Friday, February 26, 2010


This blur won the Tamil Nadu State Govt accolade for the Best Ancestors Feature blur accolade for the year 2007. The cine is about a nice guy Karthi (Adhitya), who hails from an flush family. He is an autogenous artist by profession. He forth with his accompany leads a blessed activity in Chennai.

He comes beyond Anu (Nethra) in Puducherry. She is brought by her NRI ancestor (Bhanuchander), an extrovert. Karthi avalanche in adulation with Anu. Dejected at his adulation alone by Anu, Karthi decides to booty the acute step. Eventually he is adored by his friends.Anu comes to apperceive of this and resumes her accord with him. The arena changes and she avalanche in adulation with him. But the blur doesn't end here. It all boils bottomward to a bad-tempered climax.

After alive that Anu loves him,Karthi decides to blemish her activity by spending a night with her and ditching her for life.Anu overhears his chat with his friends,and yet,continues to go as per Karthi's plan.One of his accompany Abdullah(Suraj) advices him,but no use.She spends a night with him in Pondicherry,and after she reveals her acquaintance of his intentions.

Anu marries addition being Sree(Sreeman) and vows never to see Karthi again,ever in her life

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