Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Naan Avanillai 2

He additionally decamps with Rekha's jewels account Rs.40 lakhs abutting day afterwards the marriage. However, Vignesh had adjourned alliance allotment and academic allurement press attributable to his credible coercion to go to London. He additionally capital the columnist to booty the bells photos in his claimed agenda camera adage he will accelerate the prints from London.

Annamalai argues that back there was no affidavit of a alliance amid Vignesh and Rekha in agreement of photos or registration, she cannot allege him of cheating him and states that he is not Vignesh. He in about-face additionally accuses Rekha's brother of aggravating to allurement the abbot of Rs.25 lakhs. The fingerprints analyzed on the accoutrements additionally were begin not to bout with Annamalai's prints. The abutting victim is Ammu Kutty (Jyothirmayi) from Cochin. She meets Madhavan Menon who helps lift up Ammu Kutty's barbecue car back it was ashore in a hole. Again approved affairs anesthetized and both started to adulation anniversary other. Back Ammu Kutty's ancestors adjudge to ally her with a man in her relations, Ammu Kutty and Madhavan elope with her jewels. Napoleon again calls Ammu Kutty and says Madhavan has to pay Rs.10 lakhs drop money apropos Tea acreage business and today is the aftermost date. Ammu Kutty additionally learns from Napolean that Madhavan is the son of the sister of Kerala's Chief Minister. Madhavan says he doesn't accept that abundant money. Ammu again gives him all her jewels for this. Madhavan hesitates at aboriginal but after takes it and goes to pay the deposit. But he doesn't return. Someone informs her ancestors of her area and they appear and annoyance Ammu Kutty to her house.

Annamalai again cantankerous questions Ammu Kutty. He says it's her accountability to accept called a bedmate after alike alive appropriately who he was. Back he asks for thali (a august bells cilia angry by bedmate to the close of the wife), she says she threw it abroad in her anger. Annamalai states that the thali should not be disrespected like this and appropriately she is lying. He additionally repeats that he is not the criminal.

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