Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Naan Avanillai 5

In the court, Napolean reveals his absolute name as Thambidurai (Mayilsamy). He says he was a acquaintance of the accused but never knew what was activity on. He said that he was accustomed some dialogues to allege and some numbers to acquaintance and he did what he was asked. He additionally said that the accused additionally asked him to drop Rs.20 lakhs to Anbu old age home.

The badge investigates at the old age home and finds that Annamalai is not the absolute son of Annapoorni but adopted son. They additionally apprentice that it was this abode that the money of Rs.20 lakhs quoted by Napoleon was found. Appropriately the badge assuredly achieve that Annamalai is Josef Fernandez himself and appropriately the culprit. However, afore the badge could accompany the affidavit adjoin Annamalai, the judge, bold all assemblage accept appeared, prepares to accord the judgment.

Meanwhile, the cloister starts its final day of hearing, bold there were no added assemblage to produce. Annamalai says that he is innocent of all accuse and the absolute culprit who looks absolutely like him is free. He additionally accuses the victims of actuality acquisitive and acknowledging to an allegedly advantageous alliance after able thinking.

The adjudicator delivers the final acumen on the case adage that based on the evidences submitted, it can alone be doubtable that Annamalai is the culprit but there is no bright affidavit adjoin him and appropriately acquits him on the account of agnosticism afore the badge could access and prove him guilty. She additionally denounces the hasty decisions taken by the women and Rekha's brother who had offered allurement to a government official, which had brought them into such a situation.

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