Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Nandu 1

Nanda Gopal / Nandu(Mahesh Babu) is a able apache who ally up with Malli (Sonu Sood). He accuse about 1-2 crores for a murder. A affair baton Shiva Reddy (Sayaji Shinde) wants addition to attack an assassination on him so that he could get added votes through sympathy. So Shiva Reddy's aide Baji Reddy hooks him up with Nandu for a deal. On the day of the annihilation attempt, afore Nandu gets to shoot Shiva Reddy, addition abroad fatally shoots Shiva Reddy. Nandu did not cull the activate so he knows it was not him. Within minutes, badge beleaguer the building. Just afore the avenue of the building, a big car blow occurs on the artery with Nandu's car. Nandu assumes that Malli got trapped and died in the accident. So Nandu goes to the top of the skyscraper. With the badge abaft him and in advanced of him, he is helpless. Suddenly a alternation comes and Nandu uses a braiding to jump from the building to the train. There, Nandu meets Pardhu (Rajiv Kanakala), a articulate guy. Pardhu reveals that he ran abroad from his village, Basarlapudi, back he was adolescent because he anticipation he was amenable for a boy's afterlife in the graveyard. Pardhu explains that he is assuredly abiding to his village. Later that aforementioned evening, badge while advancing Nandu accidentally shoot Pardhu. Nandu escapes and not alive what to do next, he remembers Pardhu's background. So Nandu goes to Basarlapudi in the character of Pardhu and Pardhu's ancestors accepts him. Meanwhile, A CBI administrator Anjaneya Prasad (Prakash Raj) investigating the annihilation of Shiva Reddy comes beyond Nandu alias Pardhu. He suspects Nandu of Shiva Reddy's murder.He tries takin nandu's fingerprints unconventionally but nandu outsmarts him

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