Sunday, February 7, 2010

Madurai Veeran

Shiva (Githan Ramesh) is the alone son of a affluent agent (Avinash). He grows up amidst by money and he is not cared for by his parents, due to his mother dying back he was a adolescent boy and his ancestor is business-minded and alone cares about his money. Shiva and his accompany are a antic bunch, they do not abstraction and they mainly do lots of sport. Priya (Saloni), who additionally goes to the academy (the academy was created and run by Shiva's family) that Shiva goes to, is the babe of a cow bouncer and a bandit Mayandi (Lal). Priya keeps her ambit from Shiva, but as the blur progresses it is assured that they become friends. Their accord again develops into romance, but this adulation is against by both their parents. Both their parents try to abstracted them, they try to get them affiliated of to altered people. They eventually run abroad together, and a hit man is afterwards Priya's activity (hired by Shiva's father). In a battle with the hit-man Shiva gets blood-soaked and defeats the hit-man, he again storms into his father's appointment and throws the hit-man at him. He again informs his ancestor of his bells in advanced of the commune court. His ancestor turns up with a ample army of badge officers, while Shiva turns up with a abundant ample cardinal of students. The blur ends with their bells auspiciously happening, and Mayandi gives his blessings.

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