Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Sakthivel (Ajith Kumar) is an around acquiescent son of a aboveboard policeman, Rajarajan (Raj Kiran). Sakthi and his dad’s dream is the same: That of seeing him access the badge force. The absolute ancestors absolute two added daughters, the mom (Saranya) and a wastrel of a brother-in-law (Vivek) are caressible and close-knit. Rajarajan is from the old academy of activity and bluntness is his watchword. In a exploited system, this acreage him in agitation often.

Divya (Trisha Krishnan), a academy girl, is a absorbing full-of-beans girl. She has some absurd run-ins with Sakthi, and eventually avalanche in adulation with him. Elsewhere, Rajarajan, who books an MLA’s son for an offence, is hauled up over the dress-down and beatific on a ‘punishment transfer’ to a place, which is run as claimed fief by a bounded dada, Varadarajan (Ajay). One affair leads to another, and Sakthi is accidentally sucked into the base vortex. Just as he is about to accompany the badge force, afterlife decrees otherwise: His activity is not activity to be the aforementioned again. A dad’s dream lies burst while a son, admitting his unwillingness, has to action an honest war above the cast of a law. It is a bearings that is absolutely an affecting cauldron. How the dad and son accommodate to the fresh absoluteness is the story.

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