Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Nandu 2

Soon clues lead up to Malli but he is dead. Meanwhile in Barslapudi, after the marriage of the daughter's was over, the CBI come because they find out that Nandu is not Pardhu and suspect that Nandu is the killer. Nandu learns of the situation and flees. After the CBI leave, Nandu returns to explain everything: who is he and how the real Pardhu got killed. At first the family shows no interest in helping Nandu to find the real assassin as they are all shocked but the grandfather (Nassar) helps Nandu by giving him a gun.

Nandu calls Baji Reddy and demands who killed Shiva Reddy. At first, Baji Reddy refuses but after Nandu tells him that he recorded their first conservation on the phone, Bajji Reddy reveals everything. It was Malli who killed Shiva Reddy for 2 crores. He faked his death by sending a drunkard in the car at the time of the accident. Nandu records that conversation and immediately leaves for the old church, where Malli is. Nandu and Malli meet and Nandu has the gun loaded before Malli. But the same policemen who killed Pardhu barged in. Nandu manages to kill all of them and also kills Malli at the same time. Nandu hands over the recorded cassette to the CBI officer. The CBI go directly to Bajji Reddy's office and tells him that he will hand him over to the police. Baji Reddy tells him that he has no concrete evidence,Prakash Raj tells him that the tape is evidence enough for Siva Reddy's hot headed son,who has vowed vengeance for his father's death.Trapped without any recourse,Baji Reddy commits suicide. In the last scene, Nandu immerses Pardhu's ashes and the CBI officer lets him go to Pardhu's real family, where he plans to stay forever.

Athadu Dubbed in to polish Language In Poland as a Poszukiwany.Its became decent hit in Poland it was First Telugu film relased in Poland.

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