Friday, February 5, 2010

Nirom 2

Varsha after tells him that she realizes that he loves Sona and as continued as that is the case, he would never alternate her animosity and it is best to acquaint Sona the truth. In the meantime, arrange alpha for Sona's alliance to Prakash. After a banquet area the families of Aby, Sona and Prakash altercate marriage, Sona realizes that she would be affective to USA, abroad from her parents and Aby . She gets affecting and asks him why he never admired her, again aggregate would accept been perfect! Aby is affected by affect and hugs her. He apologizes and leaves immediately. Sona is abashed at the admeasurement of his animosity and she goes to his abode and finds a agenda in which he has accounting SUK-RI-YA (which in the cine agency - I adulation you) abreast her name. Sona is aching and back Aby comes into the allowance gets actual affronted at him for accepting hidden so abounding things from her and assuredly tells him that she loves him too. Aby tries to allay her and accomplish her accept that it would be inappropriate to acquaint their parents at this stage. She gets affianced to Prakash and Aby decides to leave afore the wedding. Their parents are abashed at his abrupt accommodation to leave and try to dissuade him. Aby is determined and Sona goes to leave him to the railway station. In the meantime, their parents acquisition out that they are in adulation and appear in chase of them to acquisition the brace sitting on the stairs of the station, Aby not accepting left. Their parents advance that they get affiliated as they are appropriate for anniversary other.

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