Sunday, February 7, 2010

Simbu's Silambattam 2

Becoming bent at the afterimage of the power-play, Vichu gets into the altercate and saves the victim. But, as the man takes a adamantine attending at his savior face, he is stunned! What is the clandestineness in Vichu's past? How does it alarm the stranger?

Cut to a flashback, there is a huge affray amid the two apple groups headed by Muthuvel (Prabhu) and Veeraiyan (Ponvannan). Reason? Veeriayan claims aback every bit of acreage he has donated to the landless and poor villagers admitting Muthuvel and his brother Tamizh ( Silambarasan ) argue his order. In the agitated power-struggle, too abounding bodies die. It includes the animated activist Tamizh, his baby wife Gayathri ( Sneha ) and Veeraiyan himself. Only Veeraiyan's aftermost son Duraisingham (Kishore of Polladhavan fame) and Muthuvel are absolved in the tragedy. The afire acuteness of the blow stays animate in Duraisingham's affection and Muthuvel is addition attestant to the past. What happens next? What is the affiliation amid Vichu and Tamizh? What allotment does Vichu comedy in clearing the abiding dispute? How does he explain the baffling bearings to his grandfathering who has anxiously acclimatized him all these years? Silambattam has a arresting account to tell!

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