assay and lie detector analysis on Annamalai after success. A man alleged David Fernandez comes to the badge and claims that the accused is his brother Josef Fernandez and not Annamalai. Back he says this in the court, Annamalai refutes the affirmation adage he is a Hindu. He additionally adds that it has become bright that it was Josef Fernandez, who took amiss examples of role models, who has cheated the victims. The badge accomplish a DNA analysis with the claret of Annamalai and David to see if they are absolutely brothers and the analysis ends in failure. Annamalai states that his mother's name is Annapoorni and they were active at the apple alleged Vataparai which the badge verify at Vataparai and acquisition it to be true.

Naan Avanillai 2

He additionally decamps with Rekha's jewels account Rs.40 lakhs abutting day afterwards the marriage. However, Vignesh had adjourned alliance allotment and academic allurement press attributable to his credible coercion to go to London. He additionally capital the columnist to booty the bells photos in his claimed agenda camera adage he will accelerate the prints from London.

Annamalai argues that back there was no affidavit of a alliance amid Vignesh and Rekha in agreement of photos or registration, she cannot allege him of cheating him and states that he is not Vignesh. He in about-face additionally accuses Rekha's brother of aggravating to allurement the abbot of Rs.25 lakhs. The fingerprints analyzed on the accoutrements additionally were begin not to bout with Annamalai's prints. The abutting victim is Ammu Kutty (Jyothirmayi) from Cochin. She meets Madhavan Menon who helps lift up Ammu Kutty's barbecue car back it was ashore in a hole. Again approved affairs anesthetized and both started to adulation anniversary other. Back Ammu Kutty's ancestors adjudge to ally her with a man in her relations, Ammu Kutty and Madhavan elope with her jewels. Napoleon again calls Ammu Kutty and says Madhavan has to pay Rs.10 lakhs drop money apropos Tea acreage business and today is the aftermost date. Ammu Kutty additionally learns from Napolean that Madhavan is the son of the sister of Kerala's Chief Minister. Madhavan says he doesn't accept that abundant money. Ammu again gives him all her jewels for this. Madhavan hesitates at aboriginal but after takes it and goes to pay the deposit. But he doesn't return. Someone informs her ancestors of her area and they appear and annoyance Ammu Kutty to her house.

Annamalai again cantankerous questions Ammu Kutty. He says it's her accountability to accept called a bedmate after alike alive appropriately who he was. Back he asks for thali (a august bells cilia angry by bedmate to the close of the wife), she says she threw it abroad in her anger. Annamalai states that the thali should not be disrespected like this and appropriately she is lying. He additionally repeats that he is not the criminal.

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Naan Avanillai 6

Outside the court, Annamalai is stabbed by addition woman who claims to accept been cheated by him. He asks absolution from Jesus and collapses, absolute he is Josef Fernandez. However he is rescued by an ambulance.

The aftermost arena is area Annamalai in a adopted country, adorable yet addition woman into marrying him.

The blur grossed $2 actor at the box office

All of the songs in this blur were chartbusters, abnormally the song "Aen Enakku Mayakkam" featuring Sneha- Jeevan and articulate by Sangeetha Rajeshwaran and Jayadev went on to become one of the Top 10 songs of 2007.

Outside the court, Annamalai is stabbed by addition woman who claims to accept been cheated by him. He asks absolution from Jesus and collapses, absolute he is Josef Fernandez. However he is rescued by an ambulance.

The aftermost arena is area Annamalai in a adopted country, adorable yet addition woman into marrying him.

The blur grossed $2 actor at the box office

All of the songs in this blur were chartbusters, abnormally the song "Aen Enakku Mayakkam" featuring Sneha- Jeevan and articulate by Sangeetha Rajeshwaran and Jayadev went on to become one of the Top 10 songs of 2007.

Naan Avanillai 5

In the court, Napolean reveals his absolute name as Thambidurai (Mayilsamy). He says he was a acquaintance of the accused but never knew what was activity on. He said that he was accustomed some dialogues to allege and some numbers to acquaintance and he did what he was asked. He additionally said that the accused additionally asked him to drop Rs.20 lakhs to Anbu old age home.

The badge investigates at the old age home and finds that Annamalai is not the absolute son of Annapoorni but adopted son. They additionally apprentice that it was this abode that the money of Rs.20 lakhs quoted by Napoleon was found. Appropriately the badge assuredly achieve that Annamalai is Josef Fernandez himself and appropriately the culprit. However, afore the badge could accompany the affidavit adjoin Annamalai, the judge, bold all assemblage accept appeared, prepares to accord the judgment.

Meanwhile, the cloister starts its final day of hearing, bold there were no added assemblage to produce. Annamalai says that he is innocent of all accuse and the absolute culprit who looks absolutely like him is free. He additionally accuses the victims of actuality acquisitive and acknowledging to an allegedly advantageous alliance after able thinking.

The adjudicator delivers the final acumen on the case adage that based on the evidences submitted, it can alone be doubtable that Annamalai is the culprit but there is no bright affidavit adjoin him and appropriately acquits him on the account of agnosticism afore the badge could access and prove him guilty. She additionally denounces the hasty decisions taken by the women and Rekha's brother who had offered allurement to a government official, which had brought them into such a situation.

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