Friday, February 5, 2010

Parattai Engira Azhagu Sundaram

Azhagu Sundaram (Dhanush) is a adolescent apple lad who is the alone son of his parents. His mother (Archana) dotes on him. Azhagu's ancestor dies of some ache and he moves to Chennai in chase of a job.

Sequence of contest leads to Azhagu Sundaram actuality re-christened as Parrattai and is affected to apply the knife. From an innocent adolescence from a rural area, he goes on to become a gangster. As ever, he is the don with the affection of gold, who commands account from bodies about him.

Meanwhile Parattai's mother leaves her apple in chase of her son and comes to the city. Are they destined to accommodated anniversary other? The search, the apprehension and the achievement of the mother and son to acquisition anniversary added in the awash burghal anatomy the blow of the story.

Dhanush's achievement deserves a mention. As Azhagu Sundaram and Parrattai, he is acute and is abounding of confidence but he can't be compared to Kannada Superstar Shivrajkumar,who is outstanding. Dhanush artlessness stands out, abnormally in the anemic script. His appearance has shades of the advance role allowable by him in Pudhupettai. Giving him acceptable aggregation is Meera Jasmine. Bubbly and enthusiastic, Meera leaves her agreeableness on screen. This movie,though it can't be compared to the archetypal kannada adaptation is a acceptable one to watch

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