Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Naan Avanillai 3

Meanwhile, Anjali, the babe of the Judge who was watching the case from the alpha recalls how the bent cheated her. Anjali met Zakir Hussain at an art arcade and they started to adulation anniversary other. Anjali capital to shop for one of his paintings. Zakir agreed to accompany the covered painting to her abode which costs Rs.1 lakh. Zakir entices Anjali by proposing to her and abrogation for Hyderabad on work. Later, back Anjali opens the painting, it is appear to be a bare area of frame. Anjali again goes to the art arcade area she meets the absolute artisan Zakir Hussain who says that there was a man whose name was additionally Zakir Hussain and was a fan of his art. After this incident, Anjali develops an affection appear Annamalai, still assertive him to be the man who cheated her cleverly.

The badge again accomplish a narco assay and lie detector analysis on Annamalai after success. A man alleged David Fernandez comes to the badge and claims that the accused is his brother Josef Fernandez and not Annamalai. Back he says this in the court, Annamalai refutes the affirmation adage he is a Hindu. He additionally adds that it has become bright that it was Josef Fernandez, who took amiss examples of role models, who has cheated the victims. The badge accomplish a DNA analysis with the claret of Annamalai and David to see if they are absolutely brothers and the analysis ends in failure. Annamalai states that his mother's name is Annapoorni and they were active at the apple alleged Vataparai which the badge verify at Vataparai and acquisition it to be true.

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