Monday, February 22, 2010

Vyapari and Koodal Nagar


Suryaprakas (S J Suryah) is a business man who wants to become richer than Bill Gates and in the process, he loses out on ancestors and amusing life. So he tells a scientist to accomplish a carbon of him so that he can accumulate apperception on business and the carbon can booty his abode at home. Tamanna is academy babe called Savitri who does a analysis activity on Suryaprakash and begins to adulation him. Suryaprakash is not absorbed in Savitri but, he marries her to accomplish use of her affable aptitude in adjustment to widen his business. Suryaprakash afterwards singing and dancing with both models Namitha and Malavika and base his brother-in-law Vadivelu, assuredly accept the amount of ancestors afterwards his mother (Seetha) dies.

Koodal Nagar

The news is set in a suburb of Madurai. Suryan (Bharath) and Chandran (Bharath) are twins. Suryan, the ancient of the two is bendable announced guy who works at a bounded lending library and he avalanche in adulation with Manimekala (Bhavana), babe of Namasivayam (Mahadevan) the bounded politician-don and MLA. Chandran, the adolescent one, works as a mortuary abettor in the bounded government hospital and he's one amid Namasivayam’s bad guys who are in allegation of his acclamation campaign. Chandran is romantically affiliated to a bounded girl,Tamizhselvi (Sandhya). Namasivayam comes to apperceive about his daughter’s adulation activity with Suryan and he orders to some killers to annihilate Suryan. But accidentally they advance Chandran who succeeds in artifice from them.

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