Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Vetrivel, a son of a potter, is the best able of the lot and loves Kokila who is the babe of a affluent Jamindar who owns the academy land. And their accepted accompany are Muthu and Kumaraswami. Kumaraswami, actual bad at studies, avoids school; however, his ancestor makes all efforts to accelerate him aback to academy and succeeds in accomplishing so.

A adolescent and admirable Doctor, Jhansi (Shreya) arrives at the apple and befriends the foursome. Jhansi boring becomes the asperse amount to all the four. And back Muthu loses his ancestor and becomes an orphan, Jhansi takes him into his custody. Vetrivel and Kokila’s adulation is fabricated accessible and the villagers accusation Jhansi. They bandy her out of the apple and Muthu accompanies her.

What follows is the accomplishment of the artifice on the plight of Jhansi, Muthu, Kumaraswami, Vetrivel, and Kokila. Eventually the blow of the news and the acme additionally break whether the academy escapes the acrimony of the landowner.

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