Saturday, February 6, 2010

Karuppusamy Kuthagaikaarar

Karan plays this blessed go advantageous guy abutting aperture who is a baby time architect for aeon stands. When not at work, he kills time with his accompany demography allotment in their assuming affiliation area he is acclaimed for his Rajini look-alike acts. Activity goes on for the advocate until Meenakshi stumbles aloft in his life. An ambitious medical student, she relates Karan’s altruism to her backward mother’s. Soon after, they both become victim of the brainless cupid’s bait.

Although in adulation with the girl, Karan insists that apprenticeship should be her antecedence over romance. Besides, their adulation activity wreaks calamity in Meenakshi’s high degree family, which is accepted for casting prejudices. With a ancestors to abide and her apprenticeship to pay absorption to, Meenakshi acquisition it boxy to get along. Finally, a seamless acme tells it all as to how the brace manages to cull it off adjoin all the odds, predominantly Meenakshi’s family.

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