Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Naan Avanillai 4

Rani (Keerthi Chawla) and her mother Chandra Bai arise as the the abutting victims of the fraud. Chandra Bai, who is a allegiant addict of Lord Krishna had done a accessible adoration for a admired saint, Harihara Das to appear to her ashram. A few canicule later, Harihara Das arrives at the ashram and states that Rani is the apotheosis of Radha. They are additionally fabricated to acquire that Harihara Das is the apotheosis of Lord Krishna, who has appear to ally Rani, who is Radha's incarnation. Chandra Bai receives a buzz alarm from Napoleon allurement the Harihara Das to appointment his place. Short of time, Rani and Harihara Das marry. Then Harihara Das fools anybody into cerebration that he abolished and went to heaven, while artifice with the jewels of the ashram.

Annamalai says that this is aloof apparent absurdity and abandonment on the allotment of Chandra Bai and Rani and says the cloister cannot acquire assemblage who are fools. He afresh states he is not the one who cheated them as Harihara Das.

The aftermost victim is articular as Monika (Namitha) who is the Managing Director of Videocon. However, clashing added witnesses, she says she admired Annamalai who alien himself to her with the name Shyam Prasad. Shyam had afflicted her absolutely with his compassion, adulation and faithfulness. She asks the cloister to absolutely absolve him of all accuse as she knows that Shyam is not such a person.

Annamalai feels flattered by Monika's credibility but still states that he is not Shyam Prasad.

During a badge raid, Ammu Kutty's jewels were recovered. When the buyer was questioned, he said addition alleged Napoleon awash him all these and gives him the buzz number. Using this the badge captures Napoleon.

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