Sunday, February 14, 2010

Unnale Unnale

The film opens with two bodies – a man (Aravind Akash) and a woman – interviewing civilians' thoughts on adulation and the adverse sex. Afterwards a admixture of answers, they cease their questions and the credits roll. The credits end as a boy, afterwards actuality alone by his girlfriend, commits suicide by jumping assimilate a casual car. Karthik (Vinay Rai) walks off abashed to his adherent Jhansi's (Sadha) office. There, he is criticized by her for his antics with added women and his abridgement of affection for their love. She walks off, catastrophe their relationship.

Karthik is again apparent as a civilian architect in Chennai, still antic and fun-loving. Accepting a appeal from his administrator to go on a business cruise to Melbourne, he bids adieu to his accompany (Raju Sundaram and Satish). On the plane, he encounters a playful, amorous girl, Deepika (Tanisha Mukherjee), whom he sits abutting to during the flight. Afterwards spending hours together, they become acceptable accompany and barter details. However, by coincidence, Deepika is travelling to Melbourne to assignment in the aforementioned aggregation as Jhansi, who is acclimatized there. Calm they assume to calmly bang into Karthik at every corner, bidding an blackballed alliance for Jhansi and Karthik.

While Deepika takes a affection to Karthik, Jhansi still ignores him, alike admitting Karthik has ambitions of accepting aback together. At a restaurant, Karthik bumps into a adolescent Tamilian (Srinath) and explains his adulation for Jhansi. The news again moves two years aback for a anamnesis of events. Karthik had met Jhansi at a anniversary at a temple, area she played a antic on Karthik and his friends. Taking a affection to her, Karthik begins to chase Jhansi intentionally, acquisitive for her to abatement in adulation with him. Soon afterwards this happens, she becomes added and added apprehensive of Karthik. This comes to a arch back Karthik acts as the admirer of his friend's (Raju Sundaram) girlfriend, Pooja, (Paloma Rao), alone for Jhansi to get abashed and aberration him. His acceptability as a dupe admirer takes addition about-face for the worse, back at a wedding, the helpmate (Lekha Washington) gives him a kiss afterwards he improvises a song.

As the brace accept a love-hate relationship, the alienation beckons back Jhansi sends her acquaintance (Vasundra) clandestine to go coquette with Karthik, however, he lies claiming he was at home ill, bidding Jhansi to end their relationship. At the end of the flashback, Srinath suggests to Karthik, that its added important to move on than anticipate regretfully and Karthik gets over his accord with Jhansi. However, award out about Deepika's adulation appear Karthik, Jhansi becomes anxious and reinstates her adulation for Karthik. However, award out that Karthik is no best absorbed in her she flees anonymously to Sydney.

At the end of the film, the macho accuser who appeared at the alpha questions Sadha on her accommodation to leave anonymously, about she refuses to answer. She again confirms that she met up with Deepika recently, and had begin that she is affiliated to Karthik and has a child. She again walks away, claiming her approaching lies in her own hands.

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