Friday, February 5, 2010


Aby (Kunchacko Boban) and Sona (Shalini) are neighbors and ancestors friends. They were brought up calm and accept been calm back childhood. They allotment a appropriate anatomy of accord and affair was boilerplate in their plan. They are brace of pranksters, alert and consistently up to some tricks. Their families acquisition their accord special, their accompany alarm them siamese twins (having never apparent them abroad from anniversary other). The news booty a turn, back Sona goes to Bangalore to participate in a adolescence festival, Aby misses her so abundant that he realizes that what he feels for Sona is added than friendship. He is all set to acquaint her his adulation back he realizes that he doesn't apperceive how she feels about him, additionally he feels he should not booty disproportionate advantage of the abandon their parents accept accustomed them. Back Sona returns, she tells Aby about Prakash Mathew (Boban Alummodan), who proposed to her back they were in Bangalore. Sona, who is abashed about her animosity for Prakash, confides in Aby who encourages her to acknowledge her animosity to Prakash. Sona and Prakash become a brace but this brings abrupt ache into Aby's and Sona's friendship. Prakash's reactions to Aby's accurateness to Sona makes Aby apprehend things will never be the aforementioned again. Aby acumen that Sona is aching by Prakash's accomplishments appear him starts assuming absorption appear Varsha(Jomol) who has consistently been in adulation with Aby. Aby starts alienated Sona and starts spending added time with Varsha. This infuriates Sona. Meanwhile, Prakash and Sona's alliance is fixed. Varsha asks Aby to accommodated her Dad, but he does not about-face up for the affair giving excuses.

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